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  1. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Is it just me or does anyone else think it is incredibly sweet and sexy how Sheldon runs his hands along Amy's back in that second gif. He never seems to take his hands off her the whole time they are kissing. Beautiful!!!!
  3. Does anyone else feel like the days are just going slower and slower. I mean I have three young kids and usually I feel like there aren't enough days in the week. But since I read the taping reports every day has just seemed to drag by. WHAT THE HELL HAS THIS SHOW DONE TO ME!!!!!!!.
  4. Could you please pm me too. Thanks......also.....BEST DAY EVER !!!!!!!!!! lol
  5. So this is the song thats stuck in his head? Aww the lyrics are so perfect. Sheldon you big hippy you. lol "Darlin'" Ohh darlin' My darlin' you're so fine Ohhhh-hhh-hhh Don't know if words can say But darlin' I'll find a way To let you know what you meant to me Guess it was meant to be I hold you in my heart As life's most precious part Oh darlin' I dream about you often my pretty darlin' (Darlin' you're so fine) I love the way you soften my life with your love Your precious love uh huh oh I was living like half a man Then I couldn't love but now I can You pick me up when I'm feeling sad More soul than I ever had Gonna love you every single night Cause I think you're too outta sight Oh darlin' I dream you often my pretty darlin' (Darlin' you're so fine) I love the way soften my life with your love Your precious love uh huh huh Woah oh oh oh Every night darlin' Gonna love you every single night, yes I will Cause I think you're too doggone outta sight Oh darlin' I dream you often my pretty darlin' (Darlin' you're so fine) I love the way soften my life with your love Your precious love uh huh huh Oh
  6. Does anyone else think this is the perfect song for how Sheldon is feeling right now? I was listening to this this morning and I could just imagine this is how Sheldon is feeling. I hope they get them back together soon. "She's Out Of My Life" [1st Verse] She's Out Of My Life She's Out Of My Life And I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry I Don't Know Whether To Live Or Die And It Cuts Like A Knife She's Out Of My Life [2nd Verse] It's Out Of My Hands It's Out Of My Hands To Think For Two Years She Was Here And I Took Her For Granted I Was So Cavalier Now The Way That It Stands She's Out Of My Hands [Bridge] So I've Learned That Love's Not Possession And I've Learned That Love Won't Wait Now I've Learned That Love Needs Expression But I Learned Too Late [3rd Verse] She's Out Of My Life She's Out Of My Life Damned Indecision And Cursed Pride Kept My Love For Her Locked Deep Inside And It Cuts Like A Knife She's Out Of My Life
  7. Awesome!!!! nothing better than a little MJ. next we'll see Sheldon singing. "she's out of my life" lol. <3
  8. I don't often reply to the threads but having been on this forum for years now and a hardcore Shamy shipper, I have say I am actually really happy with the way things are going. Ok there is trouble in paradise but who's relationship is perfect anyway. We know how much these two love each other and we know they will be together again. So what if Amy is on a date and kissed another man. She's hurt, confused, lonely and probably trying to convince herself she's over Sheldon (who as far as she knows he is asking out other women). Sheldon is panicking and doesn't know how to resolve the situation, he is so blinded by his fear that he can't think straight, but perhaps once he feels all hope is lost he might stop thinking of ways to get her back and reflect on the problems that where in the relationship. The whole it's her fault/ his fault isn't really as important as lets fix what upsets both of us and move on from there. I love these two so much that I think it would take one of them dying for me to give up on the SHAMY. lol
  9. Oh i know, Just thought it was funny that it reflected right onto his hand lol......combination of no glasses and wishful thinking.
  10. Why is it,that the reflection of Sheldon's hand in the glass table, has a ring on his ring finger? lol.................ok call the men in white coats.,.I've lost it. lol Foreshadowing lol
  11. I...I....I.... HOT........JUST DAMN HOT!!!!!!!
  12. Oh Boy, did I have the weirdest dream last night. I was watching the first episode of season 9 and It turned out that the night of the sleepover in the fort Sheldon and Amy actually made love, which was why they where so comfortable making out and why Sheldon was going to propose. But Amy is terrified because she is scared to tell Sheldon she's pregnant and so she asked for a break to figure out what to do. Seriously Brain!!!!!! Don't mess with my head like that lol. Cannot wait for the promo and pictures.
  13. Ok, I know it's a stupid question but I'm curious......was the Shamy make-out In sheldons spot. LOL!! I love this episode and I have no negative feelings, Amy probably just got the rug pulled from under her as it was apparently their first proper make out session and she was probably really enjoying it and thinking to herself "he really does want me and finds me attractive" to then hear that he was thinking about some TV show, Probably really hit a nerve with her right when she let her guard down and was vulnerable. All will be good next season, I'm sure.
  14. OMG!!!! WHAT??? What happened guys. I just woke up so I missed the chat. Amy stayed over? and What did Leonard walk in on ?????/ Please help.
  15. Guys, am I imagining it or just as Amy lets go of the hug it almost looks like Sheldon was about to kiss the top of her head? I probably am just reaching but it does kinda look like he puckers his lips? anyone else see that?
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