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  1. LOL how the tables turned! I'm so positive right now I actually don't see anything bad at all in that line, because it's something people jokingly say all the time when others are being dramatically upset over other things. I agree with Delsino that I consider it to be the same as that "I don't think I want to go out with you anymore" from Recalibration.


    As for the teasing, I agree that it might be part of this new phase where, with Shamy becoming more physical, these things are now an actual possibility. Along the same lines, chatting this morning we were saying how odd it is that Sheldon would be seemingly surprised that Amy isn't there when he wakes up the next day and immediately asks Leonard where she went. Why would Sheldon expect her to spend the night?! Not that I, in any way, believe she's slept over before, but I think that might be also part of this new level of comfort they have, where her staying the night does not seem such an absurd concept anymore. Could bed-sharing be coming up in the not-so-distant future?


    I also loved how it's made clear that Amy took care of him and left, especially if it's hinted that she actually tucked him into bed and possibly helped him undress so he could go to sleep (which seems to be the case, since she went into the bedroom with him). Because people who like to diss her like to think she'd just take advantage of any chance she has to get her hands on him, and this is just more evidence that she's not in any way that desperate or devious, that she would just walk away from a half-naked Sheldon in his bed once she's ensured he's fine for the night.


    A final thought I had was about the fact that he blurts out a "I kiss girls now" in between all his "Geo", "Geo", "Geo", "Geo" calls. Two things about that one: 1) if he blurts something like that out in between totally unrelated phone calls, it means it's fresh on his mind, which in turns means that either that they kissed goodnight before she left or that he's been thinking about that a lot recently and 2) from a symbolic POV it seems so much like it's trying to imply that between all the Sheldon-ness (i.e. the "Geo","Geo","Geo" etc) there's a new Sheldon now (who kisses and likes it and brags about it) and, viceversa, that even though there's a new Sheldon now (who kisses and brags about it), there's still plenty of Sheldon-ess (represented by all that "Geo", "Geo", "Geo" stuff). I don't know if the writers were going with this symbolism, but I found it interesting. 


    Aww I'm swooned by feels,  I agree 110% with this post!That new Sheldon mixed with "old" Sheldon sounds to be very sweet and lovely! I don't know how I'll be able to handle my feels once this episode airs, this episode sounds so sweet and good. Feels overload expected! 

  2. This may be a random wish but I would love if Sheldon sang to Amy a (romantic) song. They seemed to have sing-a-long night(s?) together in season 5, I wonder if they still keep having those? Would love if they showed one of those sing-a-long nights again, and Amy playing with her harp. And when they are finishing the evening Sheldon just wants to sing a one more song just by himself. Then it turns out to include a hidden, subtle hint about his feelings for her, maybe even that he is in love with her. Nothing too obvious, sappy or over-romantic but something that is very in character for him and something subtle and veiled and so that Amy recognizes what is the true meaning behind those words. If Sheldon can't or doesn't want to use plain words he is in love with her, he could use some other way around to tell it to her. ;)


    Occasionaly he has been singing in the show earlier (Soft kitties, worksong nanocluster, christmas song last year etc.). At least he seems to love listen Soft Kitty if he's being sick and is willing to sing it to others too if they are being sick (he said that to Amy in 6x10 that he was going to sing to her, apparently Soft Kitty, but, who knows?). 
    I don't know if he would do anything like that, like to sing a subtle, veiled love song to Amy, but one can still dream right? ;) If he considered to be her knight so maybe she could have his serenade. I would love that. :girlglasses:



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  3. I can't say how much I loved this episode. And knowing the next one will be awesome too! So many subtleties to analyze and think, Amy's statement about the relationship agreement covering financial situations, Sheldon's talk with his mom, even Raj's murder mystery. It was near perfection for me.


    Edit: I think it was Sheldon who added the date night kissing to the relationship agreement. The reasons why so may remain ambiguous or be more clear later, but I really think it was him who proposed the idea, not Amy. Amy of course agreed and by their mutual agreement it is now there. :girlsigh:

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  4. Interesting conversation above. I think that there are various things to consider. Sheldon I think felt a connection with Amy immediately, thus his offer to buy her a beverage at the cafe.   He then wanted to keep in touch with her and clearly enjoyed hearing from her and texting regularly.   After going on the first date, it is clear that he found her enjoyable enough to want to proceed with his plan (only Penny became the voice of reason  at the time).   However, he clearly had a need for her and that came out in Zazzles.  Her presence had become very important to him, far more than he realized or wanted to admit.  He needed her in his life.  She, however, as others pointed out probably could have gone on and been fine.


    Next we have her making friends with other women, something she aspired to having her entire life.   She was enjoying the bonding moments and learning from them. They watched "romantic movies" together, had makeover sessions, talked fashion, boys, etc.   It was somewhere in here that Amy began to realize that it was normal to have a crush on a guy.  So her crush began to develop.    Sheldon in the meantime was fighting his own feelings.  He started to realize how important she was to him and fought it by constant "she is not my girlfriend" line when his heart was telling him different.   Yet once he realized that she wanted to put on a ruse for her mother he over played it to where the mother must have thought him a pervert.  LOL!   But Amy seemed comfortable an satisfied.  


    Next they experiment on their friends and Sheldon can't help but admit to her that she is a vixen which touches her and she realizes that he is pretty cute and doesn't mind flirting with him.   They enjoy the experiment.   However, Amy's feelings still are more aloof.   While she clearly enjoys being around Sheldon, she enjoys her new-found social circle and hanging with her girlfriends probably even more.  Sheldon is the one that seems a bit ahead here.  


    Sheldon's "She's Not for You" comes out from jealousy, but also it is clear his feelings are deeper for her than he is willing to admit to himself.   Amy in the meantime is starting to crush on him. I don't think she is in love with him yet.  But she is realizing that he is fun and handsome and well boyfriend material.   By Isolation Permutation her crush feelings come out in the kiss when under the influence of alcohol.  However she immediately is embarrassed the next day and didn't really want him knowing she was having romantic feelings for him, so recovers with the "reboot".  Sheldon finally can't contain himself and goes bonkers knowing that Stuart and Amy were on a couple of dates.  He has to interrupt one and finally claim his "territory" by asking her to be his girlfriend.   He clearly had been thinking about it for a while in order to have a detailed and complete Relationship Agreement ready for her to sign by the end of her date.   So somewhere he had thought about things like handholding, forms of physical contact, responsibilities to each other, boo boos and ouchies, etc.   He had clearly thought about a lot of things to have that ready and prepared, meaning with or without Stuart he was planning on asking her to be his girlfriend at some point.  Stuart just was the catalyst to move him forward.   


    He wants to show her how much she means to him after he blows it and doesn't realize that he made a major faux pas by not acknowledging her accomplishment at work.  So he buys her a tiara, because she is his princess to him.   Amy, is now swooning.  She realizes she likes having a boyfriend and she likes the idea that she is no longer alone.   Her crush is getting more a full-on crush.   At this point, I believe Amy was more in love with the romantic notion of having a boyfriend and with "romance" in general than she was really in love.   So from here up until 6.14 episode (V-day) where she cancels all plans because of Sheldon's discomfort...she is selfless it was somewhere between that she was truly falling in love with him.   She fell for him and became selfless as we saw all the rest of S6 and so far in S7.  


    Sheldon in the meantime has been falling harder and harder all along. I think he too was very affected by Amy's selflessness on that Valentine's Day.  I think he really realized how truly remarkable she was.   But I am sure the rest of S6 was all about the struggle of him realizing that his feelings were deepening, especially after L/P's questions to him about whether he and Amy would ever be physical.  I think he has been wanting to express his feelings to her, but he also hates that dependency.  He really has been having a lot of internal battles going on and not just because of his germ phobia.  He is struggling with a lot of preconceived ideas he has had about himself, about love and romance, about marriage, about all kinds of things.  He now starts thinking about his own parents marriage a lot.   We saw him even thinking about his grandparents more.   Suddenly he is facing everything he knows about love, romance and marriage, even family.


    So I think Sheldon has been in love with Amy since at least last V-day, but he has been having a lot of internal battles.   I think that he is going to start to realize that he can have all that goes with it and be fine.  He will take a step soon and it will be significant because it will resynchronize the couple yet again.


    Star, I just have to say I love your post! Beautiful :girlsigh::crying:

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  5. I want SHELDON to say it first and when he does I want him to say AMY I LOVE YOU MORE THEN PHYSICS AND MORE THEN MY SPOT.


     Yes, I want him to say that too... :wub: I'm desperately waiting for Sheldon's love confession to Amy. In what form we'll have it is mystery... We had that line he likes her, quirks and all which was very sweet. Still waiting that it goes deeper than that...  I'm hopeless romantic. :girlsigh:

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  6. The recent episode was okay, but didn't have any huge highlights for me. I didn't care much of the Raj/Amy plot either, Howard/Sheldon plot was better. Lenny's car scene was sweet, but again I felt the plots apart from S/H weren't really going anywhere. In general they would have much possibilities to draw better arcs with the storylines and have many interesting story and plot possibilities, but then they don't seem to lead anywhere. Many times they seem build up for something that eventually doesn't happen. It feels like at times when I'm watching, that they're choosing a road to walk and then it just ends up to a dead end. I would appreciate it if they wrote more story arcs in a way that they are really leading somewhere too. They should pay more careful attention to this, of course this is not the problem with every episode or every plot or story, but this is a recurring problem for me that I as a viewer has noticed and makes me frustrated at times.


    I like that they mix up couples and use different character combinations, that is good in itself. But regarding Raj/Amy they could write them in a way for not to make them just look pathetic together, if they want to use this character combination. Rewriting Amy's background felt a bit offensive too, since they made it so clear she wasn't desperately looking for someone to date at those times. Have the writers already forgotten the coffee shop scene or their first date? Amy clearly said it was a deal with her mom that she made to get her off her back. I think they should pay more attention how they write Amy's character nowadays, as they used to be more careful with her character continuity before.
    Another thing I'm missing now is science, they could give some of the characters a new interesting project to work with. I would love if they combined Shamy to work together now since Amy is working at CalTech. Who could forget the Herb Garden Germination? That we see them having fun together with science again, enjoying each other's company, not fighting or arguing about their relationship. To see Amy and Sheldon happy combining their forces together for a scientific research, either by their university and/or by their own research! (Like how kissing affects to one's brains...)


    I've noticed some people saying on internet, (I assume they may be more "average viewers" than us) they think that Shamy were happier when they had only a platonic friendship between them, before they became a romantic couple. I see where their arguments are based on. Actually that is an interesting  argument to think, when exactly did they become a romantic couple, or have a romantic relationship per se and when did the romance or love itself came along to this relationship. When did platonic friendship changed to a romantic friendship or a romantic relationship? Was it mutual growth by both or did those feelings evolve slowly at different pace from each other? It also depends where the criteria of a romantic relationship vs. platonic relationship are based on, since it could look very different for average persons than to our power couple. Their progression has been somewhat subtle at times so for me it's not easy to draw any clear lines about their relationship status to direction or another, when it was only friendship or when did romance came along.

    For me some borderline is the moment they were bounded to each other by the relationship agreement. I assume the agreement specified, that the other party is not allowed to date other men/women, although we haven't heard of such provision. In the end that was one of the reasons why Sheldon wrote the agreement in the first place. He must have had more than just platonic feelings of friendship regarding Amy at that point. He was so jealous to Stuart that such scenario wouldn't have happened with Ramona, Martha, dr. Plimpton or anyone else. Even his line "he's not for you" for Leonard indicates strong feelings by his side for her. Maybe there were a budding feeling of romantic love knocking his heart for the first time in his life, but he wasn't able to fully understand or address it at that point.

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  7. After the most recent revelation with his mom, I want the following to happen:

    Shamy are in 4a... And for whatever reason, once they're alone, Amy decides to leave. She walks to the door, Sheldon on her heels to prevent her leaving (preferably the "pushing the door closed" scenario posted earlier).

    "No, please stay."

    She turns to face him, and he shyly asks her "could we cuddle for a little bit?" Amy agrees. Sheldon leads her to his spot... And they cuddle (much more comfortably than last time...) maybe they talk about his trip... Or not. Either way... Something leads to a kiss, more cuddling ... More kissing........ Into the commercial break. The ending tag: both asleep on the couch, fully snuggled, mostly (if not fully) clothed. Lenny quietly returns to the apartment ... Penny quietly grabs a blanket and covers the couple.... Waking Amy slightly.. Penny puts a finger up to her lips in a silent "shhh!" Amy snuggles back in and goes to sleep with a smile. End of scene.


     I want this to happen! :girlsigh: Please writers, make it so. :giveheart:

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  8. I know it may seem random that I responded to that but I often just don't post things because I am afraid this will happen. That's also why I don't often post to the positivity thread. I happen to agree with Lio's perspective though my posts are generally happier and more joyful than what I think is simply cause I don't have the confidance to overanalyze like that and write something easy to understand.

    If someone would like to see the show in shades of black, so be it. If you'd like to see the show in shades of white, you can do that tool. If it would be possible to allow those of us who see the show in a lot of complex shades of a spectrum of grey without trying to fight us tooth and nail, that would be appreciated as well.


    Here's one who sees the show in more shades of spectrum of grey too (and all other colours as well). I agree with Lionne's and some others' posts who write longer analysis because the statements usually are very accurate and interesting details are being analyzed and explained in a way I'm not able to analyze or write. I agree with them although I'm not able or have confidence to write like they write, just like Cecilia said.

    I tend to :girlglasses:  put my pink, romantic glasses on at times when watching Shamy or writing posts or analyzing their relationship. I'm aware of this, but I really need it from time to time with this couple, because I'm well aware of the problems they have. It still doesn't mean I exclude the other aspects away totally in my mind, it's just where I need to put my focus on time to time, to the positive things. I hope that is not taken as if I saw only rainbows and unicorns in the show or with Shamy relationship. As a whole I still try to see the entirety in a balanced way, seeing all the different spectrums of colours in their relationship. I like to analyze and gain better understanding of the psychological aspects of the characters, and as a non-native english speaker I try to do my best to write correctly what I'm trying to say.  Sometimes I may be too keen on to focus on one particular point or aspect.  I'm thankful that there are people who are able to analyse the entirety far better than I am, because it enables me to see the big picture better too.


    And I do all this just for fun and enjoyment, because I love this couple. I hardly even watch any other shows on tv, Frasier is good but not nearly as good as TBBT for me.

    And I think this thread is open for everyone to share their opinions about Shamy, this is a Shamy thread after all? I think that is what this thread is for, and if it doesn't interest someone, there is no one forcing anyone to read it? If we like to analyse all the shades of grey, blue, pink or green here out of their relationship progression, we do it just for fun, enjoyment and as free time activity and because we love this couple, characters and the show. But I don't take it too seriously.

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  9. I would personally love if the title had to do something Sheldon experimenting kissing Amy like "mommies and daddies do", as in Amy's daydream. I doubt it of course, but, there is only so much I can ask. ;)

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  10. I tweeted it to her the other day, crediting the fanartist emphasizing we are desperate for a photo shoot with she and JIm.   :girlhaha:   Then she retweeted today.  So funny.   You just know she must be showing it to Jim.   :girlwink:  :swoon:


    Wow star did you do that photoshop pic of Majim which Mayim tweeted? Incredible  :swoon:  :swoon:  It's just... too beautiful.

  11. tumblr_n1h6kfFx3X1qfo8s1o1_500.gif

    Oh yes. I prefer this way as well.


    God I love them so much, this reversed gif is so much better!

    I bet the scene where he goes there to break up with her, Amy sees right through him. Of course she doesn't understand him fully and perfectly but does still good enough. She understands that he is panicing and reacting from the fear-based level of him and not acting from his rational side at all and thus handles the situation accordingly. From the short preview they showed in some Mayim interview there was just calm assertiveness and peace from her side reacting to his panicing. But what is behind that calm assertiveness and peace, is very forbearing love for him. From that preview I don't see her "manipulating" the situation at all - instead she seems to understand and read the situation very well, much more better than him (thanks to Penny for informing her too), so she knows knows how to deal with it. She knows also how to deal with him. But what she is doing there, is because she loves him, and understands his weaknesses maybe better than he does. She loves his inner being too, that part of him which was hurt a long time ago, that deeper level of him, his "inner child" which every person has still as adults, where many of his fears still dwell. Maybe she understands this. She sees his vulnerable side and understands where this all "breaking up" is coming from. She loves him as a whole package and have incomprehensive amount of forbearance with him. But I'm glad too that she has shown also to be able to set healthy boundaries where her tolerance goes with him, because that is what love does too. Sheldon Cooper could absolutely not have got a better girlfriend than she is. The more her love takes effect on him, the more he is being set free from his fears from the past and we see him changing little be little to a man he wants to be.

    But I'll wait how the rest of the scene plays out before saying more, I've seen only the beginning of the scene so what I wrote is based on that short clip and thoughts followed by it. Maybe I'm inclined to too sappy or romantic interpretations, but this is how I see the scene for now.

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