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  1. right? I heard of alot of the shows, but that one... i haven't. Honest truth.
  2. Jim Parsons is nominated As well as the cast & crew of TBBT. The show airs Jan 27/13. Let's hope they pick up an award this time around. The Globes were a bust...
  3. Thank you. I'll be adding more. Not a whole lot of Jim Parsons though are posted.
  4. Boooooooo! TBBT lost in the category they were nominated in. Truly disappointed!!
  5. Didn't show his reaction on TV. He was all smiles (pictures provided) when they announced his nomination. You can tell Kunal was more nervous for him then he was for himself.
  6. Jim Parsons did not win the Golden Globe the award went to Don Cheadle wins best actor in a TV comedy series or musical for 'House of Lies' I am hoping that TBBT grabs a Golden Globe
  7. This is in NO way advertising or promoting, but I do own a Kaley fansite & I will be adding photos to the gallery of her Golden Globe appearances. Feel free to visit the gallery, if you just want to see some previews, just stay on the forum. For full photos visit the gallery here. Jim Parsons lost in his category. I am disappointed. Fingers are crossed for TBBT cast & crew tonight.
  8. Since I am really new to the forum I should ask if it's alright to post the photos for you guys.
  9. I will be posting photos throughout the night of the event. Fingers crossed for Jim Parsons and the rest of the cast and crew on their nominations.
  10. I love how BIG this show has become! I am hooked! Congratulations to the cast & crew for the win & a job well done to Kaley Cuoco on her hosting!!
  11. ALWAYS ALWAYS love the Woman, you're playing with forces beyond your ken. Yeah? Well your ken can kiss my barbie. There are many more but that one always makes me laugh.
  12. Hi guys. Just a quick introduction - I am new to TBBT Forums. My name is Nina. I am 20 years old. I live in Canada. I am a HUGE fan of the show. & I adore Kaley Cuoco (Penny). The other 2 characters I enjoy on the show are Sheldon and Howard. -- Fun fact: I own a custom printed t-shirt that says "Woman, you're playing with forces beyond your ken. Yeah? Well your ken can kiss my barbie"
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