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  1. He's her "Ernie" because the heart wants what the heart wants...
  2. Of course I would like a group episode or maybe something more substantial for Lenny to do other than hold up the wall. But you know I would really like for Amy and Leonard to have a decent discussion. They've always seemed at odds with each other and it would be nice to see them have a coffee together and just talk. I wouldn't even care if they discussed Sheldon as long as it was more about them than him.
  3. Well I do have to say that I know more about physics then I did before I started watching the show. Go me!
  4. But the fact still remains that it is a conflict of interest for a notary to notarize their own document, especially one to which they affixed their signature. Just sayin'
  5. It is actually a very flattering suit. Although the belt while cute might not be Wall Street material. Also not sure about the no shirt either...
  6. That's a huge back seat. That's all I got out of it...
  7. In the right side bottom drawer in Sheldon's desk. I never said it was a moot point. I said it was a moo point. You know a cow's opinion. It's moo. And I'm out because I don't think JE7 has a gif for this... And this is a Lenny thread. I'm self moderating..
  8. Okay I get the grounding but I'm going to have to disagree with the validation only because I think validation needs to have a more positive vibe to it. Good point on Sheldon at least accepting Leonard as opposed to Beverly. The only thing (and I know it's for comedy) is that I don't like how Sheldon puts Leonard down so much. If he is truly Sheldon's best friend then he should be more supportive or at least keep his mouth shut.
  9. Well there was an implication made that you would get to actually see the whole thing otherwise commenting on it would be a moo point...
  10. Well we'll have to interrogate ask her about what she specifically meant then...
  11. I believe it she was speaking about fans and not someone specific on the show.
  12. Isn't it the way the couples on this show cement their relationship by breaking up at some point so they can come back together? Emily's creepiness made her different from the other girls and I think that had good and bad points. Maybe they could tone her down enough to be with the girls but still creepy enough to make Raj nervous. Howardette having a child would be a natural progression of the couple I think. And there could be a lot of comedy in having Bernie be pregnant. Oh maybe she will become the creepy one because of the pregnancy hormones.
  13. Of course it's possible for them not to touch Sheldon's spot. But in order for me to try to make a funny, I had to not consult the Karma Sumatra. I bet you would love to get a look at the actual RA. You're a lawyer right? Would love to hear your interpretation on that.
  14. Welcome Touche, glad you are here. Wonderful post. I seem to be the cheerleader of posts tonight . I agree that we need more balance in the show. It's funny, I had a pretty sheltered upbringing(12 years of Catholic schools, ridiculous curfew until I was almost 21), but I never really identified with Amy especially for that. Hmmm...might have to go back and try to see Amy from that point of view.
  15. Happy birthday to you!

    1. MJistheBOMB


      Thank you so much!

  16. Well I don't really think that Bugs would go for Daphne but that conversation is a whole nuther Oprah to coin a phrase from CSI. Having been in other forums that have multiple ships, I have found that like people tend to stick together. So maybe if someone is not seeing passionate fans of a certain ship, it's because they aren't seeking out those who would be. And again, if you look at the thread for Howardette and Rajily, you will find there's some spark there.
  17. Jenafan, this too needs to be framed. I just have one thing maybe you can expound your thinking. It's the last sentence(maybe even the whole last paragraph) when you say without Sheldon, Leonard has no validation. Since Sheldon is such a catalyst in perpetuating the lack of self-esteem Leonard has, where does the validation come in? Also and I am aware I could be biased, how does Sheldon keep Leonard grounded? Thanks.
  18. Sure we do. MJ set it up a bit ago. I haven't posted but it's there. And I would disagree that people don't ship Howardette passionately. People HERE don't. But to say that IMNSHO is kind of degrading those that do regardless of their hierarchy in the show.
  19. And as far as we, the fans, knew Emily had problems with the hookup. Having way too much off screen or abandoned is what I think is what is happening. Agree totally, especially the bolded parts. It seems to me, and I try not to disrespect the writers because while I can write a decent story I'm not in their league, but they are having a problem trying to let Lenny become the adults without losing the preciousness of their relationship. In my opinion, it's because they are not focusing enough attention on them but YMMV. And if Lenny is not being focused much on, can you imagine how people who love Howardette or Rajemily(whatever) feel. Not sure if I'm getting the point I want to get across so forgive me if I'm not making sense..
  20. This post needs to be framed. Perfect analysis.
  21. You need to back away from the Cinnamon...
  22. I don't think that was necessarily what Nog was saying really. I think we all take away different things from each episode, but from what I see Leonard gets pooped on more than Sheldon. It's not that it's a contest, it's how the show is written. I don't think anyone really wants Sheldon to suffer (please no one comment), but that some want Leonard to catch a break every once in a while. He seems to not have gotten it lately. That's all.
  23. I wonder how long it took him to find his spot on Amy's bed. You know where there's a cross breeze and he could see all angles without hurting his neck...
  24. I noticed that his running was weird. I thought it was a character choice. I read that review where it said "and Emily". I would think it should be different now since they seemed to have bonded with the looks at seeing Raj on the pole..
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