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  1. Article in the Irish Times: http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/film/jim-parsons-i-am-quite-the-opposite-of-unapproachable-1.2145657 Edit: Also a review of Home: http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/film/home-review-sheldon-cooper-really-is-an-alien-1.2145519
  2. Here's the article where he mentions getting upset on set over bad news: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/ipad/big-bang-star-unlikely-success/story-fn6ci13q-1226311494252
  3. I don't think Craig ever preps any of his guests on what to talk about. I think he likes the conversations to be totally random!
  4. That wasn't the point I was making. All I was commenting on was that it was Professor Proton who posited the original theory and authored the paper in question and no where in the episode does it say otherwise. If the paper were published, credit would of course be given to Leonard for assistance in the proving of the hypothesis.
  5. In the paper? No. In the experiment, yes.
  6. I thought Professor Proton wrote the paper and he asked Leonard's help conducting the experiment?
  7. and my personal faves, the gorgeous navy threepiece from the 2012 SAGS and the velvety threepiece when he won the Emmy in 2011. He sure loves his Zegna!
  8. OMG, he's not a reporter! He's an actor from my second favorite show Criminal Minds!!
  9. Love love love her dress. She looks beautiful.
  10. It was probably because he quit smoking around then, I think?
  11. The emmy shoot photographer has put the photo's up on facebook for anyone that's interested: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151530786280588&set=a.10151530785805588.1073741836.310080140587&type=1&theater
  12. There's obituaries online for Jim's grandparents that both cite his father's name as Milton. I doubt the family would get the name wrong themselves. http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Mae-Parsons&lc=7472&pid=153283559&mid=4790375&locale=es-US http://obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Wilma-McKnight&lc=4699&pid=159875622&mid=5238205
  13. His father's name was not Jack, it was Milton.
  14. It's a bit weird that people think that she's the one using him. Kaley is the one getting a star on the Walk of Fame! Personally, I think it's the other way around.
  15. OMG....totally didn't think this was true,
  16. Johnny is dating Kelli Garner at the moment so that ain't happening any time soon. Didn't Kaley say that she would never date actors again? Don't believe this gossip about Henry Cavill for a minute.
  17. Has anybody seen this? A recent study by the University of Washington and UC Berkeley claims that TBBT is partially to blame for the lack of interest that young women have in computer science in universities (never mind that there isn't a computer scientist in the show). The study claims that TBBT is enforcing the stereotype of computer scientists as pale, antisocial, desperate, video-game and science-fiction obsessed young men and that this is offensive to young women's sensibilities. Ridiculous! http://io9.com/do-geek-stereotypes-keep-women-out-of-computer-science-601879247
  18. Mayim said it herself. Apparently, he will 'stand up and scream at the top of his lungs'! I'd love to see that! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/emmy-party-friday-night-373059
  19. Deviance?! Hardly! Don't be such a prude!
  20. That's a bit of a simplistic take on the matter. While Kaley was certainly an integral reason as to why TBBT worked the second time around, I wouldn't say that she was the main reason that the show made it on the air. You could also attribute it to the addition of Simon and Kunal, the change of writing, tone and pace. But I can understand why she is getting the star before any of the other cast members. She has been on a series of successful comedy shows. She has hosted three award ceremonies, she has two widely publicized national ad campaigns, in addition to presenting at numerous award ceremonies over the past few months. So basically she is everywhere at the moment. In comparison, Johnny and Jim are far less in the public sphere.
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