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  1. I liked HIMYM except for the finale. TAAHM was funny at times. Naturally I like TBBT. Mom, which I don't watch all the time is pretty funny.
  2. Well that would be for our moderators to decide then. I would think that calling someone else's opinion not valid or trivial or not important would be a violation of the forum rules. But I leave that again to the moderators. I would say that Lenny's leaving or stepping back from this forum has to do with not liking the direction of the show and/or not liking the fact that there's a lot of unhappy Lenny fans who post on here. That would be my guess...
  3. Six celebrities/famous people for me: Johnny Galecki Abraham Lincoln Peter (the Disciple) Bette Davis Kevin Spacey John Wayne Many would think Jesus, but I don't have to pick Him...He would already be there
  4. I was looking at the snake...
  5. That's when you know it's ridiculous when the casual fan or many of our Shamy friends see it too. Oh except for Meka who doesn't, as he told me that he is not part of "we"...
  6. Totally agree. Once characters are established you can't really monkey around with them unless you hit them over the head and give them amnesia so that they completely forget who they used to be. I should qualify the above statement and say that if it is for the growth of the character than it would be different. But not to throw something in and see if it sticks just for poop and giggles..
  7. Exactly. To a more casual fan who doesn't get serious about the characters and relationships, then this sloppiness wouldn't make much of a deal. But we who are more invested look at it and shake our heads. Maybe the writers aren't thinking "arc" when they write an episode so there is no reason to have it flow in a way that make sense. The way Penny feels during episode A doesn't have to be what she feels in episode B for example because each episode seems to be a world of it's own. Maybe we're suppose to know about the implied epiphanies that the characters have that change their minds about things. Silly us.
  8. Is there a section in the rules of this forum that discusses what actual "bashing" is? I ask seriously only because to me bashing and not liking a character are NOT the same thing. I don't care/like Sheldon for the most part. It's not that I hate him but I don't find much of his characteristics to be something I admire or would want to be friends with. If I state things that are true about him, and also that I don't like it, does that mean I'm bashing the character? I wouldn't think so. I'm not saying it in a mean spirited way. I like Leonard, but he is not without his faults. If I speak of those faults, then am I bashing him or just telling it how I see it? Again not in a mean spirited way. The reason I ask is that if every time I say something that I don't like about a character, and thus going to be accused of bashing said character, then I might as well say nothing at all. And that wouldn't be fair me thinks..
  9. Yes, commonly used. Maybe not with the youth of America but definitely with the more mature of us...
  10. I think you really should please and thank you. And I would LOVE to read what you did write if you still have it
  11. I think you would have to qualify that and say 'people who haven't watched the show in the last couple of seasons. Before that I would say that it was an ensemble. But somewhere it jumped the tracks to Coopersville and got stuck there.
  12. This is not a reflection on anyone on this forum, but it is a phenomenon within forums since I've been involved with them (circa 2007) that those in the majority of opinion on a board think that what they think is universally accepted. They only know people who agree 100% with them about either the quality of the show or the like/hate of a particular character. The thing that they fail to understand is that people of like tastes tend to gravitate towards each other so it ends up being that they really only know those who think like them. Just adding in my 3 cents...
  13. LSB was so great. Both did a real good job.
  14. You have a troll? It's like you've arrived! You know MY opinion on this story. What a great spinoff this would be...
  15. With all due respect, feelings aren't bs and I'm really offended that anyone would respond to a post about feelings stating that they could point out bs as anyone else. The inference is glaringly apparent to me. And just to clarify, I do not think that feelings and opinions are the same thing.
  16. Well thank God you finally got married. See now that is how one could make a nontraditional marriage funny (hope I don't offend you). And yes, less Leonard versus Penny and more Lenny versus everyone else.
  17. As a member of the 50+, go us! Funny I love Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, Angel but just couldn't get into TXF...
  18. Raj needs some shaking up or something. Poor guy spent the first 6 seasons not being able to talk to women, now he's running rampant. Someone needs to rope him in and talk to him about how to have a real relationship. I think he wants to play the field which is fine, but he should be honest about it. To me it looks like he is forever looking for the "next best thing" in a woman, or he wants what others have (remember he had a crush both on Bernadette and Penny). I like Emily once they made her less creepy, but I don't want her to be a cookie cutout either. I hope they find their way back to each other (LOL at MJ's post) Bernie pregnant...feels like a natural progression.
  19. Wow NCIS still beat (in viewers) The X Files. Interesting...
  20. They look happy in that picture. Is that a new color for Amy? Looks nice on her.
  21. I never said I could stop you from anything now did I? But I will agree with that statement. How much you want to bet he doesn't?
  22. But if the Lenny wedding was ONLY considered "an event" by the advertisers, then it doesn't make me feel any better. It suggests that the producers didn't/don't think it's that big of a deal as I think you alluded to in the post where you discussed the CBS advertisers. I remember one time my oldest told me "Mom stop trying to fix my problem and just listen". It's the same principle here. "Stop trying to justify or make excuses and just let those feel the way they want to feel". Amen?
  23. Yeah but these technicalities mean nothing to me or to how I feel. Assigning the blame in the correct place does not negate the facts as I see them. This is not Making a Murderer where assigning the blame might mean something. (I threw that in for the lawyer in you...)
  24. Love the turd analogy. Spot on..or Spot from I think the biggest thing that got me was that it was portrayed as the "event nine years in the making" and I saying to myself that I waited for this? To be overshadowed? I know it's now a moo point (Oh I laughed seeing the pic of them with the Friends cast) but it's still a sore point with me. I think it's only precipitated by the lack of quality in the Lenny story since. I'm sort of tired of picking up that morsel and pretending it's a three course meal....
  25. Yes, I kind of wanted the fairy tale type wedding. It could have still been non-traditional and still have been magical and fairy tale. The point to me, and I get the feeling that some others would agree with me, is that the wedding was downplayed. They could have gotten married in a bowling alley or the comic book store for all I cared. The fact that we had to deal with the dumb kiss from two years ago that was obviously just a plot device (and no I won't believe otherwise); Shamy's drama as if they couldn't have waited like ten minutes to break up so they could have seen the vows; and Leonard spending his wedding night with Sheldon. That was all so non-traditional it was absurd...
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