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  1. I feel extremely sorry that I have to say this aloud. In my opinion, the show isn't what it used to be anymore, and by this I don't just mean that the characters have evolved from the years they were when the show began. It isn't about that. It is good that characters do evolve in the show; times goes by in their fictional world as well. The actors and characters get older and new phases of life. But the current problem in the show, at least for me, isn't about evolving characters and development per se. The problem, the way I see it, is the (lack of good, intuitive) humour and how it is nowadays generated. Humour isn't present in the way it used to be, also the source of the humour has changed significantly. Because this significant aspect of the show has changed, the tone of the whole show or overall development seems really stagnant. I feel they try to generate humor from sources or situations that there is nothing to laugh about. The show isn't funny in the sense as it used to be. Some episodes from this season reminds me lot about Friends. That's not why I fell in love with TBBT in the first place. I used to love this show very much, with is unique characters. I'm so sorry to say this, but for me, the show and some characters are only a shadow what they used to be. I don't know if I bear to watch the show anymore or not. I really miss old Big Bang Theory from seasons 1-5.
  2. Planning to go spoiler free here, as well. I've been spoiler-free since somewhere between season 7 or 8, can't remember anymore. I've been watching since season 5.
  3. I agree with stardustmelody, and I try to use constructive criticism when saying this. The tone of the show changed somewhere during season 6. I also know that some dynamic changes took place in the writers' team during that time, but I really don't want to point the finger to any direction. I know the different writers emphasize different stuff. It just comes off like they don't think it properly through if the episodes make sense or not anymore. At the point there are so many things that doesn't make sense anymore in the show, that it is very hard for me to watch it. It is just an example, how they handled Raj's and Emily's breakup in these recent episodes.
  4. Thanks. I've been spoiler free now for about 1,5 years or so I think. So I haven't read spoilers since the last half of season 8 if I remember correctly. I have no plans to go back to be spoiled, at least entirely. I don't know if that's the reason I've been more quiet recently. I have had some other stuff going on in my life as well, so I've not enough time and energy to keep up with the forum. But yes, as for Meemaw, I hope to see her again as well. They still have great potential with her to create humor to the show.
  5. To be honest - yes, I was a little disappointed with this episode, as the overall feedback from fans seems to be too. Meemaw was not the way I pictured her to be, but well... I'm not going to the details, and trying not to analyze it or the episode too much. The episode was okay, but yes, there were things in the communication between Amy and meemaw (and others included) that bothered me. I wish the writers could have come up with different story line with meemaw and Amy, and handle it differently. This communication lacked something I was expecting, I don't know how to put it to right words. Disjointed maybe is the best word for that.
  6. Definitely looking forward to this one. Meemaw's long waited visit on screen is definitely something to get excited about.
  7. A bit odd and mediocre episode to my taste. Nice to see Emily though. Overall the episodes this season have been good, this just wasn't quite executed the best possible way.
  8. I found this episode to be fun and interesting. I actually laughed more with this one than any other episode yet during the season 9. I liked Amy's weird date companion, their interaction and the other girls stalking them. I try not to think too deep about the plots, character developement or out-of-character-stuff right now (I think there has been a lot that kind off stuff this season, but not going into details now), so enjoying episodes in a lighter point of view helps.
  9. *Emerging from the shadows of the unspoiled for a moment* I'll write my comment concerning the recent 2nd episode here, since the other Shamy thread seems to be very silent... I'm sorry I haven't had time to read the threads here and I don't mean to interrupt the flow of conversation here, so I'll make my comment shortly. I have to admit, I'm a little bit shocked what I saw in the latest episode. It's something I wouldn't have wanted to see in the show. I understand it was a dream sequence, but still it feels I'm a little bit disappointed. I feel sorry for the writers that they had to use the shock value of it. I don't see a need to use that Shenny kiss to bring humor, attention or anything important to the show. Also I can't elaborate yet some the things I feel disappointed about. For example, I would have liked Sheldon to bring up the relationship agreement in some way with this break-up. It seems some characters are getting odd twists to their personality to just for the sake of story plots. It seems that the show has gone from intuitive writing to something else, but this change has happened a lot earlier, not in the season 9. What I like with the latest two episodes, is that Amy is finally getting her backbone and setting her limits with Sheldon for real. That's the Amy I used to know in seasons 4-5. That's the Amy I fell in love with, the brilliant scientist woman. She is not Sheldon's doormat, and never was one or isn't going to be. She is finally openly showing for real, how disappointed and tired he actually is with Sheldon, and has been for a long time. I'm looking forward, what the future holds for these two. I don't say I like the break-up, but for Amy it is a good thing to have a healthy break from this relationship. I hope they finally find at least acceptable level of healthy balance to their relationship through this break-up.
  10. Okay, I think I need a minute to process the episode. I just watched it... Such an emotional episode, that's all I had to say for now. I don't have words for Shamy break up though...
  11. I haven't had time to read the threads, but could someone inform me (in a PM, if it doesn't belong to the thread), is there a taping report for 3rd episode or is it available at all? If there is even a short summary concerning Shamy in it, please let me know. Sorry for this post, I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to follow the forum.
  12. Hi Shamyland! Is there anyone else going unspoiled for season 9? I don't mind hearing a spoiler or two about Shamy though...
  13. How is it going Shamyland? I haven't been here for awhile... Rewatching some episodes from season 8. Do we have someone going to ComicCon yet?
  14. When I see that gif where Sheldon is rubbing the ring box with his thumb, it comes to my mind as if he was picturing in his mind the ring in Amy's hand there. And him gently stroking her hand in his, with his thumb. I absolutely love that gif. I have to see if I'm going spoiler free for next season or not, or possibly partially spoiler free... My two favourite episode for this season where Cooper-Amelia episode and the Prom episode. Which one were your favourites?
  15. Urgh...I don't know what to say after watching the finale. I have something on my heart that burdens there. Emotions? Maybe. I really have to take time and evaluate the finale. I didn't laugh much, but this episode was really emotionally strong. And what was going to happen between Emily and Raj on the semetary, was bit ambigous to me (as they switched between Raj/Emily and Howard/Bernadette/Stuart). Too many feelings right now, I'm not sure what to think. Poor Amy, but I feel sorry for Sheldon too. It's really sweet he had got the ring and had engagement on his mind. Really sweet moment was when he was going to kiss her again. If we only had seen that kiss... For some reason, I feel like Amy suddenly getting offended by him suggesting watching a tv-serie, seems a bit off and exaggerated in that particular situation. I mean, she has heard and endured a lot of worse from him. I could have bought that offence in many other situations they have had. And the fact that it was in the middle of make out, makes it even more ambigous. Usually Amy bases her judgements on fair reasons and reasoning (more than her subjective feelings only), but this seemed that she was offended by a minor thing. Of course, I understand that she has endured a lot, really lot from Sheldon during these years. So I can't help but think, that maybe, for some reason, that was the breaking point for her. Maybe it was too much for her, because she had endured and accepted those things during all these years. But I still think I have to absorb and handle the given context and details there is to. Only thing I'm sure about, is that things will get really interesting on season 9.
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