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  1. 1 hour ago, 3ku11 said:

    Well yeah but the recent sitcom before TBBT. Friends yes I am bringing it up again LOL. Never made Rachel or Chandler stand tall. So while their shows have done this. I guess its up to the show runners to make that decision. Which they clearly did. Sheldon is the breakout star of the show. They don't care about balance or consistency, or quality anymore. Other characters stories don't matter anymore. Just their star attraction, and advertisers throwing revenue and money at it. 

    The show originally was seen from Leonard's point of view. IMO it is now Sheldon's. 

    Oh totally agree.  I was making more of a generalization about how most shows do center around one person as their MO and all paths HAVE to go through that person or the show will implode or something. 

    1 hour ago, Tonstar17 said:

    Sheldon is the breakout star, no question there, but it's supposed to be an esembled show. Now it's not.

    Usually the quirkiest character tends to be the "breakout" star.  And I'm not sure that it was really suppose to be a true ensemble show.  Johnny, Jim and Kaley were always the leads - like a straight line.  Now it's a triangle with Jim at the top and Johnny and Kaley holding the two bottom ends.  Simon and Kunal were the "bit" players and the Melissa and Mayim were added so that bumped up Simon and Kunal in the food chain.  To me, and I could be wrong, an ensemble would be that all were on equal footing from the get go...

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  2. 23 minutes ago, Itwasdestined said:

    I don't think it's the supporting characters stealing screen time from Lenny. They were there in S5 and 6 when Lenny had plenty of action.

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    Jumping in to this discussion to say I concur.  To me, it is the standard way TPTB see a show as having the most popularized character stand in the center and have the other characters pass by for their obligatory screen shot.  TBBT is not the first show to do this nor will it be the last most likely...

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  3. 26 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    The wedding was Lenny's moment not Sheldon's. He earlier in the episode made a comment  like it was awkward the three living together. Then he hugs both of them at the ceremony?

    While I agree, Sheldon would not be Sheldon if he wasn't butting into Lenny's life.  He would not be Sheldon if he did not have a love/hate relationship with Lenny.  Whether they or Lenny fans like it or not, they do love each other (Lenny-Penny-Sheldon) and that to me is the foundation of the show.   Now if they could just not always have to be together, life would be just a little sweeter.

    Loved, loved all the guest actors.  Everyone was in top form.  While I wanted the episode to go on, I did not think it was rushed. 

    And finally a proper Lenny wedding ....  priceless!

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  4. Thank you so much for giving me the heads up Rick.  I'm up in Citrus County - far enough inland that we don't have a hurricane watch, just a tropical storm warning.  Tried to post a pick of my radar but it just showed the blue and nothing else...

  5. 2 hours ago, Tensor said:

    Already getting the rain, but no wind.  Rehearsal was cancelled tonight, the barrier islands flood so easy, and the theatre is on one the island.  

    We've gotten a bit of rain but nothing tremendous yet.  I think it's going to be a tomorrow event.  Stay safe.

    Oh and to bring back to the topic....GO LENNY!!!!

  6. Oh thank you, thank you to @heres2U for the lovely taping report.  Wow for someone who didn't take notes, you remembered all the good stuff. 

    As I'm sitting here waiting to get rained on from TS Hermine, I am excited for the awesome Lenny news.  I knew the writers had it in them, they just forgot where they put it when the original wedding was taped...

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  7. On ‎8‎/‎17‎/‎2016 at 4:00 PM, sladenoddy said:

    I wonder why she seems to stand apart from Johnny Galecki in cast photo's these days?


    I think because she likes to be out in front and if you notice Johnny tends to stand in the back most of the time...

  8. 3 hours ago, 3ku11 said:

    Well the fact when Big Bang started it wsaen't susposed to go past Season One. SO whether ot not one wathed to see it get Emmys is kinda redundant if you ask me. Besides if it does not matter that Big Bang did not get any nomiations. Then why on earth are we even talking about it huh? Why was this thread created in the first place? In the context of Big Bang and Emmys, clearly it does matter. IT is just conceded to me. OH Emmys don't matter. Welltht is convinient lol. I mean i am sorry obviousley the show does not deserve to be nomianted. But in the past it shoudl of won for S3 and S7. But their is a clear bias againgst multi camera sitcoms. Fair enough you diddnt watch to see the show get Emmys. But we woulden't even be talking about this, if the show diddn't go past Season One. 

    I have no idea if this was directed to my post specifically or just in general.  And since I don't see this post as being provocative (Hey Tensor!) I will respond. 

    I may be one of those weird people who don't think winning an Emmy is all that.  I would love for them to and glad for Jim's four but if they won none, I wouldn't care.  I have favorite shows like CSI, NCIS and Criminal Minds that haven't won any and I could care less.   Not going to spoil my enjoyment of the shows.

    And to further say that I may be weird but I think that the PCA's (People Choice Awards) are more important because I (little ole me) have a small say in who gets these awards. 

    Finally, there are parts of the post I quoted above that I simply do not understand what that has to do with anything that has been discussed.

    2 hours ago, April said:

    Saying positive things about your faves IS NOT the same as saying negative things about everyone else.

    So true.  What is it about the phenomena that exists in almost every show that if you like A male star, you must hate B male star, or if you like C female star, you obviously hate D female star. 

    I like Leonard and Penny - Johnny and Kaley.  I don't hate any of the other characters or actors.

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  9. I add my prayers to all those affected by illness in their families and the devastation that is going on in the world.  Call me crazy but I think we need a LOT more prayer to change the way the world is headed.

    God bless you all...

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  10. Just to jump in here with two points:

    1.  I don't recall starting to watch a show based on whether or not they won a bunch of Emmys.   So the fact that TBBT didn't pick up any major Emmy nods means nothing to me.

    2.  As Tensor pretty much said, I think that the Emmy voters tend to look for the more quirky acted characters (ie:  Barney Fife, Sheldon) as opposed to a character that is grounded and consistently acted (Andy Griffith, Leonard). 

    That's all I got...

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