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  1. I would suspect they are. But Ununpentium was synthesized in 2003 and it doesn't really fit with Sheldon's field of work.
  2. I don't understand why Penny is so reluctant. She has known Leonard for 6 years and dated him for a while now. In the real world, someone like Leonard wouldn't wait this long.
  3. Leonard gets shafted and Sheldon is treated like a god. What else is new?
  4. Honestly, at this point I am inclined to believe that a pairing between Sheldon/Penny at a romantic level would be completely catastrophic to the show. Imagine Friends; Instead of Rachel/Ross and Phoebe/Mike, it would be Phoebe Ross with Rachel/Mike. Scrubs with Carla/JD and Turk/Elliot instead of Elliot/JD and Turk/Carla ,Charlie Harper paired with Judith or something along these lines. It's not that Shenny is a terrible ship, but if it were too hypothetically happen, the entire dynamic of the series would be so twisted that it would off put a lot of loyal, long time fans including myself and this seems to be the most logical explanation for the way the writers treated this pairing. Most of the time, in other series they wouldn't straight up reject it. The accepted procedure is to say something along the lines of "anything can happen" but to say it is straight up off their list shows how unrealistic this pairing really is six seasons into the series.
  5. Anyone else catch the episode that aired today? Even though I overall disliked the episode I was happy to see Leonard finally be able to comfortably say : "I love you" in front of penny (even if it was in the context of a joke).
  6. Anyone into the eSports like League of Legends/SC2/Counter-strike ?
  7. Hi, I have been a fan of the show for about a year and I have lurked these forums for a while now and I finally made an account. So far this forum has already got me thinking about aspects of the show I didn't pay attention to before. Hope everyone is having a fine holiday season. Have a nice day.
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