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  1. I was thinking I was spending much too much time looking at the picture. It's a nice one of him..
  2. ^^Does Johnny have two different kinds of socks on? Or have I been staring at the pic too long...
  3. Hey Ton. Yeah, I haven't been here very much lately. Glad to know I am missed. Hope to be back and posting soon.
  4. I would concur with that. Also, as I was informed many years ago, a state like Connecticut was considered a "Catholic" state which I would think was the reason for testing the women especially for Rubella since there was a high risk for birth defects. Catholics at that time (have no clue about now) believed that procreation was basically the only reason for sex so such testing would be important. Times do change..
  5. I found this information about blood tests and marriage licenses: Marriage blood tests are virtually a thing of the past in today’s society. Years ago, a blood test was required when a marriage application was requested by a couple in order to make sure that neither party had a sexually transmitted disease or other potentially harmful disorder that could be transmitted to the other party during marital relations. Because of the questionable efficiency of blood tests in actually preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, however, and because of the extra cost and hassle invol
  6. In Connecticut back in 1988, we had to take a blood test to get married. I had to have mine done again because it was sent to a New Jersey lab that did not test for Rubella and CT required it.
  7. Great review. Thanks to you both for trailing and finding ...
  8. Just love the both of them so much...
  9. Kunal seems like quite the ham. Jim was cute but he also looked like he was just doing his own thing - happily though. I bet it was just hard enough to remember the bam boos and ki dinkity dink it dongs of the song, nevermind the dancing to it. I saw parts of Kaley's solo act and she has a decent voice. Wonder if Bri is giving her help with that..
  10. Thanks Star. I love them all so much. I can't decide though if Johnny just doesn't have a clue or he rehearses what should be exactly but no one else does...
  11. O/T: But Yay for the NY Giants...
  12. Because you can't know if the show sucks if you don't watch it?
  13. Happy Birthday to you!!

    1. hokie3457


      Thank you Kasey!!

  14. There are many actors, TV shows, movies that get panned by the so called critics only to enjoy tremendous success with the rest of the population... I applaud Kaley for taking risks and stepping out her comfort zone especially with the Bodhi movie was it?
  15. I love this. Yes, we should appreciate the fact that at least Leonard and Penny are together on Paradise Island! Yipee to the glass half full mentality.
  16. Oh and looky they are in the kitchen...
  17. Mark Cendrowski is directing a couple of episodes of Fuller House so that would be possible...
  18. The relationship that Johnny and Sara have is so cute.
  19. I just saw the news. Praying for employees, families, friends and the community. Not to proselytize but things like this confirm to me that we need MORE of Jesus in our lives than less. #PrayForHesston
  20. I think the first word is solution.
  21. If only we could get some of that ON screen...
  22. You really captured her looking at him. Love it..
  23. I can see Johnny liking Taxi. It had a different vibe to it - smart comedy. Wasn't the interviewer Bill Nye? And he might have been surprised that Jim didn't say a comedy that was more currently shown. But I don't hate you for saying that...
  24. Looks like Jim was trying to kick her in her butt...
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