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  1. Yawn, I voted okay. Another so-so episode for me.

    The girls in the comic book store with Stuart was not bad "I swear I will turn a hose on you" :icon_cheesygrin:

    The guys in their costumes taking pictures didn't make me laugh at all. These guys are geniuses? The renaissance fare costume episode was much funnier than this. The whole thing became so miserable very quickly. A story of growth? Talk about taking the joy right out of the show! The only saving grace was the girls argument over Thor.

    This summed my feelings on this ep exactly.

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  2. In 5x18 "The Werewolf Transformation" when Sheldon is sleeping on Amy's couch, he's sleeping with his head closest to the door. In an earlier episode, he explained to Penny that positioning one's head closest to the door while sleeping is "wrong."

    In that episode he abandoned all of his habitual behavior in favor of chaos, which is probably why he slept on the opposite position.

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