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  1. It would be nice to see Sheldon get closer to Amy, for the simple fact that social and emotional relationships confuse him. If they did have intimate relations it would be fun to watch the before and after awkwardness that would ensue. as well as the group shift in dynamics and how the girls vs boys would talk and react to it.
  2. THERE IS ANOTHER OPTION!!!! Obviously Penny would not want to lend money after the Sheldon incident. She would cry and NOT tell Leonard as she knows he would intervene just like her History assignment. SO instead Leonard would find out through secondary sources and ask around at the University if there were any spare cafeteria jobs. Penny would then start work at the cafeteria and problem between the gang would ensue. Penny could catch Howard chatting other woman up. Penny could catch Leonard chatting other woman up. Leonard would condescend Penny and therefore an argument of sorts would break out. Penny's acting career could actually take off and the fame go to her head, just like Raj's fame did when he was the magazines (was is Forbes magazine) 30 under 30 to watch.
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