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  1. What did they say about her? *An angry cat with claws* Silver Angel is correct: they can suck it! Nobody should EVER be cruel to Mayim; she is such a lovely lady.
  2. Arthur Darvill: He plays Rory from Doctor Who. You are amongst friends. Reminds me of something I said in our PM to the Group. To have stayed the Same would be Boring. They conveniently forget about this when they complain about the "direction" the writers have taken Sheldon. or they wanted him to get with Penny. Drunk sex has been done before. (Or not as the case turned out after the series opener.) What makes us Shamy's is how we want it! We are willing to wait as long as the sex is done well for our Pairing. We desire affection between them but settle for eye coitus, hand holding and the slow romance of past eras.The love of a by-gone age. Deep down we may all be True Romantic's, at heart.
  3. NO! *GASP* Ladies... *Fans self* Uh... *Fangirls* He is in LA now? *Speechless*
  4. Hallo! Who that stunning Fanfic a few pages back? I'm on my Mobile Account and for some reason it is not allowing to me to go back at the moment. I Favourited on Fanfics and saved it but I was wondering who Here wrote it? Brilliant whomever you are!
  5. A lot of people were going on about Sheldon's "pawing" line but it did not strike me nor my friend negatively at all. To me it seemed that Sheldon was simply being Sheldon and his comment was not said in a mean or insulting tone, even if it was not a very nice thing to say to Amy. Personally, I did not "get" what the issue was but then I realized that depending on how a person views the characters they may take things quite differently. Lately I have been seeing Shamy as sweet, gentle and a rather deliciously slow progression. This basically made me not so "obsessed" with their progression and much more relaxed. (My friend is a Lenny first and foremost.) Basically this makes both of these made us not so worried about Sheldon's comments to Amy in the last episode and are able to see it in a more neutral light. Sometimes this positive. Others not so much. In one of the Chats I mentioned something about Kaley. This I hope has no correlation to Jim's interactions with her lately. He seems either outright annoyed with her or dismissive, which is odd because I thought they were close friends before this latest set of video's. The older one is simply not the same with the way he is treating her. Then it seems like two friends bickering and this seems as though they are not close friends anymore. It makes me very sad...
  6. He looks so pudgy and sweet here. I just want to grab him, pinch his cheeks, squeeze his chin with my hand and hug him... The, poor, poor man: He must never be made aware how we all want to touch and comfort him. I say, comfort. Yeah, comfort surely that is the word.
  7. Enough! You either liked the episode or didn't. There certainly no reason for things to get sidetracked with any personal comments.
  8. That line did not strike me as particularly bad. Sheldon normally complains about physical contact and I took it as such -- no deeper or sinister meaning behind his words at all. To me it sounded like a young boy complaining about a girl to cover up how much he 'likes' her, which is completely Sheldon.
  9. Please have an excellent chat today. I'm sorry I won't be able to attend.
  10. Wasn't going to reply but this ^^ made me laugh so hard! It gets pretty racy.
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