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  1. Penny is just a cheap whore without a last name. Surprised she hasn't been on Two And A Half Men yet!
  2. Good for Sheldon, Amy pretty much wrecked the show anyways.
  3. You must run with different nerds than I do. The nerds I know are like 40 years old, work in Information Technology and the only way they could ever get a girl is to pay a lot of money for one, lol.
  4. He's dating Penny a gorgeous blonde actress/waitress. Was dating Priya, the fiery jewel of Mumbai! Was Leslie Winkle's booty call. Dr. Stephanie was living with him. Alex a younger hot red head grad student wants him. Sexy comic book amateur artist Alice was going to make out/have sex with him until he mentioned he had a girlfriend. Slept with Mrs. Latham for some funding and her sexual prowess. Had affair with North Korean spy Joyce Kim for 27 days... And people think Penny is trampy? Leonard is practically living in the Playboy Mansion!
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