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  1. My pleasure sweet. His eyes like mesmerizing oceans you want to drown in ... yeah... it was good to be here again at least for a moment . Have a lovely day sweet ....and love and hugs for all new and old fans of amazingly handsome Jim... yeah fangirling is a nice feeling. once in a while everyone should try...
  2. Glad you like my collage happy you wanted to use it as your avi. I love his eyes too. peace xxx
  3. Hello everyone ... and thanks Monique I think I will accept the challenge. In fact I am thinking that I will stay spoiler free.. hahaha lol I am not so often here... unfortunatelly, so it will not be a problem for me. And I like to feel like a child when she can open Christmas presents in the morning... I know that I will feel like that when I will watch new episodes. Btw like your picture... :-)
  4. I am just passing by... silently reading all interesting topics including this about Shamy and last ep. and I needed to stop here at least for a while... I miss you Amanda... I hope everthing is ok with you. You know where you can find me. Felt so nostalgic ... and I really miss you ... and you BazingaFan.. Take care Amanda my friend... love you
  5. yeah and no matter what .... no matter that at the beginning they all not liked her to much... he was with her... and even if he said that she was his girl friend not girlfriend... that he acted like she was his girlfriend, and through all this ups and downs they are together...all they needed to go through made their bond and relationship even stronger, and that trust is there so unbreakable and she will always understood him when no one else will and he will always admier her and will always be his partner and his moth to whom he will come to taste brownies... on her lips...
  6. Thank you Lio so much Thank you ahhh it's great I love all posts... and wow I would read it again and again this And Sheldon stops cold and looks at her with his eyes as wide as saucers, and then starts to grope behind him on the counter, without looking away from her, until his hand finds the butter. He lifts it, passes it to her, and she takes it and starts scrapping butter off the top while they basically just stare each other down. and espcially this He walks right to her, takes her hips in his hands, and lays a kiss on her. The crowd goes nuts. They stay in liplock while the crowd basically cheers and will not calm down. Finally, Jim breaks the kiss, and I think he says something like, "I can't get in my line," And Mayim starts laughing and gives a big smile, so they have to redo it. So they reset, and then they open the same way. Sheldon putting on his satchel and going to the door, Amy notes it's date night and isn't he forgetting something? Again, he goes, "Oh," and then walks right to her. This time, the camera is focused on their torsos, and it's on a swing set, so I can only see what is on screen. I'm not sure if he takes her hips again, but I think he does. He goes right in and kisses her again on the lips, and the crowd is a lot quieter this time, so after a few seconds he mutters, without breaking the kiss, something about video game controllers. After another few seconds of kissing, Amy mutters back, "No." And then Sheldon gets this sexy smile on his face while he continues to kiss her, and he mutters something back into her lips about the video games or deciding or something, it's not clear Don’t know where Amy has her arms, but think just down by her side…but they don't break the liplock the entire time they are kissing. They hold kinda still while kissing, but they both seem to sort of melt into it, but they sort of seem to....I don't know. It's like they start kissing and everything freezes around them, like the moment for them just holds still. Then Sheldon mutters into her mouth something about the video games. After a few more seconds he breaks the kiss, walks to the door, looks back and gives her a huge smile and cute wave, and leaves. Amy wanders into the kissing area and mutters something I couldn't make out, but then the scene ends. Yes, when they break the kiss and Jim says something, Mayim flashes that huge beautiful smile. They were definitely enjoying themselves. When they were between takes in the Best Buy scene, they were constantly talking talking talking. I just love it and I'm swooning I'm in heaven... I'm in love with Shamy and MaJim even more.... and yeah o many questions... What about RA.... Will they kiss each other when everybody will be there in 4a or in private.... Will Amy's apartment will be ther love nest and who first will see their kiss Thank you guys for such amazing posts...
  7. well then welcome home... we will take care of you *nahahahaha * ...Arkham asylum is not even in our league
  8. yeah I wish I had problems like you....you are there and you have chance to go....think, will you have second chance like this, yeah you probably will lucky you...I will never have a chance to see him, ...too far, too much money for that... .... Yeah call me insane fangirl Chiany I dare you... there are more of us you know...buahahahaha and get the hell out with that bucket with cold water Pearl it's fucking freezing here
  9. OH WOW THANK YOU THAT YOU SHAMELESSLY.STOLEN IT FOR US.. I LOVE YOU FOR IT... I watched just now... and wow... I love it so much to watch those two... chemistry between them is amazing... and Craig was so hillarious with his "Lethergy orgasm face" Jim as always handsome and mmmhhmmm I have always big crush for man in suit... he looks wow... yeah "my ovaries" hahahaha LOL ... so thank you I love it.
  10. hello sweet.. so good to see you here... and yeah I can't take my eyes off of it...the way he is leaning on her... surrendering to the kiss, and hell yeah he likes it... so ...If we would see more kisses .. YAY Yes Melody... you deserve it... so much hun... congratulations sweet... and what a coincidence you both are one of my favorites I love it how he wanted to extend pleasure of kiss by sharing special moment with his Amy...he was so on the cloud nine... train... so amazingly breath taking... and conductor... with the same watch... (not mention his new friend ;-D ) and kiss which gave him mmmmhhmmm lot of pleasure so seeing them both so happy and almost breathless after kiss and him wanting to share this special moment of visiting conductor with her not wih his new friend was meaningful wherever it will be... that next kiss or more... (more maybe in their Love nest ) I hope it will be beautiful... because each small gesture and big thing is valuble... in Shamy romance...
  11. First I want to say that I LOVE THIS THREAD and all speculations.. and posts are lovely... thank you denajeanx Second...Chiany... we all need you because we women are from wenus.... and men from mars so we need you here in our Shamy planet dominated by women... Well maybe he wants to take risk. ... btw.. there is nothing wrong with "little" swooning over Mr Parsons flesh and mind... but I bet that he preffer to visit Miss Mayim's thread for it...
  12. On Twitter I had found this. It's Jim Parons is talking about SIK.I hope it was not posted. At the end...it's so visible how it was pleasure for him. I wanted to say... new stories you dog you.......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVfbOgFewXI
  13. .....it made my heart beat faster and amazes me everytime I'm watching it... God I could just sit... and watch it all day...*sigh*.I'm proud of you Shelly... :girlinlove:
  14. yeah.. I'm so curious about bloopers and when they will talk about it on Comic-con for example... I wonder who liked more to rehearse Jim or Mayim...btw... they both were so perfect in thet scene.. brilliant.. amazing, genius... *sigh*
  15. Yeah the way he needed to catch is breath, how this made him breathless, and so stunned Amy, so surprised...and in this moment when he wanted her go with him to engine room, that gaze between them, how he is looking at her, the way it made her feel... amazing and so beautiful *sigh*...
  16. I hope... I really do it will be like you said. BTW love your sig... *sigh* I can't stop looking at it...
  17. Oh yeah I thought the same... and Writers: Happy valentines day We: Ohh guys it was the most beautiful gift you could give have given us *throwing ourelves to hug writers* Writers: Ok. stop ruin valentines day....
  18. OH YES... i'M EXACTLY LIKE THAT.. AND... Yes I am... and now it doesn't matter that at the beginning I was angry at Sheldon about those pet names he came up with for Amy... and that v-day was the worst nightmare... and that fucking Ed was Sheldon's "date" and how she felt when Howard and Bernie kissed and were so in love... because of that kiss... it was like thunder for him.. but he needed it...
  19. My pleasure hun. awww it' so sweet.. love for you sweet ... for all of you
  20. ...and I love Leonard's "Additional data you dog..."!!! and smile... yeah... I'm so happy now... I can die in peace.. no I need to see it again... !!!! :giveheart: :giveheart: Chloe thank you for amazing gifs... Love them so much .. I used one for my avatar, hope you don't mind.
  21. I know that everything was just said here and on the chat, but I needed to say how I feel because now I have so many feelings in my heart, ... how I love Shamy is beyond me... I woked up this morning and first thing I did was to watch this episode. I literally couldn't think about anything else during watching , and when this moment came.. I just stared at screen, and couldn't breathe, I covered my mouth with my palm and I cried... when this 11 the most romantic and amazing minutes were end, I just rewatched it again and again, I rewatched it I don't know how many times... I couldn't stop looking at them... I just cried watching them... The kiss was amazing... when at the beginning he just was angry at her that she wants romance and kissed her he didn't expected how he will feel during kissing her, he thought that it will be just to show her how stupid it is... but then bam!...feelings were stronger, and he let go, he started kissing her, neared at her, slowly, he felt how pleasure it is to kiss her, he could not control the emotions, and gently placed his hands on her waist to pull her to himself. And he surrendered to this, he began kissing her, overwhelmed by feelings. She was surprised, and this kiss took their breath away, but it was him who was more active ...if we can say this ...during this kiss. It was really romantic, gentle and full of love. It was like explosion for him, taking that he iniciated kiss for he first time, the more that he expected that he will feel nothing just to show her that he is mad like:"Ok I will give you this stupid romance if you want, and show you how insane it is, and we can end this". It was for him so meaningful, because after the kiss we can see how he is looking at her, he was overwhelmed by her, how her lips tastes, brownies... so sweet, how it was to feel her lips against his, so soft, silky, first real kiss, because he did it with his own will for the first time. After the kiss the eye coitus is so beautiful, like they wanted to do it again... like they were alone there, no one, just them and that moment. Nothing matters, only kiss, and how it made them feel. She is so mesmerized by it, so breathless. It was not some hard big kiss with the tongues, but for her it was more than that, it was pasionate and so beautiful and so surprising because it was him who iniciated it. When he said that conductor said that if he come back to the engine room he'd show him how to bring train through the crossing , after her "ok have fun" spoken on the exhale how he is looking at her, with such love... like it was the most beautiful moment for him. Then eye coitus is the most amazing. It is everything in this moment Yeah yeah yeah so romantic and you all know it but I needed to write it... maybe it's just me... because I'm so romantic soul. And now I really love you all guys, that we can share this joy together....
  22. Greetings from Poland neighbour... LOL I also need to wait till tomorrow.. little sucks but... IT'S SIK TONIGHT... SO HAPPY DANCING
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