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  1. I don't think Raj should get a girlfriend just yet, either. I want some kind of development for him and for him to feel less lonely, but this can't happen until he starts to face his problems. His selective mutism is an objective obstacle he has to overcome. He can't just stay there and hope a girl will not mind if he can talk to her just with alcohol in him....really...I think it's time his friends make him realize ha has to do something and help him!! Then, he could start date...
  2. Happy Episode Day!! That picture.....Wow.....just.... wow....
  3. In my opinion too. But I do know why someone wouldn't understand that....same people who wouldn't understand Sheldon's Valentine gift etc....To explain well I would need to many words, not the case!! Anyway, if you are curious, this is what the boy in the book thought of her getting mad, "Is it my fault she didn't understand how the heart has stolen credit from the head, that wild passionate feelings actually come from the ancient limbic system in the brain, and that I was just avoiding referring to the heart as the actual storehouse of all my feelings when it is. after all, only a so
  4. I really have faith in these writers... While other shows have disappointed me ( TXF one of them), TBBT has always surprised me positively!! I really didn't expect them to develop things so well!! They have done a wonderful job so far.....so, really, there is no reason to worry!! Also, we haven't seen the hugs yet, I'm sure that in both episodes, Sheldon will not come across like displeased, and probably in the V-day one it is just that Amy is holding him too tight and the poor boy can't move!! PS Speaking of love declarations, yesterday I was reading this book, and the main characte
  5. I can tell you that in real life I would want to be friends with Sheldon. I would use a lot of words to describe him, but selfish and egoistic are not 2 of them. You see, in life there are people that call you sweetie and honey all the time and tell you that you can always rely on them, but when the time comes to be there for you, run away faster than the Flash. People like Sheldon are precious, no sweet words and shallow smiles, but always there when you actually need them. Might it be to lend money to Penny, to give a job to Raj, to let Howard sleep on the couch, to try to comfort Leonard (
  6. I think without the writer's input reports would be rally boring to read. Yes, we would get to know what happens, but in a very sterile way.... Isn't having the possibility to get an idea of what felt like to be at the taping much better?? Then you have the episode to see things directly for yourself. Thank you for writing the reports!!
  7. Really cute smile indeed!!!
  8. No, it doesn't. I think there are times in our life when we need something to distract ourselves. Something to fantasize and think about. Periods in which it can help to invest in something not real but real in a certain way because Amy and Sheldon might not exist, but the emotions we talk about in forums like these do exist. They are real, and I think being passionate about certain things, might they be TV characters or whatever is just another way to express ourselves and give our mind some space.
  9. Please, do not remember me of those 2 seasons....It' s still painful!!! Back to our show, I' m just so happy with it!! It never fails to surprise me in a good way!!
  10. Oh Gosh!! I haven't seem many pictures of him at the Comic Con, so thank you!! And he and his boyfriend are so cute together!!
  11. I'm totally in!! Now I'm in Europe, but not for too long. I will start an internship in DC soon, and I was already planning to go to a taping someday. It's really something I want to do, and going with you guys would be just great!!
  12. I’m really loving the tidbits of information we got. They really gave each other the perfect gift since what both needed was reassurance, reassurance about different things but reassurance that is, and they got it!! It’s so them and so meaningful!! They always meet halfway. How much respect and understanding is there in this relationship??!! Wow!! Moreover, I for one find Sheldon’s gift particularly romantic. To respond to Spook’s question, I so would prefer this kind of gesture to jewelry!! Also, my emergency contact is a friend, but I look forward to the day when I will have that special
  13. They all are still young! Can wait until the show is over to have children!!
  14. Thank you!I love the look he had at Comic Con 2011. He was gorgeous!! It's my favorite look on him!!
  15. It's not fair though!! It's not our fault if we all are so funny and wise that can' t help but to like each other's posts!!
  16. I see your point.....As far as I am concerned, I would love a Sheldon initiated kiss, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed with whatever happens.....maybe it won't be a kiss but it will be cute and meaningful. No doubts about that!! Welcome Leticia!!
  17. Hello guys!! You know, in my mind I have this idea of Sheldon deciding that his gift for her will be a kiss, so after Amy gives him her gift, he asks her to close her eyes. She obliges, excited, expecting a material thing though. Instead, we see Sheldon steadying himself and slowly leaning to kiss her. As soon as his lips touch hers, Amy's eyes flash open and she is frozen for a few seconds, but when it seems that Sheldon is pulling back, she responds to the kiss..... Oh, I have this scene so clear in my mind!! They are on the couch in Sheldon's apartment...OK, I'm getting crazy. It's off
  18. Totally agree Spook, and I think Amy did think about the implications but not in very realistic and mature terms. I think her enthusiasm at the idea of living together with her boyfriend took over her and she didn't really stop to consider what comes with living together.... She knew that is not only about logical reasons but used the logical approach because she was well aware that Sheldon wouldn't have been able to confute her arguments. Remember, she knows well how to "manipulate" Sheldon. ( I'm not saying she is a manipulator, but that she knows how he has to act with him). Anyway, I
  19. Yeah, of course Sheldon understands that living with your girlfriend is different that just having a roommate. It's completely different. The same is true for Penny. Moving in together is not something that you can just do out of convenience. All of of them were in the wrong here. Leonard and Amy for their precipitous actions, Sheldon and Penny for not talking directly to theirs significant others. And yes, is true that Penny and Sheldon are supposed to have improved in dealing with their emotions, but this doesn't mean that they always manage to do talk they feelings out. It's a working in
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