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  1. You guys write such an excellent analysis and great point of views - so good, that I absolutely have nothing left to say. Except that I'm excited by the taping report and it's content - for me it gave some helpful insights too what has been going on in Sheldon's mind on those 45 days of his trip. And of course I hope we can put the last season's finale to a better framework after next taping reports, but we'll see about that. And I agree - Carmeli, never leave this thread. Your post was brilliant.
  2. Catlina

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    Lol, thanks for the best spoiler free nomination. I don't know who suggested that, but I wasn't even going to remain spoiler free for long but only 2 episodes somewhere during the season 8. The only right category for me to be nominated would have been most like soft kitty.
  3. Ah ok... I haven't kept up with the taping dates... So is it cancelled because of the salary negotiations or something? I really haven't had much time to keep myself updated with TBBT lately.
  4. I wonder if we are going to get a taping report for 8x01? Is the other person still going to the taping who was going to, since Michy is not going?
  5. You can watch them, just type "the big bang theory season 7 bloopers" to Youtube, the search will find the right video.
  6. Sorry for writing sloppy language now, I just try to post something anyway although feeling quite tired. I try to keep my expectations low as well. I am happily surprised if there are good moments for Amy and Shamy this season. If I consider the Shamy plot lines from season 6 and 7... Some of them make sense to me, some don't at all. I liked some of the scenes and storylines, but some... not that much. For instance, I like Indecision amalgamation and the next episode where Sheldon breaks up with String theory, I think those are my favourites for the season 7. But for example, I didn't understand the episode where there was Bert storyline, why to bring him up in the first place, because that story didn't lead anywhere. To show Amy's loalty to Sheldon? To this day, to our knowledge, Sheldon doesn't even know about Bert. Also I don't like it when they sacrifice Amy's background story and it's continuity for a sake of a cheap joke, like when he told Raj she was desperately longing for companion before meeting Sheldon. We all know that was not the case, at all. I don't like it when they make her look pathetic. Where is Amy, brilliant scientist woman we used to know? Where is the time she was compatible with Sheldon and could defend herself with him? Where is that Amy gone? We have seen only few and short glimpses of that nowadays anymore. I don't like the idea, that Sheldon, his relationship agreement and how he has treated her has changed Amy and bound her feeling presumably sad and frustrated, and probably also very tired to the situation of their relationship at hand. I don't mean she is perfect and haven't made any mistakes herself in the relationship, but for me it is more because of Sheldon how the relationship is right now, than because of Amy. I really don't know what to expect now when the new season is starting. I just hope there could be more emphasis on Amy and Shamy this season, so that the writers won't notice later on, that they kept dragging it out too long and they won't get even near the goal they had planned for them - or it would come across as forced trajectory to their relationship. The point for me is not even to see "getting them somewhere". I only hope I could continue enjoying and watching the show and this trip with Shamy, so that they could have the happiness together they used to have, enjoying each other's company and working together in science. Somehow I feel the writers don't quite see it clearly from their point of view how Amy's treatment comes across to many viewers. They possibly like it themselves, but I know the great amount of (shamy) fans don't. So from now on I'll try to keep a healthy distance to Shamy and not becoming emotionally too attached to them during the season. I love them of course, but I just can't watch Amy suffering and treated poorly by writers. That girl has had enough and beyond her share of life's difficulties. Also, I have to wonder, where is Sheldon who used to go bravely to fight with his former enemy, to defend her honour? Where is Sheldon, who was willing to say sorry, who was buying her a tiara, initiated a hand holding (!!) during Howard's launch, was willing to hug and comfort her on her time of need? I think he is there somewhere though, buried under his current problems. I just hope things could start finally changing for the better for Shamy in season 8.
  7. Have you all yet seen the bloopers of Season 7? How do you like them? Not much Shamy or Amy though, a bit disappointing I think I can post this here since this is not a spoiler concerning season 8.
  8. Chrystalie your signature is awesome! Finally I can see Sheldon sucking Amy's upper lip, someone said it before it was there but couldn't see it properly at normal speed.
  9. I don't know yet when I'm going to start my spoiler free period for the season. Definitely withdrawing from 5 taping reports before seeing even 1 episode airing could be too difficult, so maybe I'm going to take that period later in season. But definitely I'm excited that taping is about to start soon! Only two weeks away.
  10. This is the Shamy I love and adore so much... I hope we will get more of Shamy working together in science and having fun together. So that they could finally be happy together again, and not fighting and arguing all the time. In a nutshell, that is all I ask for next season really <3
  11. I like Hillo's suggestion too! It is yet within the boundaries of a good question, I think, it is not too aggressive but yet has the significant emphasis on the right place. MichyGeary is right, that it is imporant how to form the question so that the writers have no space to give only a short, easy answer. Good luck Michy to Comic Con, hope you will get a chance to ask your question!
  12. Where does this sweetness come from? Super-cute Jim!
  13. Maddie that was just fantastic! Incredible talented work. You should post that picture to Mayim and/or Jim, I think they would appreciate it? Btw what is the music you are using on the background, it sounds really familiar? I think I have heard it once or twice before but really cannot remember who might have composed it.
  14. Ah, ok thanks. Didn't know about that.
  15. Wait - if Jim plays Candy Crush, does that mean he has a Facebook profile? Isn't it just a facebook game or is it available in other social media web sites/network applications too?
  16. Thank you for so many answers to my questions I love all of your analysis! Please Cecilia go ahead write what you think what may come, I'd love to hear your answer too As a side note, does someone know who of the writer(s) invented Amy as a character in the first place? I know they had an audition for the actress who was going to portray Amy and Mayim for sure has a lot to say who and what kind of Amy is as a character. I would like to know who of the writers wrote Amy who she actually is as a character, her characteristic behaviour, her personal traits and so on. Does someone know information about this?
  17. I can't wait for Jim and Mayim selfies from the Emmys show! Congratulations Jim and Mayim!
  18. Oh, where is it? Do you have a link to taping date schedule, I couldn't find it anywhere? I bet Jim is very excited today, having happy feelings too because he's so happy
  19. I'm confused now as well. Did Jim call someone a jackass or someone called him a jackass? Can someone link a picture or something from the original conversation, I don't have a phone where I could use an Instagram account. Sorry to bother with this! What did Jim say to that guy?
  20. I'll try to break the silence in this thread and post something I've been wondering Shamy's general progress during the summer and where they will head from this on, during season 8 and over that. So here are few things I've been wondering and questioning myself, feel free to give your insight and opinion about them. What do you hope and predict for season 8 Shamy? How do you see their story going? Do you think Sheldon will have to face his true feelings for Amy and not run away from them anymore? Will Sheldon continue resisting any changes in their relationship? Do you think Sheldon loves Amy? Do you think there will be a point where Sheldon is the one who does want to proceed in the relationship and move things forward, and Amy will be unsure about it or hesitating about it? How long Amy will put up with Sheldon's resisting behaviour? Do you think there will be a point where Amy breaks up with Sheldon? How will Amy progress as a character and towards Sheldon? Could Shamy work on a scientific project together at CalTech? Will there be a mutual changes of ILY's? Do you think there will be a point where Sheldon actually does want to live with Amy and invites her to live with him? Do you think Sheldon will ever propose to Amy, and if so how and why it will happen? What exceptional could happen between Shamy? Sorry if the questions are not in a systematic order... Just feeling tired and my brains seem not to function normally but tried to post something anyway
  21. I would love it if that is the way it is going like Jim said and Sheldon would be chasing Amy for a change. I really do hope Amy shows her backbone when he comes back. That would be really interesting turn of events if Amy had kind of lost her affection for him during the summer and is all cool when he comes back. To my understanding, they even don't have the Relationship Agremeent officially in effect anymore since she signed the termination notice in 7x16. The state of the relationship agreement hasn't really brought up after that although they didn't break up in that episode. Sheldon can't even refer to it if he says they are bound to each other by the agreement - not anymore. I really want Sheldon to win her affection back, but so that he really shows how much he cares about her and the unbalanced dynamics are restored to a healthy level.
  22. I feel so sorry for Jim for those tweets. I hope he won't be reading them much. I don't know, but I'm just going to ignore those comments. I can't understand people who are making up negativity from nothing and are hurting people around them through their words and talking negatively about things they don't have anything to do with or can't understand them. World is full of people who don't understand what they are talking about and can't recognize wrong from right nor right from wrong. So I'm just going to ignore them, although those comments for sure are annoying.
  23. Wow, thanks Maddie! This picture is beyond awesome, you are really talented!
  24. Thanks for the link Koops, it was great! I liked the article much and it did remind me about Shamy a lot. As for the latter part, I guess Sheldon will, when the right time comes, enjoy other forms of intimacy with Amy as well, as profoundly he seems to enjoy kissing with her. He is not a fan of hand holding likewise Jack wasn't, but he really truly seems to enjoy kissing. That brings me to think what makes the difference to him between hand holding and kissing, that he can enjoy kissing but can't enjoy holding hands. If it is just the sweaty sensation of unnecessary touching or that it looks dumb causing his aversion of some sort about it, then how come kissing is different to that? Kissing isn't more hygienic when compared to hand holding, that's for sure. Any ideas? To our knowledge they didn't include handholding as a part of intimacy in their relationship to the Relationship Agreement at any point, but kissing made the difference to him.
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