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  1. What a sad, sorry, washed up bitter man. Full of hatred because his career after Two and a half ... well what career...? TBBT is doing SO amazingly well in ratings that it just creams his corn!
  2. LOVE it. The cast is so good together.
  3. I was always a HUGE Kaley fan, 8 Simple Rules, Charmed & etc. When I heard she was gonna be on the show, I tuned in and fell in love with the entire cast. They carry each other so well.
  4. Kaley Cuoco will be a presenter @ the Grammys airing Feb 10th/2013. So excited to see her look.
  5. LOL @ Penny's reaction. Can't wait for this episode to air!!!
  6. 2013 totally robbed TBBT in every way possible. So disappointed.
  7. May I just say Jim Parsons looks dashing!!
  8. I saw the seating chart, the cast of TBBT is right at the front. I hope Jim wins!!! And the show as well. I would love to see them take an award. Fingers crossed. I'll be posting photos throughout the event.
  9. Welcome Alex!!! Enjoy your stay here.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Bf_D9PkiGic
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oKnuMIIEtoo
  12. Welcome to the forum! Have fun.
  13. Such a positive woman. I hope things turn around for her.
  14. Co-star Johnny Galecki tells THR that the upcoming Valentine's Day episode will be a big one for the couple. Could Leonard and Penny boldly be going where only one of The Big Bang Theory's lovable nerds has gone before and getting engaged? The on-again, off-again couple -- who recently took their relationship to the next level when Penny (Kaley Cuoco)finally professed her love for Leonard -- could be considering the idea, according to co-starJohnny Galecki. "Next week we start shooting the Valentine's Day episode," the actor behind Leonard tellsThe Hollywood Reporter. "It's a big one for Leonard and Penny -- there might be somebody getting down on one knee." Galecki said the February episode, airing coincidentally on Feb. 14, would be in the vein of the widely popular Christmas episode, in which Penny gifts a napkin autographed by Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy (and containing his DNA!) to Sheldon (Jim Parsons), resulting in a rare display of affection. "We never started doing holiday event shows until two or three seasons in, when we did the Christmas episode. That was a big hit, and we struck a chord of sentimentality with our audience, and we'll continue to do so," Galecki said. "The Valentine's Day episode will be that." The fan-favorite couple has certainly been through the ringer, having split when Penny was unable to return Leonard's profession of love, reuniting in Big Bang's 100th episode. "The ball is still in her court," Galecki said. "The last couple of seasons have really been about her emotional inabilities. It's made that character of Penny a well-rounded one, and you'd assume it would always be Leonard's fault, but he's been a pretty good partner to her." As for whether or not the potential proposal is successful, Galecki remained mum. "I don't know if it'll work out, I'm just saying," he said with a smile. Credit: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/are-big-bang-theory-leonard-penny-engaged-412766 -- I can't wait for this episode!!!
  15. I try not to watch reality shows because I don't have spare time for extra TV. However, I am hooked on KUWTK. Ugh. Kill me. LOL. It's one of those "how can you watch" shows, but it's hard to turn away. Judge away! Other then that, I don't watch anything else reality wise.
  16. Welcome to the forum. Have fun!
  17. Welcome! You'll love it here.
  18. I am a Shenny fan... but not in a "i want them to be a couple" way. I love the quirkiness in their friendship. It's definitely a stronger friendship then it was, but I always enjoy their moments. I used to love the Penny & Howard moments (which don't happen anymore. ) The "see a Penny and you pick it up & all the day you'll have good luck. Penny: "no you won't". LOL.
  19. I think with added on characters, the show passes so quickly. In some way I wish the episodes were longer so we can see relationships/friendships develop in depth.
  20. Thank you all the forum seems like a good time sharing some great posts with other TBBT fanatics!
  21. There's still SAG to look forward to. I would like to see them get another award this year.
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