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  1. Och yes, he has that natural charm, and something in his eyes (exept that they are so blue and bright like sunny sky)that he propitiates people imidietly, so that is understandable that he gained Amy's/Mayim's heart, and our hearts
  2. Och I'm sure that his fingers can do much, much more, and his smiling lips to. His eyes already melted us so that man has a great power. Och Jim...
  3. So I keep my fingers cross that it will not happen. I'm sure that everything that we will know about next episode from Moniqe will cheer you up. Maybe something for cheer
  4. Hey Spook! I'm new here as you already noticed, and it might sounds artificially, but whatever happened I really wish that things are going to be great for you, I'm sure that you will find out how to fix it.
  5. So true. The real kiss for Amy will be when Sheldon will kiss her, and it will be very emotional moment on set for everyone.And I imagine that will be beautiful Monique I read that you will be on the taping next episode, how I envy you. Wish you a lot of fun and pleasure when you will be witching the best cast. And thanks for all we will read when you back and have time to do it.
  6. Thank you for warm words. And here is my hand it's my pleasure, and it really is because he is beautiful and sexy and och... good lord... on that picture. I could look at him and never get enough.
  7. If you like this black and white picture then I'm sure you will enjoy these; and something for fun and something beautiful and the cast and that last Jim's picture I found in the internet, That is beautiful story- Some girl's mother has a cancer, and she was on the chemiotheraphy and the only thing that makes her smile was The Big Bang Theory, and Jim found out obout it somehaw and post this picture. This is so sweet, he is such a sweetheart
  8. Oh poor baby. I want to take him in my arms, hug him, and comfort him.. .
  9. I agree with you Missy can be great girl for Raj, and I would like to see Sheldon's reaction on that, when they fell in love with ich other.
  10. Wow, that could be a beautifull for thier relationship,but that could be at he end of last season. And something big for Leonard , something about what he was sought for.
  11. Och yes...especially those eyes, shining like stars when he smile, and his voice och .. lord so sensual and calming, and lips made for kissing... I'm sure that I will have something to think about in bed.
  12. Thanks for warm welcome. It's great pleasure to share such unbelievable feeling that I have for all cast, but all my heart (and more ) is for Jim, and it's really great when you can talk about it with someone who knows what It's like. I have a lot of pictures of him, and everytime I see him, everything in him goes straight to my heart, and my head. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. Yes, she has so mauch strenght in herself. I myself would like to have so much strenght as she. I think everyone would like to have such an inspirational friend, and optymistically looking at life no matter what. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. Oh yes, I'm with you sister...He can't be more sexy and beautiful in every way because he is KILLING ME!!
  15. I'ts great that you're having nice time by watching my pictures, and I hope it's really nice time... Because I was having that n i c e t i m e so, so many times That first of Jim's pictures is my favorite, but the second one, och my lord...and may I quote Amy... "I'm going to brush my teeth, it's gonna take a while" Here are few more pictures:
  16. I would like to see Raj and Missy in love with ich other, and see Sheldon's reaction on it .
  17. When my 5 year old son hears Sheldon knocking at the Penny's door: knock, knock Penny, when he want's to go to the toilet, he knocks on the door and says : knock, knock mom
  18. I hope they will win. Jim and whole cast and crew deserved to win. I was so angry about the golden globes, that they did not get an award . I hope this time they do. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __
  19. Hi! I'm new here, and it will be the pleasure to join your admiration and love for cast and especially for lovely and sexy Jim. Thanks for the pictures, and here is mine: I hope you like it. Enjoy. If they where posted, sorry.
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