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  1. I haven't written a word about the finale yet - I don't know, I've felt that emotionally it stoke me harder than I thought it would, in many ways. I see there good things and bad things, things I liked and I didn't like, but I'm not yet able to analyze and extrapolate it in depth yet. So I'm still in a processing data mode. So maybe I'll just get back to that one later. Just one thing I wanted to say, is that last time when Sheldon faced an unevitable change, his barber was in a hospital and couldn't cut his hair and he completely freaked out and got mad. That time he sought refuge from Amy, and this time he did too. If he even freaked out because of his hair cut was delayed, so how much bigger then are these changes he is facing now compared to that? These changes are much bigger and deeper, so the effects of them in him are different too. As we know, when someone breaks up completely, there is great potential for growth, but the results won't come right away. The emotional turmoil in such situations is too big and takes time to settle down before seeing the results of it. But this may be the very first time Sheldon faces the locked emotions he has been avoiding since his childhood's traumatic experiences. What he once left behind that locked door of hurt, has stayed there until this point. Nothing in his life has got him to a point of dealing with them, not until now. It is just true, that good things won't force you to deal with those things, it's usually the other way around. Dealing with such things are quite painful and Sheldon never really wanted to deal with his issues in the first place. To deal with the fear of change is difficult because essentially it means that it will strike to his feeling of security and the loss of it and losing control of it. What exactly he is so afraid about in change? I think, that he may not realize it, but at least partially it is that on his subconscious level he actually have never wanted to open that door of hurt and to deal with what lies behind of it. He is afraid of what's in there, that he can't handle those things if they burst out, so he doesn't even want to remotely look at that distance. What we have seen he has been avoiding it to extremes, anything that would force him to deal with those things. It could show to his ego that he is much weaker than the self-image he has envisioned of himself. The Sheldon he thought he was looking from the mirror wasn't a kind of Sheldon he always thought he was picturing himself. And what role Amy plays in all this, is far more significant he is able to admit himself. Love is just a key to his healing process, a component which significance he hasn't yet been able to identify. He cannot control love's power or explain its ways how it works. It is an invisible force affecting him on a deeper level he's able to recognize. Love will conquer fear in his case too, eventually. Maybe a cliche, but it's true. But I see I'm rambling, better stop now. I have to collect my thoughts as well for the finale before writing more. I love to read everyone's analysis of the finale, keep writing! I'm still pages behind everybody and I have to catch up
  2. Is the sneak peek longer than the previous one? The link is obviously available only for U.S. viewers, it didn't work for me at least.
  3. How did you all like this week's episode? I'm really tired to rant anymore, I've typed so long posts about current Shamy.. So how did it feel like to you? Sheldon's lines to Raj especially?
  4. Chloe Thanks for the link, but it doesn't seem to work? I got message "page not found". This link seemed to work for me: http://www.spoilertv.com/2014/05/the-big-bang-theory-episode-723-gorilla_7.html
  5. Just a few thoughts - I agree with Koops. And I think writers should remember that it's them that have got Sheldon and Amy in a relationship in the first place. They decided it. It's the writers who decided they should fall for each other romantically. They had the idea that Sheldon will have romance (in his unique, quirky way) with Amy. I still think he loves her by now and has romantic feelings for her. I think writers should stick with that they have chosen for him - if they wanted romance for him and her, let's there be romance in a good way that they can both enjoy it. If they can't both enjoy the romance, I can't see what the point has been there to put them there in the first place, and why keep them there forced? (...Like it now partly nowadays seems, and with this I don't mean they should break up - I mean, let them fall for each other for good and enjoy romance to the fullest! Of course when they have balanced the relationship how they should to the point they were equal, and enjoying respect and admiration from each other.) Their romantic relationship been completely writers' idea. Of course we can discuss about the definition "romantic relationship" (especially defined by Sheldon...) and how Sheldon perceives that concept, that is a different thing. I just can't believe he wouldn't have romantic feelings of love towards her by now after all he has been through with her. And I see no reason Sheldon regressing back to the point he doesn't want to be her boyfriend anymore, since all this growth in him, all his struggles along the way would be left without the payoff and true meaning and goal. Had they left them like they were before RA, everything would maybe be more balanced now because there wouldn't be such a pressure for Sheldon to grow up and mature. They would be just friends and enjoying each others' company. But that is not what they wanted to show us, right? That is not what they wanted in the first place, keep them just friends? So why to add the romantic component between these two? Why torture Sheldon with romance if he doesn't want it, at all? I believe that concept of romance is problematic for Sheldon, but I think writers wanted to show that Sheldon didn't want a romance per se in the first place, but he did want to have Amy. By himself only. And that Amy is his girlfriend, that is a romantic concept for a relationship although all of his "nothing changes, whatsoever, physical or otherwise...". There was something in Amy he wanted to keep by himself only. His feelings were so much stronger for her he was able to comprehend even by the time he asked her to be his girlfriend, I believe they have deepened even much more deeper by now. It is interesting to ponder however how he considered their relationship by that time and how it has grown different now, how he perceives the romantic component added to their relationship and how he thinks about it now. Obviously it is very problematic to him, an equation he hasn't been able to solve yet. He wants Amy, but does he want romance with her, the romantic component for real, is I guess what we all are asking for. And since his sex seems to be on his mind and lips too now I have to wonder how he thinks about sex as a manifestation of romantic love by now. It is clear that his perceptions have changed about the matter during the journey with her, at least I tend to think so. I don't know if fear of losing control binds intimacy and sex to a package that he is afraid to open. But for me, I feel seeing them having sex someday is not the point of their relationship. It's not the reason why I ship them and love to watch big bang theory, waiting when Sheldon and Amy will finally have sex. No. I would be seriously and completely satisfied if they never had sex, if I only could see them happy, loving and caring toward each other by other ways, enjoying each other's company, having quirky science plans and projects together and towards the other world. I would be completely satisfied with this and it was the reason I got to follow this show in the first place. If they ever however, both willingly, want to have sex, it is only the cherries and icing and topping on the cake after anything else. They should do it only if they love each other and feel that they want it both, not because the other party feels pressured of the subject matter. And since I think Amy after all wants more emotional intimacy, trust and security with him than sex, the 90% of the pressure Sheldon feels is generated by him and in his head only. It does really not come from Amy after all, she has the qualities of a saint already. Sure she talks about things and has said sex jokes etc. but she has no way pressured him to intimacy or sex or otherwise too heavily forward in their relationship. It is, after 4 years and over 2 years of officially dating, not much to asked to have a little romance on a train and a kiss from your boyfriend. I think the main problem we are now facing in their relationship is that the writers have lost their focus. In my opinion and perspective, their relationship was not supposed to be about when these two will have sex. I think it never should be the only viewpoint to depict a relationship. It was the point in itself that they could enjoy each other's company, that Sheldon and Amy finally found each other, intellectually equal, combining their forces in the field of science together. That they understand each other, they resonate on the same wavelength, like no one else understood them. Amy touched Sheldon's heart like no one ever did. Sheldon was never understood by anyone like Amy understood him, from the very first moment. I think it was the same with Amy. That was the point of their relationship and depict that beauty. Somehow the writers lost this focus when the all focus and energy seems to be forced to show when these two will finally have sex and the path to it (if I may little exaggerate, but I think we are not too far from the truth either). And I really doubt Sheldon would like and want that life anymore (loneliness, solitary) , because he has tasted something better. And as someone said, he would be miserable without the changes he is so much afraid of. The writers should remember where these characters came from in the first place, their background. Please let's not forget it. The background reflects anyway to their progression in a romantic relationship, it's inevitable I think.
  6. From Status Quo Combustion .. They have even same color skirt/trousers and t-shirt/blouse on.... Now if someone remembers Shledon's color codes' explanation I would like to hear an analysis here.
  7. Thank you for Kazzie sharing this... This is just perfect and beautiful !
  8. I don't know if this gifset has been shared here already, but I want to put it here. To remind us of about Shamy's good moments, why we love them so much. Whoever made this, this is just beautiful.
  9. Happy birthday to Andy!!!! And Congratulations for the doctorate, Dr. Koops!!!!!!!
  10. After reading pages of posts about the finale taping report, there isn't much left to say for me. Pretty much everything has been said already. Thank you guys for such amazing and insightful posts you have written, Lio, Koops and many others. They helped me to peruse through all the information we have had from the finale taping and have different viewpoints to look at things from. I can no way answer all the problems and questions we have, just some limited thoughts and narrow viewpoints. But I'll give a try. And I agree with many points raised that first of all, this is a problem with writing and storytelling, how they have written the show these days. Writers should go and have serious thinking about how they have handled every character and especially Sheldon and Amy this season and in finale in particular. This is the problem first and foremost, and it then produces incontinuity in storytelling and that characters are so many times way too out of character. And I agree about the difference in Shamy dynamic beginning from season6. I think the problem lies also in writing management like Koops said, when we compare this season and s6 to the previous ones with Shamy. I'm not accusing or judging anyone of the writers; just my opinion in general and I think we are allowed to constructive criticism. I agree the writers would have many other, more convenient and to say more plausible possibilities to handle the finale, yet they didn't go there. I think there will be discussions when they hear how the fanbase reacts to it after time it airs. Having said this, I haven't given up hope. Yet. I have hope for Shamy relationship in the future, yet. Maybe I'm naive saying this, but I think there is still hope left. At least I feel so. And definitely I'm going to wait how those scenes play out on screen before final judgement. I love them way too much to give up yet, although I totally understand why some people feel because of the same reason they have to withdraw for a while from the show now. Everyone has to do as they feel is the best for them. But if I look this all from the point of storytelling only, I might see and understand why Sheldon behaved like he did. I, in no way, justify him doing what he did and I'm not giving any excuses for him leaving and treating Amy like that. I feel based on the report that Sheldon's demeanor in the scene at Amy's place came across very mean behaviour towards Amy, and I no way accept that. I love Amy too much to accept a behaviour like that towards her, and have never accepted. I agree many things in their relationship are just in very unhealthy dynamic right now. But I can say, at least I may, at some level, understand why he reacted that way and said what he said. (And I understand that breaking them up for a while could be one possible way to handle the situation and bring back the balance to the relationship that they once had. Sheldon should remember, that first and foremost he is in this situation with Amy now, because he wanted to be her boyfriend in the first place. I can't believe, knowing who he is, he wouldn't have give a thought about it beforehand where this all might lead. So he can't really blame Amy. She was dating Stuart and would possibly (?) had smoother road with him.) Being an introvert that he is, and having a very complex personality type, sometimes in an extreme situations people with a personality like his will do extreme things, like an inexplicable withdrawal from the reality and current life Sheldon is about to do in the finale. Not that they plan them - when things are losing out of control, they function in a way they normally won't. It is an inbuild mechanism and a coping strategy in their personality structure. He has been a man of extremes as longs as we have known him. And having those irrational fears he have had, causes him to function irrationally in situations that seem to lost their all predictability and sense. And I think Sheldon is feeling exactly like that right now and explains some of his behaviour in the episode. Has he developed yet his own strategy to get over for a meltdown like this (in a rational way)? No, because this is a whole new situation for him, he hasn't dealed a meltdown this big before and is having hard time doing so, so everything is coming from the level of knee-jerk reaction and from the personality structure. What he can't see is that his fears are deluding him and leading him astray, away from the solution of his problems. At times he is believing and listening his fears more than his true feelings for Amy, and as he does, he starts losing it. I see that he has one heck of a battle going on right now with fear and denial of current state of things in his life. And I think it is also a battle of his conceptions and attitudes as well he is going through. He has to change his thinking he has always perceived things. It is going to be hard that he has been wrong all the time about many things in his life. We know all the problems he is now facing and the fear that seems to overwhelm him now. It seems he can't win all his fears only by himself; he needs to surrender from his pride and deal with his problems with the person who loves him, frankly and openly. And I think the fear hasn't won the battle yet. It does only if he chooses willingly to regress and lock himself away for good. F.e.a.r. is hard and difficult to beat since it is usually, and in Sheldon's case too, rooting in one's mind to the fact that Falce Evidence are Appearing Real to the perceiver. A fear usually starts rooting from hurt and deceit to mind's ground, from a lie or from an incorrect and false conclusions, and that an individual starts accepting those thoughts as undeniable facts and truthts that can't be proven as false evidence. That is the deception of irrational fears, and I'm not talking now about healthy fear that protects you from falling from a cliff etc. I think he has whole scale of fears, but life changes and losing control and predictability in life are among the strongest ones. That is how fear works - it might blind one and here Sheldon's case, blind him to perceive good things in a twisted manner, and that is the very problem. Fear might be whispering to his ear that those things that life might offer with Amy (physical intimacy, love, marriage, etc) and which he is very deeply intrigued by now (and were formerly strightly against them), the deceit of fear is that he thinks they still might just be some sort of a deception that he can't control, or the fear is telling him that they are just plain nonsense, hoax and scam to delude him astray "from the right path" he should or had been destined in his mind to be taking and he should immediately withdraw himself from all of that. And if he surrenders to all this, everything will or might go all wrong in his life, is his biggest fear. And that is the error that lurks in his mind. (He might think those things might turn him into hippie. They might steal for him everything "good" he has in life, or turn him to an average person. Or whatever irrational thoughts he might have of them....) We know the truth is actually quite the opposite, and that this is a life changing matter to him. And a part of him might already know those fears are not true. But fear also hinders him to see things without a wrong twist or accept any solutions, because he is fearing the solution itself so much he is pushing it even further aside and the tailspin is ready. So it is good that he is facing the reality that it is quite the opposite - good things will start happen, once he commits himself to Amy. He will find that the aswer was there all the time in the midst of these difficulties he is facing. Amy were there all the time beside him. He had built some important structures of his perceptions based on a lie, on false evidence. He will be understanding this when he gets there. From a long, long time ago, these falce evidence appearing real, also known as fears, rooted to him, whatever happened in his childhood that enabled these fears to grow, and he built defence mechanisms to protect himself and keep everything safe around him. But now that we can see, all of those walls he has built around him, are collapsing one by one. He is just reluctant to leave this all behind him, let it go. He is afraid to let go. All that he has been building upon, seems to collapse around him. He is, in some way, like a child who is fighting aggressively against these changes he can't control, and he is by all his might and power holding the last straws he has left, even to the last point. I think, there is no returning from here for Sheldon to the old. He can't come back withouth changing. Sheldon has his sweet, vulnerable side and soft spot, that we so rarely see, which Amy has been able to experience and see only a little bit. But I think she sees it there down somewhere. Maybe and hopefully, Sheldon will be cabable to show that side of him to Amy after his defence mechanisms and fears have been dealth with. I believe, after all this he can be the man he wants to be with her. That man can be, I believe, sweet and loving life companion, partner, and a husband. And that is what Amy has faith and believes in him, because she sees that, although that all material is buried somewhere behind this all now. But it is there. Sorry for this long rant. I hope if this helped anyone, this post has reached its point. It is just my perception of things, some might think it other way, it's the way I see the things now.
  11. I don't know if this beautiful pic has been shared here earlier, but I wanted to share this beautiful collage I saw someone had made. Can it really get yet hotter for Shamy than this? I believe it can actually!
  12. Wow, how incredibly fast this thread has been moving today! I've had hardly time to read whole thread through, but I agree with many posts here and many great points are given already. I'd like to share my vision too about the taping report and see if I can make any sense to those controversial lines. I'm not going to try to explain everything, just to share a few pointviews, altough how narrow they may be. I may interpret this whole wrong, but since we have only the taping report, my thoughts are based on it. Only after seeing it on screen we are able to tell about the nyances, motives, emotions etc. lying behind the words uttered. Thanks for Maddie for writing the report, we really appreciate your work and contribution on this! First of, although agreeing and understanding full-heartedly the frustration about that Raj/Sheldon scene and especially those certain lines written there, I'm not going to take those lines too seriously and give them too much heavy emphasis or significant meaning in regards Shamy relationship before I see how it plays on screen. If anything, I mostly think those lines were mostly poor writing choices, whoever made them. I don't say I like them, at all, but I'm not going to give them too much emphasis in the current knowledge we have. But if I look it from the point of story telling, I think Redrose put it perfectly how I think of that scene. And I think Maddie's post was great too, she said one important point - Sheldon is in a situation he has never been before - his career is in crisis, which is huge thing in itself only to bring uncertainity and make him feel unstable and shaky in many aspects, but also, important as well, he is presumably for the first time in his life having the first stirrings of sexual desires in himself. He has been thinking sex more (and how frequently and detailed?) than ever in his life. He is hitting puberty he never did when growing up. He is having growing pains as his path towards adulthood progresses, and sometimes situations like that, one can drop clangers stoo (if that's the way how to say it), say nasty things, because growing hurts, and speaking of them hurts. He is dealing with things now he never did. Some important foundations of his life (his career, continence from any sexual relations, etc) to which he seems to have been building his whole life, are now shaking. I understand those cocky lines can be very interfering, but this is one of the two backgrounds I'm going to reflect his lines there and behaviour. He is dropping clangers from time to time, of course I'm not excuse all of his behavior by it, but some of them can be explained by that. Another reflecting backround I use, is that I kind of delimit everything said between them, as an exchange of thoughts between Raj and Sheldon - the dynamic that they have between them as friends, and that they haven't discussed about such matters together that I can remember (Please correct me if I'm wrong!). Everthing he says there, I'm going to reflect it against that background. Sheldon isn't revealing to Raj anything as important as his (although at this point theoretical) sex life , which is deeply personal matter to him and as we know, a matter that he struggles a lot. I think he really doesn't want to share those intimate details with him, or his problems about that matter. He isn't revealing his true thoughts and motives of that matter, and is saying things behind his mask not openly, directly or frankly. For me, that "Slick, huh" -comment sounds to come from hiding behind his mask, nothing more, although there was that smirk. He is not even even giving any reasonable answer to his argument. "Sheldon asks Raj why he's upset about seeing Emily with another guy. Raj says, "Well, wouldn't you be upset if you saw Amy with another guy?" Sheldon basically says that he's not worried because Amy can't have any physical contact with anyone other than him. Raj says, "But you don't even have sex," and Sheldon smirks and says, "Slick, huh?" Sheldon asks Raj if he's had intercourse with Emily, and he says no. Sheldon replies, "Well good luck. There's a lot of pressure." I see that the whole conversation is about Sheldon answering Raj's questions from a distance. Everything he said here I'm going to bind to this context where they are said. "Slick, huh", he isn't telling the whole truth about it (their possible sex life), not at all. He has had battles on that area and is still having. Maybe he really didn't understand why Raj was so befuddled and asked about it, and then the conversation about the matter started. But I think that line is only said behind that mask of his, a comment that comes like a jibe and is shallow and from the surface, nothing deep and meaningful. I think I try to see underneath that comment. I don't take it as true statement of his serious thinking about having sex and intimate relationship with Amy. On the other hand, he is indirectly stating that Amy can have physical contact with him. So all in all, I'm going to take that line and other zingers he said to him, first of as a jibe to Raj to his situation and problems, not to make a point out that he has tied Amy to relationship and he's not giving to her what he wants. He is curious about sex, he maybe is thinking about sex more than ever (since mentioning it so often), maybe thinking it very detailed also - and asking even Raj if he had sex with his date. For me these lines can be explained, at least for me, by these different viewpoints. Chalice said it good, he does feel superior to Raj, and I think that was one of the premise in that conversation, every remark he makes. As for the pressure and castration lines, I think he wasn't referring to himself about the pressure, somebody said about that too. I think the pressure he might experience himself is coming from inside of his own head, his thoughts and interpretations, not exactly that Amy is pressuring him to sex. We know that is not true. She wants to be close to his boyfriend, but we know she isn't pressuring him, quite the opposite. I think more than anything, he is creating most of that pressure in his own head and maybe some other comments of his friends. So as to these comments as well, I'm going to think them in a context of and as zingers to Raj than a significant and deep prove of state of the Shamy relationship, until otherwise proven. I shall wait until I see it on screen and rest my case after it. I may be totally wrong with this, but just few thoughts I wanted to share. As for the finale, I don't know where they are going - IF it turns out those lines to Raj were supposed to take as important prove of the state of Shamy relationship, the break up also could be possible scenario. But I'm still hoping a sweet finale or maybe ILY for Shamy, since I sincerely want to believe where Sheldon's true heart and deep thoughts are, deep down, they are loving and caring towards Amy. Sorry for a long post! I normally won't write this long, I have no idea how this post grew so big.
  13. Thank You Meg for your brilliant analysis! I loved your posts and I couldn't agree more since I agree 100% already with every word. Please visit here more often to share your insights with us! I will share my fangirling-post as well, but I'm too emotional to think this episode now logically or in a rational way, so, fangirling ahead. I loved the episode very much, Meg and Koops pointed it out the most significant things which I liked in the episode. I loved that mutual look Shamy shared together when Amy came to 4A and saw Sheldon's new hair style. I loved that Amy thought he was looking too hot. "Sex on a stick", and Sheldon didn't protest that wording even a one bit! I loved all scenes Sheldon and Amy had together and how she tried to help him every way she could there. Especially I loved the scene where she helped him going to his room. Sheldon was now leaning himself against her, likewise she was leaning against him in the previous episode, I love that they like to lean against each other now and I wish they could do it more often. I wonder if she helped him to undress and change his clothes to his pyjamas as well. He woke up apparently naked or half dressed anyway so he must have undressed himself at some point after she left, unless Amy left him without upper part of his pyjamas, which I doubt she did. I wonder if it was Amy's first time that she saw him without any kind of shirt at all. She has seen him at least without his pants, but we don't know how much she got to see now. What a fantastic girlfriend Sheldon has, and I believe he will grow and recognize her value even more as time passes and things mature. She has shown forbearing love towards him for a long time, and it has to bear fruit at some point. I like to think they had kissed for goodnight since Sheldon mentioned the kissing while drunk-calling to Hawking, and that is also very sweet. I would love to hear about it later if he had asked her to stay overnight, but she had refused because of his drunken state. With this I don't mean anything over-dramatic would have happened in his room however. The way Sheldon was looking at the other side of the bed immeadiately after waking up made me wonder of that possibility anyway. He was shocked to see the geology book there (instead of what?), but what would have been a more pleasant view there? Amy? Was he expecting to see Amy there? He was immediately asking Leonard where did Amy go and felt a need to apologize her. What we saw on screen didn't make sense to me to be a reason for him to apologize her, he didn't say or do anything inappropriate to her on screen. Although his drunken behaviour in general might have been a reason he felt a need to apologize her. I don't exactly know how drunken Sheldon might act, but I just thought he might have said to Amy something he regretted in the morning ( in case he was able to remember it!). Maybe he didn't want her to leave him in the night, and hence smuggled the geology book into his room because she left. We didn't see the book with him when they came to his room. Maybe head-canoning, but interesting to think anyway. About the drunk dial - Hawking and Amy are two persons who are really important to him, in the intellectual way also, so in the middle of his crisis and drunk, since Amy left him, he felt an urge to call Hawking. But of course he was so drunk his speaking didn't make any sense. And as Lionne pointed out, Leonard said he was reading the book really loud, which might have indicated he was really masturbating while reading that book. I have a strong feeling this is leading to something with Shamy too and as Mayim said in some new interview that they are dealing this Sheldon's career crisis in the longer run. I also liked Meg's point of view when it comes to Penny and Sheldon scenes together, I wasn't bothered by their scenes together that much. So all in all, I enjoyed the episode and I really can't wait to see where this all is going.
  14. Well, I don't have anyone except this forum and FanForum friends to share my interest with Shamy and TBBT. My husband has casually watched with me, but isn't that hardcore fan. But no one actually to share my Shamy obsession with. So this is my only place to share my thoughts of our beloved couple I'm so happy this place exists. I've been following Shamy for two years now and I feel my heart has recovered during that time. It's amazing how they can bring comfort and consolation to you for real.
  15. I actually agree with Phanta here (see her two previous posts). I'm just going to wait how the scene plays out and rest my case after it. I'll think it may be only Leonard's incomplete perception of things, that Sheldon and Penny have some kind of friendly, sibling kind of connection. What I remember from the taping report, and what Totabcn said it wasn't clear what kind of connection he was refferring to? I don't think it was referring to that they have some serious relationship going on there. It wasn't even Sheldon's or Penny's perception or opinion of their relationship either, just Leonard's. Whatever he meant with that, I don't think it was anything serious. I guess it is just a throw-away line and I'm going to let it pass. And I agree he should have chosen his words more carefully when Amy was mentioning her jealousy over Penny. I'll have to think what exactly she did mean with that jealousy thing, but I really do wonder if it was her deep concern or was it just some thought that has crossed her mind sometimes, but nothing that she is deeply worried about. To quote Totabcn taping report: I think Amy's emphasis is on the latter one - she wishes that Sheldon would be more comfortable around her by this time, like to her perception is that Sheldon is comfortable around Penny. It is again her perception only, not the absolute truth of their relationship. The point is, she just wishes Sheldon would be more comfortable around her, like he seems to be with around someone else, like Penny in this case. How? What exactly is she referring to? I'm not sure. What is it that Sheldon is comfortable around Penny, but not with her? I really don't think there is evidence to support her statement, so I'm going to think unless otherwise proven, it was to show she might feel insecure about and around Sheldon someway. It may be some new feeling of insecurity she is feeling now when things are getting more seriously with recent development of their relationship towards more intimate and physical one - I'm not sure where it is coming from, perhaps some shadow from her past. I'm going to see her line of jealousy in that light. Maybe she is afraid of, that finally when she is about to get something she deeply wishes with her boyfriend (like this newfound kissing, closer intimacy, physicality etc), there is going to be some devastation and rob that all from her. I don't mean she sees Penny as some sort of threat to their relationship, but I think the point was to show she feels insecure. Remember her stories from her past - like the relatives who's wedding she should have been a maid of honour, but then they all died. That must have been really traumatic experience. She was also rejected and outcast deeply like she has depicted before - in every school she went, she was left outside, withouth friends bringing security to her and to her relationships. That is her most insecure spot, and I don't think she has gotten over it yet and healed from it completely. I think while the relationship with Sheldon is healing her as well it is healing Sheldon (nevertheless how incomplete their relationship is, it is bringing healing to them finally), but during the process it is normal to feel the scars of the past aching at some point. I'm going to reflect her line to this, maybe it is off or headcanoning, but helps me to understand why she might have said something like that. It might look from her point of view that Sheldon is more comfortable around Penny but that is not just true, or maybe it could be only partly true within the frame of friendship because they have known each other longer time, I don't know. Her comment came right after the psychic revelation and it connects to it - maybe Amy just wishes it would be easier to get Sheldon do things with her she enjoys to do. It has seemed a hard task to do, since how stubborn in his ways he is and is not easily engaging activity he really doesn't mind doing. Don't get me wrong, I agree many of your posts and points, but I'm not going to take this too seriously yet before seeing more evidence writer's would really have something up to Shenny, which I don't think they are. That line had no indication to set up Shenny future. Maybe I'm going to ignore it as inconsistency and random throw away line and not so thoughtful writing or reflect it coming from Amy's background insecurities at this point. I think they weren't just thinking enough this through when writing this scene, they wre writing this because of laughs at expence of continuity. I just so pray and hope Bill gets back writing Shamy and Amy more at this point.
  16. x1000 times amen to this! I so wish Bill could be involved in writing for the finales. If they haven't yet written them, Bill, please join for the writing process! I think he really writes Amy better than anyone else, with best consistency to her character. [i would tweet to him about it if I had the courage.... He is the best Amy writer.]
  17. I think I may have just died of feels after reading this post. Thanks Lio Especially the bolded parts. As a non-english speaker as a native language, I'm not familiar with all connotations and double meanings in English language - I wish I was. Thank you for pointing this out, I wouldn't have managed to notice this by myself. It seems it really was a pun intended from his side and he was flirting with her deliberately ( I assume he did because of his very flirty smile) and if he really was deliberately referring to the sexual interpretation of that metaphor, I don't know what to say anymore. If he was referring to the possible sexual interpretation or just that he meant he is turned on by her emotionally, physically or mentally in that moment, either way it is huge. Sheldon is taking so huge leaps and bounds in this relationship I have hard time to keep on track. Amy obviously didn't get his clue and double meaning of that sentence (and which of the possible interpretations he was referring to), but who knows. Maybe she was left thinking what his words there meant.
  18. I loved the episode very much and the kiss especially of course. The most important things and observations have been already said, many great posts and points given by so many to agree once again. A few things I was wondering myself: When I saw the kiss, I immediately thought they used different cut when they pulled apart from each other. As I remember Lionne said it was a long kiss, did they cut it shorter than it was on the second take where they were able to say their lines in? Anyway his left hand was not on her hip when they pulled apart, but we saw him placing his both hands on her hips. I wish they hadn't used the different cut in the end or cut the part of her line in the end. I wonder what she was saying there in the first place. Then I was thinking about how Sheldon seems to forget the pain of indecision about the game consoles only when they are kissing, although he is still speaking of them. The kiss and Amy's closeness to him seems to relieve and relax him deeply in some way. I love him smiling and enjoying it, when everywhere else in the episode he seems to be restless or even anxious about the decision he has to make. I know sometimes indecision with even smaller decisions is a sign of other internal battles or anxieties a person has going on. Is it the same here, is interesting to think. This is likely related to what we'll see in the next episode about his career problems. I don't know if the lenght of the kiss is stated somewhere in the agreement, but they seem to go for long kisses, which is good. Sheldon has even time to banter about the consoles, he has no hurry to pull away from her. Seems a good way to ensure that the saliva is changed properly, right Sheldon? And I think Amy had the courage to ask the date night kiss because it apparently had been added by a mutual agreement to the Relationship Agreement. Sheldon was so glad she reminded of him of his "duty" he forgot to do. He was so pleased to give her what she was asking for. He was smiling when uttering his lines to her mouth. But he didn't want to break the kiss, as soon as he had uttered the words he made sure he continued kissing her, and that was really sweet. The last thing I was wondering was the scene at the Best Buy. The scene where she tries to touch his back just breaks my heart. It is a bit odd contrast to me that while Amy had absolutely no problem with leaning on him on the floor, as soon as they get up and he gets anxious and crying, she hesitates to support him by touching him again as they walk away. She tries but has no courage, there is some hidden obstacle for her to do it. Why she doesn't have the courage? She wasn't either responding to his kiss properly nor touching him by her hands. I know later she will support him to bed when he is drunk and has touched him earlier but somehow I get the feeling Amy has become more cautious about that matter. This brought me to think: was it really Amy who wanted to lean on him in the first place? I think it was Sheldon who sat down first. I wonder if he then asked for her to support him and therefore she sat down too and leaned in towards him to support him. If she hesitates so much to touch him slightly with her hands (as in the Chirstmas episode too, and Sheldon was not crying there or in an anxious condition) how come she has the courage to lean on him with all her weight and in front of every other guests of the store if it was her idea? Or then there is some difference here I don't understand. Could it be it was Sheldon who asked her to support him and thus lean against him? I may be totally wrong with this, but I'm just curious about this mix of leaning and no touching.
  19. I totally agree with this! I don't know if the quality of different episodes and plots has anything to do with that who of writers are involved in the storywriting. However if I remember right Prady was involved writing the last two episodes 19-20, which I get the feeling I'm going to love those episodes. Now I'm kind of hoping now he would be a writer for the finales too...
  20. Ok, I tried to stay away spoiler-free of the promo, but I already saw these pics at the FanForum page too, while browsing, so it didn't help to hide in there. Then I saw this: Oh dear heaven.
  21. Oh dear what did I write? I'm sorry if it contained a spoiler, sorry! Please PM what it was, I can't remember it anymore. I was talking about some gifs or pictures someone put in their signatures or avatars, that can't be a spoiler? Because I tried to hide in here from spoilers as well, not succeeding in it well though, because of the reason I posted.
  22. Weird.. I thought I posted here on this thread yesterday evening, now it seems to be gone?
  23. I've been thinking about it recent days, Sheldon said "If you want romance, let's have romance..." Although he might have said it sarcastically at that point, his words are really getting into reality now. Shamy is hitting romance now in their relationship more than ever, romance that they never had at this level when they came official pair. Needless to say, Sheldon likes kissing and romance with Amy far more than he is willing to admit, especially when they happen without pressure ("it should be this and that") and a romance that works for them, quirks and all. He resisted romance for so long it might be hard for him to admit he was wrong all the time about it! Actually those romantic feelings are getting deeper and more serious to him right now, taking space and rooting in his heart. And what comes when romantic love have reached its bloom, we know, when romantic feels turns to actions too.... He will be wanting and waiting for more with her, kissing won't be enough for him anymore at some point. He will have and feel erotic love and feelings towards her too (how strong, we'll see), and by that time they reach that level, things will get really beautiful. (And I don't mean anything like sex on the screen but smaller and more subtle things.) I wonder if he already have had a glimpse those feelings so far? I really don't know how I'll be able to hold myself together at that point when they get there! Amy will get a sweet, beautiful payoff for her forbearance and patience with him. I don't know if he has already realized/will realize in the future he has erotic feelings for her, how he will address those feelings etc. will be interesting to see. Like, he realizes that he has such a deep need in his soul, that he can't get over, to be close to her, to fondle her hair, to touch her, kiss her, be intimate with her, and even make love to her. I can't believe I'm writing this, but I believe he will have a moment of epiphany he will understand he needs and wants it as a part of a romantic relationship too and maybe he understands the reasons of his former anxietys about the matter too. He might begin to understand the bigger picture of it. This new need for physical intimacy is somewhere far more deeper in him than his ego or mind can get, his mind and ego will never have a battle against that need that they could win or shoot it down somehow, not anymore. When he understands he wants to make love to her, things will get really, really sweet, interesting and exciting for Amy! And I don't mean he will get there right away, what I was describing is more the after a long, long progression whe have witnessed during these years. It's somewhere in the horizon. I want to see how his reactions changes when he begins realizes he really does have these feelings for Amy. How he will touch her, how he will speek to her from that day on, how gentle his gestures will change, or will he try to suppress those feelings. Will he try to use Kohlinar as the old days and will he try to fight against them? I don't know how strong his feelings for her will get, and how will he cope with them. Will we see romantic gestures on Sheldon's side (yes I believe he can be still in character while doing so, quirks and all..) that he proposes to her, is what I'm looking forward to see too. I'm sorry for my sappiest post for ever, but I'm getting so happy with Shamy progression lately.
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