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  1. It is lame compared to what?
  2. ER did it many years ago and there were mistakes, but they just laughed it off. In fact, they did it twice, one for the east coast airings and one for the west coast. Live mistakes aren't as bad as taped ones. They just have to go on with it. Remember Dark Shadows, that was even tapped but they would roll with it because back then, tape editing wasn't as easy and more expensive than it is now. It would be an entertaining experience of TBBT to do it.
  3. I predict that Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galeki will be in the limelight for many, many years. The others will somewhat be diminished in popularity, but will never have problem finding parts.
  4. I don't mind plot holes. I think it makes watching more entertaining. Gives you something extra to watch for.
  5. I think a movie could work. They could go on some major trip together. Perhaps to Comic Con. They could do things that they normally couldn't do on tv. I'm all for it.
  6. I think in the very last episode, whenever that is, the elevator should get fixed and Penny and Leonard use it, and it breaks again and while they are in there, Leonard asks Penny to marry him and she finally says yes.
  7. You should hear my politcal rants! LOL
  8. I do tend to get long winded in my posts. But I guess that is the writer in me!
  9. As many who have read my posts here, and other sights, know is that when in conversation I suppose many things. When a topic is suggested I put my two cents in and add what I think could be. Now, unless I say that I know something as fact and/or give evidence, it is merely speculative. I honestly did not mean to even minutely suggest that tbbt's producers employed hired laugers. But when discussing a topic, I offer what can be possible. I actually believe the tbbt does not use hired laughers. I see no evidence of it based on people here that have posted their experiences and I believe the producers when they say they do not "sweeten" the laugher--and i take that to mean that they do not use canned laughter and do not use professional laughers. But in this discussion I was only pointing out that some shows use hired laughers and since this is a tbbt forum, that maybe the producers employed that tactic. I think it is topical. I apologize too all if I was coming off as being negative.
  10. Well, I did not say that absolutely tbbt used "placed" laughters. I was just wondering because this is a discussion about the laughter. They probably don't and I believe Bill Prady, but when he said they did not sweeten the laughter, he may have only meant that they did not add canned laughter, there may still place "laughers" in the audience. I am not saying that for a fact, just something that is possible. They probably don't. I did not mean that the placed laughers were not much help all the time, just that if a joke was really bad, it would not help then. Apprently it works well or shows would not hire them at all. It may be something outdated now, though, I did see something about it a few months ago, but I forget what show it was. The fact is that many shows used them in the 70s and before and even some shows still do. So, it must work. Again, I'm not saying tbbt uses them, but some shows do. Here is an interesting article. http://www.wired.com/underwire/2012/01/humor-code-professional-laughers
  11. I don't know if the "placed" laughers would completely prevent jokes from being rewritten or that they always helped. I'm not even sure if they had access to the script before hand so they would know what to expect. From what I saw on the special back in the 70s they were not there to force or cause the other audience members to laugh as much as they were there just to nudge the laughter. I'm sure if a certain joke just doesn't work, the "placed" laughers would not be much help anyway.
  12. I know in the past live shows would have certain "professional" laughers in the audience just to keep the rest of the people laughing. I have wondered if TBBT uses such people. I know usually the rest of the audience do not know who these people are and sometimes not even the actors. I saw a special about it back in the 70s and at that point they said it had been done throughout the history of live television shows and even back in the radio days.
  13. I thought the extras were really great on this 6th season release. The one on the couples was really touching and the astronaut one was really interesting. I liked the group interview one, too. I think the extras this season were better than any release. They were more emotional.
  14. I don't see a problem with it. You always here people say that that is too much money for anyone to make. But who can be the real judges of how much someone should make. Some question if they deserve to earn that much or wonder how much the cast is really worth. And when a cast member on a show or movie asks for alot, they are branded as greedy. But think how much the producers of the show are making. I think the cast should ask for as much as they can get.
  15. If it is revealed, it should only be on the last episode when Penny and Leonard get married when the Pastor asks Penny"Do you Penny (whatever her surname is) take Leonard to be. your... Of course that is assuming they get married, but I think that would be a cool way of doing it.
  16. The evidence is with each and every person here or anywhere else, giving their opinion. In truth, is my opinion any better or any worse than a professional TV critic--or any body else's? I mean, how many people really go by what critics say anyway? I sure don't. There's an old Greek saying that there are no statues of critics. I don't watch something just because the critics praise it nor do I not watch something because it got bad reviews. I just watch what I like or what I think I will like. I was not taking people's opinions as an undeniable truth. If I gave that impression I apologize. I was only stating that many people feel that the show has declined and the fact that I agree. Of course it all is subjective.
  17. Of course it is still just an opinion. And as I indicated in my last message, I could care less what people think. I like what I like no matter what. I don't care if a million people like what I like or not. I chose the wrong set of words when I said "it becomes more than an opinion", An opinion is an opinion whether a million people feel that way or only one. I was trying to say that I think it is topical when a group of people on a given site criticize a subject and someone comes on and makes a statement of agreement. I don't consider that putting down the subject or moaning at it. I just give my two cent opinion.
  18. I still enjoy the show and I'm not moaning and groaning it. I'll be watching right until the very last episode and then I'll watch the reruns till the end of time. TBBT will have likely have high ratings till the very end. But that does not mean that a show has not lost its spirit. I used the Andy Griffith show earlier as an example and it fits your comment very well. Not may people will disagree that after Don Knotts left the show, the quality of the show declined. But the ratings still were high right ip until the show ended three years later. People still watched it even though they 'moaned and groaned" that it wasn't as good as it was when Don Knotts was on it. They still watched it. People get in the habit of watching a show and continue to do so even if the quality wanes . A high rating only shows that alot of people are watching, it doesn't necessarily mean that the quality of it is great. True, whether you think a show has declined is an opinion, but when a group of people agree to it, then it becomes more than just an opinion. Of course that does not matter. I know I enjoy shows and music that the majority of the people don't like and I don't care what the majority likes. I like what I like. That is true for TBBT. On the other hand, however, it seems that the majority of the posts here seem to be in consensus that the show has declined in quality and I think it is fair for anyone to make a statement in agreement to that. I mean, this would be a very boring forum if all we did was say how great the show is and that we have no issues at all with it.
  19. Well, usually five years is the point that all tv shows start losing their edge and I think we've reached it here. On most tv shows after five years, the characters, especially the main standout ones, become like cartoons. They take what originally was charming attributes and later pound them into the ground. I think the writers of TBBT are trying so hard to keep Sheldon the annoying personality that he is, but forget about the charming, likeable traits that made him lovable. They are going too much for the joke, but not the character. That's what made TBBT a great show. It was based on characters, not jokes. A fine example of this is The Andy Griffith Show. That show was based on characters and not jokes. Barney did not have to really be that funny--we laughed at his actions. He just merely had to be in the scene TBBT is the same way. In the begining, we laughed at Sheldon,not so much at what he said, but at the way he acted. Those facial expressions made him. The same for all the other characters, too. But now, the show has become more of a joke itself. The character of SHeldon has lost his charm. I hope the writers go back to the original formula. Perhaps it is too late.
  20. Isn't that the point of the character of Sheldon? I mean, if he was a lovable character we would not be here having this conversation at this site because the show would not be the hit it is. Sheldon is supposed to be annoying. Sure, it may be over the top, but such is television. If tv characters were realistic, what would be the point of watching? We all know people like Sheldon only that tv makes it bigger than life. Of course people would beat Sheldon to a pulp in real life. But this isn't real life.
  21. Ok, I got confirmation that it was D C Fontana--but also David Gerrold who wrote "The Trouble With Tribbles" was talking with her in the background with her. http://www.treknews.net/2011/09/26/brent-spiner-wil-wheaton-big-bang-theory/
  22. Here are photos from the episode and one of D C Fontana to compare:
  23. This may have been talked about before, but I was watching the episode The Russian Rocket Reaction tonight and noticed that the scene at Wil Wheaton's house in the background I saw Star Trek's script writer and story editor D. C. Fontana talking to Stuart and another guest. She is not credited anywhere for it, but I am sure it is her.
  24. Yeah, it was closer to Bardstown. The Bourbon trail might be offensive to Sheldon. I'm from Pikeville the home of the Hatfield & McCoy feud and I'm surprised eastern Ky did not have an x for that reason. LOL
  25. My first job out of high school was at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. While I worked there they filmed a movie called Sylvester that starred Melissa Gilbert, which is, of course, the sister of Sara Gilbert. Sara was there with here sister though she did not appear in the movie. Sara was about 9 years old at the time. I got to meet both Melissa and Sara and spoke with them during the filming--and I also appear in the movie (for a whopping six seconds).
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