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  1. Happy Birthday to meeee!!! It was more than I could have ever hoped for!
  2. Guys, tomorrow is my birthday. And I get an SIK for my birthday present!
  3. Great taping report! Thanks Kellee!!
  4. Oh boy. I just realized there's a taping next week. I guess that calls for a return to the thread.
  5. He said on K and M that he has astigmatism and needs to wear glasses now.
  6. The 'kiss my ass' attitude is great. I have to say though, I really dislike Letterman as an interviewer. I always thought that Jim's Letterman interviews were the most uncomfortable. Especially after you see how great his Craig Ferguson interviews go. There a lovely flow and humor to his interviews with people like Ferguson, Tavis Smiley, or George Strombolopolous. Those dudes know how to conduct an interview.
  7. He is looking quite thin. I remember him saying, back after the season 4 skinniness, that he was running too much and got too skinny. I wonder if he's working out too much now. I like Jim with a little more meat on his bones. But, whatever he's most comfortable with.
  8. I'm looking forward to this a lot too. I was big into ST: TNG and Voyager. The Borg are always fun (although yeah, Seven of Nine, was a bit too "sexy" for my liking). One of my local movie theaters is playing the ST: TNG two-parter "Best of Both Worlds" which is very Borg heavy. Also, I saw the first 9 minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness before The Hobbit and it looked amazing. I've been waiting for this one for a looong time.
  9. I know this is probably one of everyone's favorite Amy scenes, but I just love love love it.
  10. 1. Something is crawling up the back of your leg. 2. If you had to choose between losing both your thumbs or both your elbows, which would it be? 3. Have you decided which kind of history you want to study yet? 4. I have just handed you $1,000. What do you do?
  11. This thread is currently making me
  12. I'm so happy that Newhart liked working with the cast. I did read some quotes from him, but can't seem to find them. He turned down quite a few other tv shows so that says a lot. Here's picture of him with his family on set. Looks like he's enjoying himself, no? It really does seem like a dream team. I haven't heard about anyone having a bad time as a guest star.
  13. Random questions are the best questions, queenie.
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