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  1. Thank you for the advice!! I actually went back to season 5 (great!), but now I feel like I cannot go to sleep tonight if I don't watch it again one last time!! Am I seriously ill?
  2. Oh, I can't wait for it!! I think it will be the only thing finally stopping me from re-watching last Thursday episode!
  3. No, you' re not. I think I will need an intervention!! Maybe we all will!
  4. Exactly!! About the RA, I think I always want them to have it. Of course, heavily modified, but a relationship agreement that is!!
  5. Hello there!! I was just re-watching The Vacation Solution.....It kills me every time how Sheldon pronounces the word "sorry"....
  6. Shame on me!! The Isolation Permutation is one of my favourite episode and I have no idea!!
  7. Yes, that's Jim and author's choice because Sheldon' crying is childish ( Not the reasons for crying, the way he cries) Have you seen the way he exults when he manages to do something? He jumps up and down, smiles and says that he made it exactly like a little kid would do. The same is true for when he is sad, like when back from the arctic he went to his bed making himself little and crying. When certain emotions overtake him, he lets them out in a childish way. Remember that Sheldon's inner child is very strong!
  8. I didn't like when she said that she makes money while he makes peanuts. 1) It's not true. He makes money too; 2) Even if it were true, you shouldn't saying something like that to a person you love...it's just mean.
  9. Hey, do not blame us!! I usually don't give them away so easily, but what I am supposed to do when an episode is so wonderful and you guys just post great thoughts?? :)
  10. Oh, I run out of likes, but I like your post, Stardust, and I completely agree with what you said!! I just do not agree with those people that read those events exclusively in a sexual way, like if a "sexual contact" of any type was the real motivation behind his actions and he was just feigning innocence... Anyway, that train was awesome!!!
  11. Yeah, I like that you brought this up. A lot of people, once the spoilers about this episode came out, started interpreting Sheldon's actions while Amy was sick like mere excuses to get more physical with her, seeing in them a sexual subtext, but in my opinion it is not like that. He did those things because those are the things you do when one is sick or has done something wrong. He knew that,given hid aversion to physical contact, it wasn't going to be easy, but he challenged himself because she is worth it, and in the end he surprised himself finding out that he was actually able to do the
  12. Yeah....I don't think he would recover either, and my heart breaks at the mere thought. However, since I am a little of a masochist sometimes, I would like in the future to have one or two episodes where they have an ugly and serious argument and both of them think they are really losing the other, but since things are going so well, I cannot see this happen, so I would settle for your idea: having Amy going somewhere for a certain period of time and getting to see them really missing the other...
  13. Ok. So after having watched the episode 3 times and borrowed Leonard’s inhaler, I am ready to express my opinions on this wonderful episode. It’s gonna be a long post,sorry!! 1) Kripke scenes: a) I absolutely love them!! When they exchange their works , the way Sheldon closes the drawer with his tight..precious!! Later, when he decides to play along and blame his sex life. Just perfect… the why he busies himself with those journals, and rotates his eyes and moves his lips, and every now and then looks up at Kripke like saying, “Am I being believable here? Am I making sense? Because I have
  14. Exactly!!! It was so funny and cute to watch!! Adorable!!
  15. I would, but I just can't now. I need to put myself together!!
  16. Agreed. Also, about that episode, I found really interesting that Mary knew everything about Sheldon's friends and not that much about Sheldon relationship with Amy. Sign that not only Sheldon is very reserved when he comes to his feelings ( trait that I really appreciate) but also that he already tends to keep the more mature aspects of his life separate from his relationship with his mother, that already there are things that simply are not for her to know, that belongs only to him. He is growing up!! PS Your mother seems to be a really nice person!!
  17. For her brother to stop cooking meth!! No cops though, be cool!! In the same episode, what Leonard answered when Sheldon's mother asked him what was going on b/w Sheldon and Amy?
  18. Exactly....I find his voice as soothing as intriguing!!
  19. That's an interesting observation...I tend to think that it will change Sheldon's relationship with his mother, but not that much. On one hand, he will be more self confident and less anchored to the past. On the other hand, the world is full of adults with sex lives that when it comes to their parents just regress to childhood....How many grow-up man and women want their mothers when sick? A lot!! Also, it will be very interesting to see his mother's interactions with Amy, because one thing is to push a little your son to "socialize", another is to realize he has found the one!! And one
  20. How dare you!! Get out!!! Just kidding!! I actually understand how you feel, but in my opinion, even once they have sex, which has Phantagrae said is not happening any time soon, they will still keep some of that innocence that makes them so special and endearing...
  21. I pretty much think "walk of shamy" is going to become our new motto!! :)
  22. Please, don't use this phrase!! It reminds me of the most horrible "book" I've ever read. A dolorous page in the history of humanity!! Guys, just a few hours!!
  23. Yes, stay here with us, tmp!! The other threads are pure evil!! Seriously, I'm sorry. Rude people are- unfortunately- everywhere. It 's not worthy to be bothered by them, even if sometimes you really can't help it, I know!!
  24. Mmm.... I really don't know....I trust the authors to surprise us again with something unthinkably sweet, awkward and funny!!
  25. Yeah, be ashamed of yourself, Spook!! PS I do think their first time will be at Amy's. In my mind, her place is more "theirs" than Sheldon's, and for sure more private!!
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