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  1. Mmm....I don't know....I think this episode really needs to be seen before being discussed. All I can say is that maybe what happens off screen is Penny talking to Amy and explaining why she didn't feel ready to move in with Leonard, and Amy then realizing that probably Sheldon felt the same way, that everything was happening too fast and he felt overwhelmed. So, practically, since her perfect best friend did the same thing Sheldon did, she thinks it's something understandable. Although, I can't imagine her not wanting an apology from Sheldon all the same. I think we just have to imagine t
  2. I wouldn't define Sheldon as ascetic or asexual or anything. I just think that not all people have the same sex drive. Some people are more sex driven than others and some less. Some develop their sex drive very early in age, others later. I think Sheldon has never been particularly sex driven. It's not like he had constants urges that he repressed. I think it just had other stuff in his mind. Sex was never the first thing in is mind, which doesn't mean that he didn't think about it or hadn't physical urges, but just they were never that strong. The same is true for physical contact in ge
  3. Hey guys, I agree that sometimes they could be more careful, like when they had the game night and made Amy not understand Sheldon's clues, but I think these episodes are few and far between. I actually think both How I Met Your Mother and TBBT are great when it comes to continuity and consistence, and sometimes people just overreact or over analyze. For examples, lines like "I will have to cut her loose" or "I will never find another girlfriend so pretty" are just jokes, that they can make because they are very comfortable with the other person and with their relationship. You never tease yo
  4. Hi guys!! I agree with what has been said about Amy. Up until now, she has been so forward because she knew that she could. She knew that no matter what Sheldon wasn't going to "accept her offers", but once she realizes the change in his boyfriend's attitude...well...that is gonna be completely different. I think she is gonna be as happy as scared. Although the appearance, she is just a girl who has missed romance all her life, a girl who spends nights imagining a perfect first time with her perfect boyfriend. It struck me when, during the argument with Bernadette, she said, "When Sheldo
  5. Just....so happy to be a fan of this great show!!! Yes, Amy is not sitting on the couch, she is kneeling on the floor. Actually I find it even more symbolic. You know...at the same time she is in Sheldon's spot and she is not. Like to say that that is her boyfriend's spot, and she respects that. But when he is not there, if there is someone who has the right to sit there, well that someone is without doubts her!!
  6. Thank you Bostrich!! I'm sure the hug scene will be wonderful. I don't think though that I can stand seeing Sheldon on the verge of crying...my heart!!!
  7. Totally agree!! That line is so meaningful!! Sheldon may be "particular" in hundreds of ways, but he actually knows himself and his feelings so much better than other people do. He knows when he wants something and that in order to get it, he can't just stay put and wait passively. That's why any time he feels threatened, he reacts and does what he think he has to do ( asking Amy to be his girlfriend, apologizing, buying gifts, etc). When Amy announced her plan to increase his feelings for her, at the beginning he was skeptical, but by the end of that scene he already knew well that it was w
  8. I think I've lost my ability to formulate words....I hope I will regain it once the episode is aired...I expected things to develop in this way, but not so fast!! The writers are doing such a good job!! They are really being careful not to ruin what they created. The same cannot be said for the authors of other shows.
  9. Wow....I didn't expect so much so soon! I just....Wow!
  10. Yes, that's it!! Thanks Spook!! "I don't even need them to be romantic moments, I just want them doing something together! It's been so long, time wise, since TFGD, that I need scenes with them together, alone. They can even read the phone book to each other, just put them in the same room and get them to interact! lol." Totally!!
  11. Yeah, I' am a yo-yo too. I' m happy, I lose weight. I'm sad, I gain weight. I think at the moment he is perfect. I am finding him particularly attractive (especially with the shirt he was wearing when Amy was sick). Let's jut hope he doesn't get any thinner!
  12. There would be no harm in us knowing the episode title, but they always cover it with small objects to tease and annoy the fans!! Like "See? It's there. If only you could move that pencil...but you can't!! We are the only who can!! Ah-Ah"
  13. Hi guys!! First of all, thank you for the warm welcome!! Second, you know what I liked about the Council of Ladies scene? That the table mat is already in front of Amy and she leans forward for the teapot even before Sheldon makes the move to give it to her. I don't know....it's just so old married couple. Like they have done that thousands of times!! Third, about Sheldon's sexist comments and his upbringing, I agree with Spook. The saddest thing for me is that when he starts his "My father used to say" speech there is something about the look on his face and his body language....lik
  14. Hello guys!! Happy New Year!! I'm new here. I mean, I' ve been a "ghost reader" for a while but registered only today!! Glad to have a place where to talk about this amazing show!! If you want to know where I stand on the Shamy topic, you could recall Spook' s posts since I completely agree with all of them! I want to add just a thing, I read some think there is no chemistry b/w Amy and Sheldon, but I actually see chemistry in anything they do. Sure, they do not jump at each other bones, but the way they talk and look at each other....It was said Sheldon could charm anyone with h
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