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  1. After 6.18, I was really hoping for this episode to be good, or at least watchable without feeling uncomfortable, and fortunately it was. Sheldon cleaning up the closet reminded me so much of 'The Big Bran Hypothesis', where Leonard and Sheldon clean Penny's appartment. It's nice to see these refferences to early episodes, intended or not.
  2. It was okay, but definitely not more than that. Watching the episode felt a bit unpleasant to me, because of the switching between the three different storylines. It felt like cutting and pasting. The scene with Leonard, Sheldon and Howard at the middleschool actually started off good for me, with Leonard trying way too hard and Sheldon starting his speech with 'Dear female children'. I liked it, but the rest of their storyline was quite tedious. Raj's date with Lucy was okay. The autocorrect joke was performed pretty sloppy, they could have made more out of it. What really annoyed me during the episode was Penny. Her slutty jokes are just uncomfortable to watch, espacially the one about the 34 year old guy. Even kinda creeped me out. I don't know how, but even dresses like a princess, they still managed to make her look like a drunk slob.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I don't really care if an actor looks in the camera or not and I am definitely not complaining about the acting in TBBT. This was just the very first time I noticed it in an episode, probably because it happened two times right after each other.
  4. Wow, that picture of Sheldon and Amy looks really sad... I can't wait to see those action figures!
  5. Sorry if this is already posted or mentioned in here, but when I watched the episode again, I noticed Penny looks straight into the camera twice in the same scene.
  6. I also did enjoy this episode. It was okay, but to me not the best one of the season so far. Although it definitely revealed some interesting things between Leonard and Penny. It was funny to see Leonard enjoying the attention Alex is giving him and I definitely would expect Penny to feel a little bit uncomfortable about it, but not this serious. A couple of years ago, she did wonder if Leonard ever dated 'regular' people, when she and Leonard went on their first date, but she definitely didn't seem insecure about it. The last few years, we've seen Penny getting (or at least 'showing') even more and more self-esteem than in early seasons. Sometimes even in a 'bitchy' way (for lack of a better word at the moment). Not that I have anything against her, but for example in episode 5-13, Leonard asks Penny "What if I would dump you?", in which she responded "Come on, be serious.". This is just one small example of course, but she definitely never seemed insecure to me, so that was kind of a surprise. Anyhow, it's nice to see everything is going better and better between the two of them. I'm also liking Alex more and more and I definitely agree with anyone saying she fits perfectly in the show. Her facial expressions are priceless.
  7. Thank you both. Nice to see people around here also have a great taste in music. And you're right, it's the artwork logo from their first LP. In my opinion one of the best albums ever. Thank you all!
  8. Yeah, I'm actually wondering if they have ever shown a portable device, not made by Apple.
  9. Where can I find the description for 6.13? 6.12 seems to be really interesting. Of couse it wouldn't be the first time Sheldon brings the rest in trouble, but I'm really wondering if this is going to be a more serious situation, compared to the ones we saw in previous episodes. For example, in 'The Apology Insufficiency' when Sheldon brings Howard in trouble by causing him to lose his FBI clearance.
  10. Hello everyone! I literally just found this site by googling 'big bang theory forum'. I've been a fan of this show for 4 years now and I figured it would seem really fun to discuss all the good things about it with other people who appreciate the show as much as I do. I remember the day my friend told me to watch 'this funny show about acouple of nerds', I started watching the pilot episode and immediately watched all the rest of the first 2 seasons. I was instantly addicted to it. Anyway, I'm glad I found this forum. I do have to say that English isn't my native language, so you might see some mistakes in my posts here and there. I wish you all a happy new year, and all the best in 2013!
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