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  1. Watch Sheldon closely when Amy comes into the room. He bites his lip, takes a deep breath, and appears to be holding back a big ol' grin. Is this Jim making a conscious acting choice to convey desire/excitement through body language, or Jim trying not to break character?. I've watched it over and over...either way, it makes my heart skip a beat! 

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  2. I haven't posted in a very long time, but I just have to say WOW. I am truly amazed that the writers managed to pull this reconciliation off so gracefully, and so perfectly. It all fits and makes sense and it's just BEAUTIFUL. I cannot stop thinking about that whole final scene.


    Also, would someone repost (or direct me to) the TR for 9.11? What happened to our TR thread?

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  3. I hope this doesn't mean the pause in their relationship will last longer than 1-2 episodes.

    They could do this in a couple of eps...we don't need to see half a season of group dynamic changes to explore that territory.

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  4. THR writer kept saying break up. Though Steve didn't refute it, he never agreed that it was a break up, and actually said they don't know exactly where they are. But still, he kept saying Sheldon was "fond" of Amy, which okay of course he is, but he's told her he loves her so I would have rather Steve said he loves Amy. The Glamour mag one said takes a step back, and it did seem overall more positive.

    All of THIS. Their love is canon...why use "fond of?" What's the angle there? Or is it just careless/poor choice of words?

    If you're going to break our hearts AT LEAST acknowledge the intensity of their feelings for each other!

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  5. Like kerry said already, it would really make no sense for them to cut out the kiss. What Michy was referring to was, they filmed the whole scene, starting with the kiss, and then when they did the second take, they started it just after the kiss had been broken. They're not going to start the episode without showing the kiss at all though, since it was shown in the promo on tv, and also because I really don't think they would do that to us. So my guess is, they're going to use the take we all got to see at the taping. The only other option would be that they refilmed it afterwards, but I don't see why they would. In any case, we'll be getting a kiss, and I'm pretty sure they'll use the footage we saw.

    Thursday cannot come fast enough!

    So, not to belabor the point, but, did the second take start with the very end of the kiss or did it start with the dialogue? I wonder why they broke up the scene that way...

  6. I guess I was just getting worried because I remembered Michy saying that they shot it once as a whole scene without the kiss (or something along those lines) and I remember that was sort of what happened in Expedition this season with the hug before Sheldon and Raj went down into the tunnels, since they usually go for take 2 (or 3) in the final edit. I do 100% agree it doesn't make sense to cut it, I'm just getting restless about it, since the promo seems to be different.

    Is it Thursday yet?!

    Ok, I gotta admit, this is making me nervous. Michy (or someone else who was at the taping), can you explain how this scene was filmed?

    I feel like I'm suspending logic completely by letting this worry me, but knowing that there was some lovin' coming has seriously been getting me through these last couple weeks of my credential program and I will NOT be a happy camper if that scene is cut.

    Ok...calming down now.

  7. Oh, also after they cut, they kissed like twice more for like 3 seconds each. We're assuming for promo pics but we screamed again both times hahaha. It was so magical.

    See, I think this is where they got the footage for the promo video. Though, I don't know why they wouldn't just use the actual make-out...

    But those 3-second kisses had to have been filmed/photographed for promotional purposes only.

    If that's not the case...the pitchforks and tables will fly on May 7...for Hell hath no fury like a Shamy shipper scorned (especially going into a hiatus!).

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  8. I have changed my mind about the log, after rewatching the ep a couple of times, and I now agree with those who say it was just banter. I also don't think we are meant to assume the sleepover was anything but a happy experience for them, based on the way the episode ended and Molaro's statements about it.

    On a different note, I'm kind of worried as to whether they have cut out the makeout scene completely from the episode now, and gone with take 2. While I usually don't think physical stuff makes or breaks an episode, in this case I think it is such a massive thing to leave out, especially to give us some clues as to what progress they've made over the last year or so and where Sheldon's mind is at when it comes to it, that I would be massively disappointed/annoyed if the episode were to kick off from that 2-second clip in the promo and we go straight into the drama.

    That would be massively disappointing, but I just don't believe it's going to happen. There are two lines that refer to the kiss as a make-out...how bizarre would it be if all we saw was two seconds of them pulling away? They gave us a tiny taste in the promo but they're saving the good stuff for Thursday. Making it a more intense, passionate kiss was a calculated decision that is significant to this story arc, and the scene will make no sense if it's cut down to a few seconds. Plus, I believe the girls said that the kiss was just one take.
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  9. I wonder if anything happened in the fort that made Amy want to re-evaluate their relationship.... it seems that after the fort, her mood turned kind of sour. Hmmmmm.....................

    and i just noticed that i have over 1000 posts! holy crap!!!! :)


    I believe Molaro said in an interview (can't remember which one, though) that nothing happened in the fort. And that's fine with me, because if they're rounding bases, it should not be entirely off-screen!

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  10. I hope there isn't backlash against Amy when the episode airs. If we're feeling like her behavior is out of left field and OOC, how will the casual viewer see it? There are already so many people out there who think that Amy is sex-crazed and pushy, and as much as I hate to say it, the finale may reinforce this. As others have said, the writers aren't as concerned about the characterization/development of Amy as they are about how she moves Sheldon's story forward.

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  11. Or like Sheldon once said to Amy´s mother: "We're like wild animals in heat. It's a wonder neither of us has been hurt!"

    I know what you mean, his face was like: "Did I really say that?". It was like it sputtered out of his mouth before he thought it through. His expression was golden, with his raised eyebrows and his eyes wide open. :icon_wink:

    I interpreted the eyebrow raise as a sign of nervous anticipation...he's awaiting Amy's response to his "wild" suggestion. This is Sheldon's equivalent of a typical person's "So...do you want to come up?" after a date, lol. That's how I saw it, anyway.

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  12. We're not crazy! Our mother's had us tested! ;). No, okay, we are, but in the best possible way. :D

    And yes, I'm sure TPTB loved seeing our reactions. It will be interesting to see if they left in our screams about the ring too, since as sheldorslady pointed out to me, that's supposed to be a more somber scene.

    Yes, this is so true! I very distinctly remember their knees touching because it seemed monumental at the time. ;) And it's what got me thinking "OMG they're going to kiss!!!" And yes, Sheldon was leaning way into her, and their mouths were moving, and I still swear to God that from my angle I was watching his hand lightly stroke her back.

    Be right back, I'm gonna need a moment...


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  13. as creepy as that May sounds I was wondering about that TOO and tried to focus just on their lips while watching and it looked closed mouthed to me too

    Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk

    IMO, if there was a lot of head movement and it is being described as a "make-out," there must have been at least a little bit more lip action than we've seen before. Based on everyone's descriptions, this was nothing like the previous kisses (and, remember, there was some movement with both SIK 1 & 2), even if it's not full on open-mouthed kissing.

    It also looks like they may have used the take for the promo photos to create this clip, given that Kaz and everyone else has said that Sheldon's hand was on Amy's upper thigh.

  14. You're right! They just kept going. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up that it will be super long and then they cut it down to 3 seconds, haha. But they definitely kissed for awhile, and I don't think it was just because the audience was screaming too long.

    I think they will make it clear that it's a "make-out" (given Sheldon's line about necking like teenage hoodlums under the bleachers, lol).

    10 seconds sure sounds good to me.

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  15. Have a look at Sheldon's face in this pic. Sorry about the quality, it's a shot of my tv screen, but I think this particular moment is even better than the one in the promo photo. Jim and Mayim are so brilliant.

    Eta: ok, I just watched the 2-second kiss in slo-mo. I think I need help.


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