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  1. I recently saw an interview - can't remember where - in which Jim says something like , "I think obviously there's attraction there" with regard to Sheldon's feelings about Amy. But it would be nice if we got that confirmation on the show. I would die if Sheldon verbally affirmed that he thinks Amy is pretty and that their relationship Is not solely "a relationship of the minds."

  2. Spook, where did you find that tidbit about the writer hinting at the big Shamy moment to the VIP ticket holder? Haven't heard that one before, but it's very encouraging :) I also love what Mayim said about the couple "pushing boundaries" in 2 upcoming episodes. Honestly, I don't think that includes 6.14, so she MUST be talking about V-day.

  3. The spoilers I've read only mention "some sweet Shamy moments." If we were getting a kiss, wouldn't you think they'd hype that a bit more? Also, does anyone think that the writers - in an effort to give Lenny their "special moment", if there is one - may have opted to do something more subtle with Shamy in the V-Day episode? I hope not...

  4. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="MJistheBOMB" data-cid="86187" data-time="1358356938"><p>

    Well, no, it was the same wording we saw the night it was filmed but of course when we repeat it back to you guys, it's not going to be the same. LOL. She never said, "...have sex with Amy in the future..." that was all me wording it wrong. LOL. She always used the word "physical." I would say it was a bit more dramatic than humorous, yes. Of course, there are lots of funny moments still but the over all feel of it: Leonard going off on Sheldon and then later Amy going off on Sheldon were pretty serious moments but that's just ME. You all may feel differently after it airs because we all can see the same thing and feel differently about it :-).<br />

    <br />

    Again, still a bit annoyed that not a single apology was given from anyone....no resolution. In the words of Raj, "NOT COOL, DUDE." LOL!. Other than that, I really enjoyed it because it was so awesome seeing Leonard say that he doesn't care about the stupid roommate agreement and throws it in the trash. He finally grew some balls there. It was kinda odd that the argument started over Sheldon spoiling a Harry Potter book though but whatever, it needed to be said. That and Amy's little rant to him...fantastic.<br />

    <br />


    Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but to clarify: so Penny never, in that whole conversation with Sheldon, used the word "sex?"

    If so, I just think it's interesting that the writers didn't make that question totally explicit. We are left wondering if Sheldon's understanding/interpretation of the term "physical" is the same as ours, wink wink. ;). After all, references the vapo rub incident, which I'm sure he didn't view as sensual in any way, as an example of how he's growing more comfortable with physical touch. We all know that he misunderstands and misinterprets this kind of thing fairly frequently.

    Anyone share my curiosity/concern over this? I mean, are we certain that Sheldon admitted to what we all THINK he admitted to? Or am I way over thinking this? LOL...

  5. Seems to me like the writers are did exactly what's predictable and expected right before a big holiday sweeps episode...they created a big low before a major high. If they gave us mushy goodness, or even the status quo, it wouldn't be enough of an emotional roller coaster, which - I believe - is what they want us to experience. I'm not surprised or worried at all. :)

  6. I've always thought it was a stretch that Penny could afford that apartment on her own, anyway, so by all means let Amy - or Leonard - move in with her. Rent in Pasadena, especially in a decent complex/building, is expensive and definitely not ideal for waitresses with shoe shopping addictions LOL. :)

  7. Hi Everyone! I've been shamelessly trolling for a while now, but I've decided to come out of the shadows and introduce myself. I am a big Shamy fan and follower...love the great spoilers and discussions on here! Really looking forward to this next taping report.

    So does everyone here truly expect a kiss in 6.16? You don't think the writers - who clearly intend to drag this thing out as long as possible - will try to save it for the finale? Of course, I would love it, but I'm not holding my breath...

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