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  1. That's a huge back seat. That's all I got out of it...
  2. In the right side bottom drawer in Sheldon's desk. I never said it was a moot point. I said it was a moo point. You know a cow's opinion. It's moo. And I'm out because I don't think JE7 has a gif for this... And this is a Lenny thread. I'm self moderating..
  3. Okay I get the grounding but I'm going to have to disagree with the validation only because I think validation needs to have a more positive vibe to it. Good point on Sheldon at least accepting Leonard as opposed to Beverly. The only thing (and I know it's for comedy) is that I don't like how Sheldon puts Leonard down so much. If he is truly Sheldon's best friend then he should be more supportive or at least keep his mouth shut.
  4. Well for now I am. But sleep will take me over soon...
  5. Well there was an implication made that you would get to actually see the whole thing otherwise commenting on it would be a moo point...
  6. Well we'll have to interrogate ask her about what she specifically meant then...
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