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  1. I've been running through the series and got to the episode where Stuart and Penny go out on a date. It surprises me how different he was in this episode compared to how he is now. He was able to flirt with Penny, ask her out and get her to say yes, whereas he couldn't even talk to Alice in Season 5 or the girl at his Halloween part in Season 6. Then I got to the episode where we find out that Penny said Leonard's name while they were making out and it dawned on me that after this episode is where we usually see lonely, poor, depressed Stuart instead of the Stuart from the first episode we meet him. So do you think that Penny saying Leonard's name while they were kissing was the crushing blow to Stuart's confidence that made him the way he is now?
  2. I must say being a big Harry Potter fan I enjoyed all the references in this one
  3. Sounds like a decent episode. The Raj episodes are never my favorite but it seems like this one could be funny. Suprised Sheldon hasn't upgraded to a 3ds and Vita by now
  4. It is one of the shorter episodes of the season. I have them all so far in itunes and this one was barely 20 minutes long when the others are around 22 minutes.
  5. Raj is by far my least favorite character on the show. To be honest, they could write him completely out and I probably wouldn't even miss him
  6. Hopefully nobody. The show is already getting pretty crowded with 7 main cast members, adding another one will really push it a bit. Raj is a jerk anyway
  7. I don't really like Penny proposing to Leonard. I know this show has gone out of its way to make Leonard the "female" in the relationship but proposing is still something Leonard should initiate. I don't know, I guess I'm just old fashioned that way.
  8. I really doubt they're going to break up again. The writers have been fixing their relationship and making it stronger this entire season. To break them up would undo all of that and just reset their relationship to where it was last season. It would be incredibly pointless in my opinion
  9. I think this is one of those episodes that it will be better once I actually see it on screen. After one read I didn't really like it but reading again I see it could be pretty good. I don't like the no resolution at the end but that's pretty much Big Bang Theory's thing now so I guess it's no big deal.
  10. Sounds like an interesting episode. Can't wait to learn more
  11. This was an amazing episode, probably one of my favorites. I don't think there was a scene I didn't like in the entire episode
  12. So I was watching episode 6.04 and I came across something that I didn't really notice the first time but was kinda weird the second. At the very end of the episode when Penny is "marking her territory" with Alex, she says that she and Leonard have been involved in a 5 year experiment. This seemed odd to me because they've really only been dating for about 2 years if you add up all the time they've been together. Unless she was just saying they've been friends that long which would make sense I guess. Although if she was "marking her territory" she'd probably want to imply that she was his girlfriend, not just a friend. I'm probably overthinking this but I just thought it was interesting
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