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  1. Even though I KNEW a permanent break-up was extremely unlikely (if not completely outside the realm of possibility), reading this just made my day. TPTB have plans for Amy and Mary to meet again! There's no question that our quirky little lovebirds are going to be together! It's not something that TPTB need to conceal or tease...it just IS. You got me right in the feels, Steve. And Kerry.
  2. I really don't think yahoo has any more information than we do. They're just going for dramatic effect. What I'm waiting for is all the post-finale interviews...that's where we'll get a better sense of where they're going with all of this. I wonder if they'll give us any clues as to how long the "break" might last...you know people are going to ask! There will also be predictable casual-viewer-reporter questions, like "Is this a real break up? Are the Shamy done for good? And there is only one acceptable/reasonable/believable/conceivable/possible answer to that question: I don't need to tell you lovely Shamies what that answer is. 2 episodes, max. Are you reading this Steve? Two.
  3. Great post, Lio. I have no doubt that they will get back on track in a big way, and I think the ring is a pretty clear indication of where things are headed. I also believe that something like this "break" was bound to happen eventually...so, hey, why not get it out of the way now, right? TPTB know that they have to be careful with angst. Sheldon would not be okay without Amy for more than a few episodes. We're going to see him chase her...and I can't wait. It will be interesting to read interviews with the cast and producers once the episode has aired and everything is out in the open. I think we may get a better idea at that point of what to expect in early season 9.
  4. My heart is literally racing....can't imagine how I'm going to feel when the episode airs!!!!! I may or may not need to have cold water dumped over my head. Seriously. Kazzie, your posts are both delighting and killing me today! To those of you who were at the taping: were Amy and Sheldon both breathing heavily when they broke the kiss? So. Flipping. HOTT. I will die. Again. I am not going to think about the tag. Just going to bask in the glow of THIS.
  5. So, when should we expect to get our first glimpse at the kiss? I can never remember when promo photos are released. We'll get a video promo this Thursday, right? Oy, I don't know how I'm going to make it through the next 2 weeks, let alone the hiatus!
  6. I just want to know why Steve is referring to what happened between Sheldon and Amy as "life-changing and series-changing"? In what way is taking a little time apart (if that's all it truly is) life-changing? Or is he just desperately trying to create hype? I worry that this is a bigger deal than we're thinking given how Steve is choosing to describe it...anyone else?
  7. Has anyone read this? Sorry if it's already been posted. http://www.glamour.com/entertainment/blogs/obsessed/2015/04/big-bang-theory-sheldon-amy?mbid=twitter_glamourdotcom
  8. Maybe the last action line is something like, "Sheldon gets down on one knee and reaches into his pocket"?
  9. No, I meant FINALLY we got since physical contact! I'm thrilled.
  10. Cannot wait for this. Seriously. It's about time we saw a little physical contact! Next up: kissing on the couch? Remember the red carpet interview where Jim says he can't imagine them doing that? I feel like it's not so far-fetched anymore.
  11. When Sheldon said "I do" in response to Bernadette's question, did it seem serious/sincere (before he went into vindictive mode)?
  12. I don't know if he's going to go into any detail in his speech about the parasite, but I feel like the writers added this after his confession to drive home the fact that he's feeling romantic love. There would be little point to establishing that he loves her like he does Leonard and Penny -- in a platonic way -- and I don't think Molaro would have referred to this is a big move forward in their relationship if TPTB only intended to infer that he loves her as one loves a close friend. JMO.
  13. I don't think Sheldon would have assumed he had a parasite (or whatever it was) in his brain if he was not "in love" with Amy. I think it's clear that he meant romantic love.
  14. Can someone GIF the tag (at least the gulp) and the juicy parts of the psychic scene? My DVR didn't record the episode. I watched it live...but I think we'd all benefit from further "study" of these two moments. ;-)
  15. Anyone celebrating with their fave meal/dessert/adult beverage this evening? Brownies? Grape juice that burns?
  16. It's going to be a very long day at work. Oy. CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Girls going to the taping: have a fantastic time! You all deserve it!
  17. I second all of this! I would pay good money for the opportunity to fangirl in person with fellow fangirls. You lucky chickadees...twuth be towed, I'm a widdo jeawous, wadies. Now, pass the cheesecake ;-) Three more seasons means I still have time to make it down there for a taping (I'm a relatively easy distance away in NorCal). Better start saving my pennies! ETA: don't want to double post so I'm adding this here: May I just say that I'm pretty appalled by how off these media outlets have been with their so-called "finale spoilers." And when I say "off", I mean embarrassingly so! If we go by, say, Enstarz info, the finale includes the proposal, Sheldon visiting the psychic, and Raj making more progress with Emily. Sloppy research? Laziness? Maybe we should start offering our information to these "journalists" for a fee. Or write the pieces ourselves...as Sharmy freelancers. Then, we can use our profits to fund Cheesecake Factory dinners, trips to tapings, etc. Who's with me? ;-)
  18. https://mobile.twitter.com/billprady/status/458356109581881346 Bill, we accept all cultural variations of "the kiss". French, Brazilian, American, Finnish, whatever...it's all good. Just keep 'em coming, please. :-D
  19. Happy Birthday, Chiany! We miss your input (and wit) on the spoiler threads. Hope it's a good one!
  20. Good work, my dear! Very much appreciate the info! Must have been a thrill to see all that.
  21. Not that it's inconceivable that grief would propel Sheldon to do something OOC and/or extreme, but I don't think Mayim would have described the finale as "awesome" if a break-up or drunken sex were on the menu.
  22. I keep going back to that interview about the Shamy relationship developing "unusually" (Yahoo UK, I think). Mayim that she is as curious as everyone else to see what the finale will bring...I assume she meant vis-a-vis Shamy, but who knows. My hope is that this means she at least had some indication that there would be resolution to their story this season. I will be so bummed if they don't have a finale moment. It's long overdue IMO.
  23. ITA with all of the above. I think all we can do at this point is try to remain cautiously optimistic that 1) the finale will tie up some Shamy loose ends, and 2) that it will be positive (i.e. not a cliffhanger break-up, etc.). I usually end up disappointed when I let myself get all amped up and raise my expectations (which, I admit, happened earlier today when I read Mayim's tweet). What are the chances that we will get finale spoilers before Tuesday? Anyone know?
  24. Hmm. I'm not gonna lie, Bill's comment concerns me. Why did he bother to respond if it IS going to be a big finale for Shamy? Just to correct a fan's incorrect assumption? Strange. IDK, maybe I'm not familiar enough with Bill's tweeting tendencies to interpret this particular comment. My heart sank a bit when I first read it. I hope I'm just overthinking it...
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