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  1. It's so quiet here so I'm posting pictures of our handsome baby, Jim.... ....and now big dose of cuteness and adorableness(sorry for quality ;-D)
  2. OMG... girl ..."It's like he has a hard on....Jim with wood" ... it's so hot the way you wrote it... and yeah it looks like that...amazing mental picture.. yeah I love that part too, look how embarrassed he feels.... thanks vonmar for that link. Happy Birthday God Particle...
  3. Oh baby... I know exactly why you like it to stare at this picture, I feel the same.... I can't stop looking at ..."it" ( what did you thought I meant picture ;-D)
  4. Well bravo Pearl.... you did great job and yeah that lick.... hot...thanks.
  5. Yeah I can feel exactly the same.... close my eyes and dream... that he smiles at me like that... when he smiles it's like sun began to shine after rain and rainbow came out
  6. I want to thank you again for this story, I will leave a lot of reviews I hope that you don't mind, and I will try to write them as best as can for you. I had read chapter 7 so I'm really under the spell of your story ... and for you sweetie....
  7. I feel like on that gifs above when I see those gifs below.... #faint....
  8. Beautiful Mayim....#Loveher... This picture below.. oh God she looks so hot and sexy ... wow
  9. RUBYANJEL THANK YOU FOR THOSE GIFS *MUAH* .....Wait Jim... I will catch you...oh baby you are so heavy. He is just brilliant even when he faints he is gorgeous, and he is doing it such smootly..
  10. We love you too... and we would so terribly, so impatiently like to know that and I must say that I'm dying to read about Shelly in action ...mmmm oh baby..hahaha LOL Glad that we are on the same page....oh boy can you feel it, it's endorphins and oxytocin in massive attack....and whatever is in her mind I'm sure that our lovely writer will write beautiful and so hot sex scene, and we will love it.
  11. My pleasure. And I love idea of Amy "on your knees baby" and Sheldon "I'm your b****h your wish is my command" ... oh wow... look out girls...I bet that somebody will show up with an idea to cool us with cold water hahaha LOL
  12. Oh yeah Jim, I was naughty girl... maybe you should spank me...yeah well you have that power gurl.... you and your story.. our minds are full of... *wink wink*
  13. Congratulations.... and.. .Miso at work
  14. I miss your next chapter....no... I'm craving for it.... Yeah.... very... very...VERY!!!!... pro... this idea.... yummy.. " and she can lick it slowly... teasingly..." *slap* #dirtymind #naughtysilver
  15. I wanted to say that I began to read it, and I can't stop, and I'm so hooked, and I understand perfectly your excitement when Miso is updating her story. It's like a ray of sunshine in my cloudy life.... so thank you sweetie. I can't wait to read this chapter 22...
  16. I watched again Romance Resonance and I watched this scene where Amy is in the zone... like about .. well I don't know how many times but I just couldn't stop watching it. How beautiful it was, how Sheldon was romantic(when we talking about him it was really romantic) how Amy was happy, surprised, thrilled, and maybe it was just me, but I think I saw that her eyes were so glassy, it was so touching and I cried again .. of course, and at the end, when she said that she is in the zone... her face is so beautiful, like she was the happiest woman on earth. I really want her to be happy, and I want so much that Sheldon will appreciate her more, show her affection, and so far he can't stand without her, but I want to see her sweet face so happy more... I really want to... no I'm craving to see SIK .... Oh God she was so happy. I want to see Amy centric episode, and more about her... And God damn Mayim is really amazing and brilliant actress, that scene when she was so touched, was masterpiece, they both were so brilliant but Mayim was just genius, it was world championship... she deserve award.... all of them ... I love my babies Amy and Sheldon so much .....ok enough of this ... where is tissue...
  17. Yeah .... been there...you know I thought about it too, and I have some suspicions.... but your fanfic Amanda made my day... and thinking about it and about that scene in hall and that gifs I posted... melted my clouds at least for a while.... thank you sweetie.
  18. He is almost constantly in my mind so...I need to go by bus next time .... hahaha LOL
  19. *sigh* #whispering ... all I need.....*sigh* all I need....his lips... all I need.. OK. ok. officer, I will pull over...What I did? I just dreamed about Jim Parsons
  20. I bet that you would want to hear those words form Jim...
  21. It's http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8685028/1/The-Homeostatic-Adjustment here you have link to story...you can find it here... it is Bazinga's brilliant and genius baby
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