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  1. False, wait what was the question? TPBM likes to sing loudly in the car
  2. I think it would have to. It just makes sense. No in what way would it reflect on Penny's thinking is up to the writers and which way they want to go. It could make her think that it's something that she doesn't want right now, and if Leonard does, it could cause some tension (just tension). I see this as the most likely route since Penny is feeling overwhelmed already. Adding a planned pregnancy would just up that feeling. Unless of course she replaces her man-child for a real child. Other options would be for Penny to be ready and Leonard not be. Although he has stated that he kn
  3. He's her "Ernie" because the heart wants what the heart wants...
  4. Of course I would like a group episode or maybe something more substantial for Lenny to do other than hold up the wall. But you know I would really like for Amy and Leonard to have a decent discussion. They've always seemed at odds with each other and it would be nice to see them have a coffee together and just talk. I wouldn't even care if they discussed Sheldon as long as it was more about them than him.
  5. Well I do have to say that I know more about physics then I did before I started watching the show. Go me!
  6. False TPBM watches a lot of TV
  7. False PBM likes to sleep a lot
  8. No, praise God PAM sneezes a lot
  9. It's getting chilly here in FL where I'm in my pants
  10. Of course HYE fell asleep in the bathtub
  11. Thoughts and prayers going out to the people in Manatee and Sarasota counties in Florida who were rocked last night by severe storms and two or three tornadoes. At least two people have died. I know Tensor lives in the area but I'm not sure exactly where. I am about three hours north of him and we only got some heavy rain.
  12. But the fact still remains that it is a conflict of interest for a notary to notarize their own document, especially one to which they affixed their signature. Just sayin'
  13. It is actually a very flattering suit. Although the belt while cute might not be Wall Street material. Also not sure about the no shirt either...
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