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  1. Watch Sheldon closely when Amy comes into the room. He bites his lip, takes a deep breath, and appears to be holding back a big ol' grin. Is this Jim making a conscious acting choice to convey desire/excitement through body language, or Jim trying not to break character?. I've watched it over and over...either way, it makes my heart skip a beat!
  2. Kazzie, are the kisses shown in the promos edited pretty much as they appear in the actual episode (length/intensity-wise), or do we get to see a bit more? Just curious.
  3. I haven't posted in a very long time, but I just have to say WOW. I am truly amazed that the writers managed to pull this reconciliation off so gracefully, and so perfectly. It all fits and makes sense and it's just BEAUTIFUL. I cannot stop thinking about that whole final scene. Also, would someone repost (or direct me to) the TR for 9.11? What happened to our TR thread?
  4. Anyone else notice the way Sheldon kind of rolls his shoulder during the kiss? S.E.X.Y. And I will never hear/think about the word "anyway" the same way again. Props to Jim for bringing some subtle heat to that scene. That man is a master of body language and subtext.
  5. They could do this in a couple of eps...we don't need to see half a season of group dynamic changes to explore that territory.
  6. All of THIS. Their love is canon...why use "fond of?" What's the angle there? Or is it just careless/poor choice of words? If you're going to break our hearts AT LEAST acknowledge the intensity of their feelings for each other!
  7. I really don't know how to feel about that interview...
  8. So, not to belabor the point, but, did the second take start with the very end of the kiss or did it start with the dialogue? I wonder why they broke up the scene that way...
  9. Ok, I gotta admit, this is making me nervous. Michy (or someone else who was at the taping), can you explain how this scene was filmed? I feel like I'm suspending logic completely by letting this worry me, but knowing that there was some lovin' coming has seriously been getting me through these last couple weeks of my credential program and I will NOT be a happy camper if that scene is cut. Ok...calming down now.
  10. See, I think this is where they got the footage for the promo video. Though, I don't know why they wouldn't just use the actual make-out... But those 3-second kisses had to have been filmed/photographed for promotional purposes only. If that's not the case...the pitchforks and tables will fly on May 7...for Hell hath no fury like a Shamy shipper scorned (especially going into a hiatus!).
  11. That would be massively disappointing, but I just don't believe it's going to happen. There are two lines that refer to the kiss as a make-out...how bizarre would it be if all we saw was two seconds of them pulling away? They gave us a tiny taste in the promo but they're saving the good stuff for Thursday. Making it a more intense, passionate kiss was a calculated decision that is significant to this story arc, and the scene will make no sense if it's cut down to a few seconds. Plus, I believe the girls said that the kiss was just one take.
  12. Congrats! I believe Molaro said in an interview (can't remember which one, though) that nothing happened in the fort. And that's fine with me, because if they're rounding bases, it should not be entirely off-screen!
  13. I hope there isn't backlash against Amy when the episode airs. If we're feeling like her behavior is out of left field and OOC, how will the casual viewer see it? There are already so many people out there who think that Amy is sex-crazed and pushy, and as much as I hate to say it, the finale may reinforce this. As others have said, the writers aren't as concerned about the characterization/development of Amy as they are about how she moves Sheldon's story forward.
  14. Looking forward to hearing what Jim and Mayim have to say about this episode! About the kiss, the ring, the "break"....Jim, especially, always has great insight and tells me what I want to hear, lol. Mayim is brilliant, and I always appreciate what she has to say, but sometimes her comments are a bit of a buzzkill. :-).
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