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  1. Hey guys!! You have already say it all!! I just wish we could have been there with our questions!! :)


    Mayim dress was absolutely beautiful!! And together they are so cute!! You can feel their friendship and caring for each other!! 


    The Asperger's  question made writers and actors (and me) uncomfortable. People ask it over and over again....I don't really get why there is this need to label Sheldon and put him in a box. He is a person!! I can understand that maybe some people affected by the syndrome may find some kind of comfort in knowing that a person with Asperger can be successful and well liked ( which of course they can), but still....when I meet someone I want to know their name and get to know them. I don't want to know how they have been classified.


    PS  Has Jim got married?? I am so, so happy for him!! :D

  2. IMO, when she said, "nothing", she meant that she hadn't felt what she had felt when holding Zack's hand, that kind of electricity, and to me this is completely understandable since she had a kind of celebrity crush on Zack, something purely physical and based on the fact that he seemed so unreachable.. She felt what any person would feel when meeting a celebrity they kind of like. So, of course she didn't feel the same when taking Sheldon's hand, but she felt something, the comfort, the familiarity, etc....the kind of feelings that are based on friendship, respect, etc..  Also, in the lab scene it is clear that she did want Sheldon to be jealous. :)

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  3. Agree with everything has been said!! :)


    Loved how they are just happy to see each other and talk!! 


    Amy was indeed really pretty during the Skype talk, while Jim, as you guys already noticed, looked tired. Well, it happens to the best of us!


    Nothing else to say regarding Shamy, for once I was more interested in Raj's story line!! :) 

  4. Maybe I shouldn't bring this up, but I saw something in that other thread (that one) and it infuriated me.  One of the usual complainers essentially said that anyone who has experienced true love would not find the Shamy story appealing.  I didn't want to start a war over there so I'm ranting here with like-minded people.  I take great offense to that.  It's patronizing, hits below the belt, and IMO is completely untrue.  It's certainly untrue in my case.  I am drawn to the story for its complete sweetness.  Clearly these are two characters who haven't a clue how to navigate a romantic relationship, but have stumbled upon the right person which gives them the motivation to figure it out.  Gradually over time they have gone from being very standoffish with people to finding their way into each other's hearts.  It's not at all conventional, but that doesn't make it wrong.  It absolutely is not a sign of dysfunction if a person is touched by this story.


    Whoever said this doesn't deserve a reply, and wouldn't understand it anyway.

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  5. Posted on the other forum:


    "They were already sitting facing each other when the hug started. From

    that angle, you can see Amy's back and his face. I don't think his arms

    were trapped like in tstm. I didn't see the knee pat. He ended up kinda

    resting his chin on her shoulder and blowing air into his cheeks after

    saying stop ruining valentines and she actually hugs him tighter, lol.

    He was not exasperated or anything. It was really cute. Not as awkward

    as I imagined."

     Oh Gosh!! I'm almost tearing up!! No, I have to calm down and wait for the episode....

  6. Happy Sunday guys!! 


    I love this forum too, but- to be honest- the last couple of days I tried to stay away because....I don't know....things were going crazy in every thread. People were arguing over anything and everything....I really didn't see the point of it....Forums like this should be used to relax and share common interests, not to go around accusing and judging. I really don't get it.


    Besides, I really don't like when someone say that Shamy fans only watch the show for the couple. It could be true for someone, but not for  all of us. I am a fan of this show since season 1. I was fascinated by the characterization of these characters ( Sheldon in particular). I loved the friendship b/w  the guys and b/w the guys and Penny. Since season 1 DEVELOPMENT was the goal. To show how to different worlds could meet and create a new better one ( sorry if it sounds  cheesy).   Development is what makes this show so great!! I can appreciate season 6 Sheldon only because I know Season 1 Sheldon!!


    A couple of months ago I was talking to my brother, and since he doesn't watch any show but has heard about HIMYM and TBBT I was explaining what they are about and why I like them  so much. When I finished explain, he asked to me "So I can't just start watching HIMYM now since I wouldn't understand anything being it a long flashback where every little thing is connected and important, while I can watch any episode of any season of TBBT and still understand it."  I answered that in my opinion is quite the opposite, you can still watch a random episode of HIMYM and enjoy it, but to truly appreciate TBBT you have to have seen the previous seasons and followed these guys and girls' evolution. How can you appreciate Sheldon grabbing Amy's hand if you don't know season 1-2-3-4 Sheldon? Just an example. Or what about Howard speech to Penny at Berny's door?


    Again, characterization and development is what makes this show so special and significant, so to those "purist" who feel better that us because we still enjoy the show, I would say that they actually never got it. They didn't understand the first thing about it. Also, I would ask; Are you still the same as 6 years ago? If so, I actually feel sorry for you.


    Sorry for the outburst, but I really wanted to say these things. Maybe I should have posted this in other threads, but I really don't want to feed them... 



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  7. After two watches, I'm still busy laughing at Raj's plot. I thought he was HILARIOUS in this episode - especially his desperate expressions on the phone - and Kunal definitely did a great job if he's coming to my mind more at this time than the other part of the story which involved Shamy! 


    The rest, I think they played it well with the conflicts. I was afraid from the taping report that it would get too angsty, but I found I kept laughing more or less throughout. Only the Leonard/Sheldon fight at the beginning was unpleasant to me - mainly because it felt like just a set-up to Leonard wanting to move out. I get that it was meant to be a 'last straw breaks the back' kind of thing, with Leonard, but it just felt like they've had disputes about more compelling matters before and this one just got blown up too quickly out of proportion. Well, quarrels sometimes do happen that way, but perhaps I'm just not a fan of Leonard and Sheldon quarreling in a serious vein. I love their bond too much; and unlike in Friendship Contraction, this time Sheldon didn't even seem that bothered about mending fences and getting him back, till he had other motives for doing so.


    This was one of the episodes where I really got reminded of what brilliant actors some of them are - I mean specially Sheldon's, Amy's, Penny's and Raj's expressions. Amy's angry/hurt/touching/comical outburst was perfect; Penny's face of confusion was priceless; and Sheldon cracked me up every time he went 'um', while at the same time making me feel for his internal conflict. 


    I do think that Leonard and Amy were both presumptuous in thinking they could just move in without really considering what their partners felt about it. In all fairness, Leonard did ask Penny once if it was a problem, but it was clearly asked in a way that implied he would be hurt if she didn't reply positively. And in all fairness, Amy just came up with the happy thought after she got to know that Sheldon was looking for a roommate, and she fit the bill - she hadn't tried to set it up or something. But given that both of them know Penny's and Sheldon's respective issues, it would have been better to stop and think for a moment. Surprisingly, both Leonard and Amy, in their enthusiasm, showed a Sheldonesque incapacity for reading facial expressions here, and (as Sursonica pointed out) Sheldon was the one who displayed more emotional maturity in the situation and could identify his reluctance to be because he isn't ready to move into a greater level of intimacy just yet. I don't think Amy even gave so much thought to it, as to plan it consciously as a major relationship stepping-stone; she just came up with the idea suddenly, in the heat of the moment, and then reveled in the thought of getting to spend more time close to Sheldon. 


    A very enjoyable episode, on the whole. I'll get back to watching it once more now. I NEED to hear Raj say 'she's not going to give me a bath, is she?' and to see Sheldon's face when he reads Amy's phone message. :icon_lol:


    I just completely agree with everything! :)

  8. I'm actually not sure she was talking about the relationship agreement since she used the plural, "contracts". Could it be possible she was talking about other forms Sheldon usually makes people sign? Like the one he made Raj sign when he stayed there for a while, or other forms for other particular circumstances?

  9. Hello guys!! I'm so happy you liked the episode too!!


    I absolutely adored it!! You already said most of the things...what can I add? Ah, yes..


    1) I think speechless Sheldon is one of my favourite Sheldons!!

        "Wait....here who is where?"


       Just great!!

       It's so nice to think that Amy is the only one who can make him like that!!


    2) I just wanted to hug the living hell out of Amy!! Poor  thing!!


    3) I loved the scene at the door with Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon. How Penny is making Sheldon's case because it's her case too, and how Leonard is completely oblivious to it all!! Hilarious!!


    4) I loved Sheldon in this episode. He was actually really mature, understanding his feelings, and Amy feelings too. I loved how honest he just was with Leonard, "Leonard, please, you know Amy moving in marks a level of intimacy our relationship isn't ready for." He said so much with that sentence....

     He just didn't know how to say thatto Amy, since she had made impossible for him to take the logical way....

    Their scenes together were great.....Sheldon's looks...just excellent!!


    Also, Pomita might have notice this too since we kinda discussed this in another thread, I'm sure Sheldon had a veil of stubble in this episode. I'm sure it's not a coincidence...making him look more mature.....I think their intention is to make Pinocchio became a real boy, but through baby steps  almost imperceptible day by day, so that we won't be too shocked, as we would be should that happen over night!! Having Penny help him loosing a little in the other episode? To me, is part of this project, too!!

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  10. And that's why it really makes me bang my head against the wall when people say "He isn't attracted to Americas Next Top Model ergo he is asexual". He likes BRAINS for God's sake.  :icon_rolleyes:


    eta: haha I just realized as I typed the irony of finding brains a turn on and having a neurobiologist as a girlfriend.


     People really say that? Wow.....unbelievable....Wow....some people's ignorance never ceases to shock me....

  11. Thank you for the report!! It sounds like a lovely episode, with the Raj development and the guys coming to realize Penny has actually some talent!! :)


    So, Sheldon in a tank top......did Amy faint there? Seriously, I don't think she has ever seen him so "undressed", so she has to have some kind of reaction, at least in terms of facial expressions.... I'm really hoping for one!! :)

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  12. True. I love his moments of thought, and the reflective, whimsical things he comes up with (like when he shared his memories of a summer afternoon trip with his mother, and being comforted by her vacuum-cleaning). 


    Talking of reflectiveness, I find his 5 songs interview fascinating, even though it's just audio.. his deep psychological descriptions of each favorite song and its associations with his life, reveal so much about him.


     Yeah, that's exactly the moment I was talking about. That look on his face just goes straight to my heart....


    Instead, I've never heard this 5 songs interview. Do you happen to have a link?

  13. That is so true. His eyes seem.. just so infinitely deep. Clearly a lot of thought goes on below that charming liveliness.



    'Mellifluous' is the right word for Jim's voice. :wub:



    Ok, are y'all telling me I now have to turn away from all this loveliness and sleep ?


    Thank you for the word, Pomita! I like it!!


    About the deepness in his eyes, I assume you guys have seen the interview for Canada. When the host asks him about his childhood memories, that look on his face while he is reminiscing....it really got me ...There something about that look...so melancholic and deep and "aware"....I don't know...there is just something so special there.... 

  14. Everyone knows that being in love makes you more beautiful!! 


    OK, this was really cheesy. If you want to excuse me, I'm going to hide in a corner for a while!! ;)


    Seriously though, is it a little bit of stubble what I see there? It is just an imperceptible veil, but I think is there...or maybe is just my imagination!! ( I love the stubble on Jim)

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  15. Guys, I have to confess. I've been a fan of the show since season 1, but I know nothing about science. I didn't have that many opportunities to take scientific classes back in school, and I don' t really have a math brain...so, I don't think I can really contribute to this discussion. I like to read your opinions, though.  :)  The robot one is good!! :)


    Also, we have seen Howard achieve a lot, and I'm really happy about this, but now I think is the other guys' turn to succeed in something. I don't know exactly how...I just want them all to succeed and have brilliant careers!! :)

  16. He does. We've discussed this before, but I think that comes across very well in this interview as well as in Tavis Smiley and the in-depth long (2009) interview in a restaurant, where he talked in detail about the ins and outs of the show and playing Sheldon.


    As he once famously exclaimed, 'I know Sheldon'. :)


    Yes,  he does, but I think we have to give authors and writers the credit they deserve. Jim can know so well Sheldon and be so insightful because they have done a wonderful job with his characterization, and- as he said in another interview- he really can trusts them.


    PS. Thank you for posting this interview. I hadn't seen it!!

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