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  1. I know I haven't been on this forum for a while, but I feel the need to chime in my opinion. First I firmly believe that any actor has a right to do whatever they feel is best for their own career and future so JP's deciding to call it quits is his prerogative. That being said, I don't think it was fair to turn a ensemble into a pretty much "one man show" where if he left, TPTB would feel there was NO show. That is pretty disrespectful to the other 6 stars of the show who have been there from the beginning or at least the majority of the seasons. And it seems kind of weird (if true) that some of the cast was not notified sooner. It's like saying "well now that JP is out, we don't think you could carry a show even though we made the whole show about his character". That's how I see it....
  2. I love LENNY! That's all I got...
  3. Oh totally agree. I was making more of a generalization about how most shows do center around one person as their MO and all paths HAVE to go through that person or the show will implode or something. Usually the quirkiest character tends to be the "breakout" star. And I'm not sure that it was really suppose to be a true ensemble show. Johnny, Jim and Kaley were always the leads - like a straight line. Now it's a triangle with Jim at the top and Johnny and Kaley holding the two bottom ends. Simon and Kunal were the "bit" players and the Melissa and Mayim were added so that bumped up Simon and Kunal in the food chain. To me, and I could be wrong, an ensemble would be that all were on equal footing from the get go...
  4. Jumping in to this discussion to say I concur. To me, it is the standard way TPTB see a show as having the most popularized character stand in the center and have the other characters pass by for their obligatory screen shot. TBBT is not the first show to do this nor will it be the last most likely...
  5. I thought the episode was pretty good, BUT the debate was funnier...
  6. While I agree, Sheldon would not be Sheldon if he wasn't butting into Lenny's life. He would not be Sheldon if he did not have a love/hate relationship with Lenny. Whether they or Lenny fans like it or not, they do love each other (Lenny-Penny-Sheldon) and that to me is the foundation of the show. Now if they could just not always have to be together, life would be just a little sweeter. Loved, loved all the guest actors. Everyone was in top form. While I wanted the episode to go on, I did not think it was rushed. And finally a proper Lenny wedding .... priceless!
  7. Congrats to all the winners!!! Good job all...
  8. I know the brother doesn't look like the stereotypical meth cooker BUT hasn't TBBT strove to break down the stereotypes of nerds to some extent? (and I stress the "some extent").
  9. Thanks so much for being nominated. Wow, what a pleasant surprise...
  10. Thank you so much for giving me the heads up Rick. I'm up in Citrus County - far enough inland that we don't have a hurricane watch, just a tropical storm warning. Tried to post a pick of my radar but it just showed the blue and nothing else...
  11. We've gotten a bit of rain but nothing tremendous yet. I think it's going to be a tomorrow event. Stay safe. Oh and to bring back to the topic....GO LENNY!!!!
  12. Oh thank you, thank you to @heres2U for the lovely taping report. Wow for someone who didn't take notes, you remembered all the good stuff. As I'm sitting here waiting to get rained on from TS Hermine, I am excited for the awesome Lenny news. I knew the writers had it in them, they just forgot where they put it when the original wedding was taped...
  13. I think because she likes to be out in front and if you notice Johnny tends to stand in the back most of the time...
  14. I lurk a lot SPTF cause sometimes I have nothing to contribute. But I am and will always be a die hard LENNY!!!
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