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  1. I really like this idea, Maybe I'll participate in it . And a little late but Monique have fun at the taping!
  2. Sorry about being so absent! I'm more of a listener than a talker >.>. Btw that fic, I just looked it up and I love it! Thanks for mentioning it :3 About V-day episode. Everything I want to say has already been mentioned, really great episode. I agree with Kiru Breezy, when Amy said "Well, then that's what we're gonna do", I almost shed a tear It was also the way she said it, so beautifull
  3. Ooh love the promo! Even though I know the answer still excited for tuesday, or in my case friday morning >.>
  4. I'm hardcore too, but when I talk to my friends about TBBT they're only interested in the funny things and not so much the 'romantic' stuff. So I don't talk much about Shamy with them :/
  5. Well since everyone is introducing themselves , Hello I'm Esther. Is it everywhere Tuesday now? I never understood these time-zones .... ^ that, please please *edited for spelling
  6. Anyone know some good Shamy vids on yt, to kill some time >.> really can't wait for the taping O.O
  7. Sigh... checking the forums everyday to see if there leaks or promo pics/ vids. And I'm supposed to study >.> Why does Shamy have to be so awesome =.=
  8. That would be cute ^W^. I remember reading stuff here that a sheldon initiated kiss, sex, ... would be season finales or for next seasons. But after 6x14 I get the feeling that anything can happen anytime :3
  9. Ofcourse I'm hoping for a big kiss! Although I highly doubt that will happen >.> But we need more Shamy goodness Ah come one can't it be the 31ste already >.<
  10. I'm probably the only one that deep inside hopes for this kind of scenario for V-day The both don't really get the 'perfect' gift but it's perfect in it's own way. Amy is really happy because of the gift, being with Sheldon. She leans forward to give him a big kiss, but! (it's not like the tiara one ) She stop her action en sits back, because she knows Sheldon is not fond of it and she doesn't wanna ruin the day. She just smiles very beautifully en thanks him for the day and the stuff. Then they got their eye thing going . Sheldon knew what Amy was trying to do, but pretends to ignore it. When amy is at the door, ready to leave. He gives her a small kiss at her cheek. And give a sheldon reason why he did that or something something. Really out of character but I can dream right!? Really looking forward to the tapping and what's really going to happen on V-day O.O Srry for the English btw and new to the forums
  11. I'm so happy someone made it to the tapping =.= !!! Thank you so much! :D It has been bugging what this "perfect" gift could be.
  12. Really looking forward to the next taping! I read that Kripke is in it, Wonder what he and Sheldon are up to
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