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  1. Is there an Emmy hosting gig in Kaley Cuoco's future?


    Kaley Cuoco, star of "The Big Bang Theory," is developing a pretty lucrative side biz hosting awards shows. She's hosted the past two People's Choice Awards, a Teen Choice Awards, and it has just been announced that she will host the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 11.

    CBS has the Emmys this year, and though Neil Patrick Harris is an obvious option, with this trial run in front of the TV Academy, you have to think that Cuoco is on the shortlist for consideration this September.

    Here's the list of this year's Hall of Fame inductees and who will be introducing them:


    -- Ron Howard (Will Arnett)
    -- Al Michaels (John Madden)
    -- Leslie Moonves (Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen)
    -- Bob Schieffer (Jeff Fager and David Rhodes of CBS News)
    -- Dick Wolf (Ice-T)
    -- Philo T. Farnsworth (posthumously) (Aaron Sorkin)

    Phil Gurin will produce the ceremony, which will be scripted by Dave Boone. It will take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and will benefit the Academy's Archive of American Television.


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  2. Their friendship has it's ups and downs. The Monster Isolation showed Penny's sweet side towards Sheldon by helping him with some acting advice and he ended up being extremely rude by first not thanking her and saying no to going to her play. It took Amy to tell him to be nice. the whole "if i HAVE to go i WILL go" . He knows how much acting means to her and he shot her down. 

  3. I flippin' love Melissa Rauch. Did anyone catch her interview on The View?

    I didn't catch it. But here are some recent images of her on The View and Watch What Happens Live - Season 9

    mel2.jpg mel3.jpg mel4.jpg mel5.jpg mel6.jpg mel1.jpg

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  4. What if they end the show in a completely opposite way with Penny & Leonard. Imagine Penny getting a HUGE role and her acting career hits off. She moves somewhere closer to sets & stays on location for months to film leaving Leonard ... because long distance won't work for them. 

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  5. I agree with the others. Anything on public release, like promos and descriptions can be posted. If we don't want to watch the promo we can make a choice by not playing it. It's just stuff from taping reports. It doesn't happen that often though. Just a few times recently.



    I agree that it should be okay to talk of stuff in promos and press releases till the episode airs, and of everything after that. It's natural to discuss the episode just after airing, so those of us who can't see it then may just try to avoid it if we don't want to be spoiled.


    I don't think it happens often, though. Mostly taping report discussions stay in the spoiler threads.  

    Thank you for clarifying this for all.

    It was not my intention to spoil anything but it was already released on Google & other new sites. And I stayed within topic. 

  6. I love where the show is going. Still as entertaining as ever! Maybe not for all, but I am still in love with the show.


    Penny - I would like to see a movie career for her character. A breakout role that she always wanted.

    Penny/Leonard - I like to see if they'll end up together or not.

    Raj - A GIRLFRIEND for Raj. I don't see him staying single forever. There will be that special one.

    Shamy - I don't know how far this will go, but I can see their relationship developing nicely.

    Howard/Bernie - A baby! 

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