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  1. Wow. Just...wow. That was incredible. I was not expecting Sheldon to look so into it! Beyond the way he grabs her and pulls her to him (and that smile...oh boy), Jim gave the kiss a very subtle sensual quality. The way he moves his head and lips almost imperceptibly and wiggles his eyebrows, you can see that he is in the moment and lets his instincts take over to some extent. This kiss was chaste, but not as static as I imagined it would be. This does NOT look like a man who is being strong-armed into what he's doing. Sheldon is in contol, and Amy is along for the ride. Oh, and that little pat he gives her before he leaves? What the heck was that? Who is this man? They are so cute I can't stand it. Amy leaning on Sheldon in Best Buy warmed my heart. I can't wipe this goofy grin off my face. THIS is the Shamy I love. I agree that something is up with the way Amy is handling this change in her relationship with Sheldon -- a change that she has waited and longed for for such a long time. And I think it's a little strange that we haven't seen her discuss such a HUGE milestone with the girls! Something is definitely brewing there... ETA: Just noticed Amy's raised eyebrow at the start of the kiss. Hey, at least it's a reaction!
  2. Happy Birthday Wio!! Heres's wishing all your wildest Shamy and real-life dreams come true!!!!!
  3. First just want to say welcome out of lurkdom! Terrific post. You raise some excellent points, and I couldn't agree more re Shamy's relationship lacking the emotional intimacy necessary to move into "physical" territory. And as much as I know we all can't wait for an ILY, I think that it might feel a bit contrived at this point. As Star and others have explained so well, we need to see Sheldon act selflessly, and we need them both to be honest about how they feel and what they need from each other. We need the show before the tell. Then, an ILY will feel like a natural progression, and much more satisfying, laying the foundation for greater physical intimacy. I also agree with you about how little we know about Amy due to the writing of the character, Sheldon's self-centeredness, a strategic attempt by the writers to enhance the impact of future plots, or some combination of the above. I'm dying to hear more about her family, dreams for the future, etc. Given that BBT is going to go 3 more seasons, TPTB have all the time they need to make this relationship develop organically. Sheldon and Amy do love each other, but we need to discover what that means to/for each of them. For Sheldon, the realization that he's in love and emotionally vulnerable may feel like a huge burden. It may be scary. He may try to back out. He will definitely struggle to reconcile his pre-Amy life, in which he could hide behind his intellect and self-prescribed celibacy, with his new reality. And Amy's overly romanticized view of love may need to level out in order to meet Sheldon where he's at. With three seasons left, I predict a lot of growing pains for these two mixed with incredibly sweet, unique moments. All this potential for change and growth, IMO, makes them the most interesting couple on the show.
  4. Great post, Phanta. Agree with all of the above.
  5. Phanta, that was so well put. Really great post and spot-on perspective. Cheered me up, too. :-D
  6. I agree that it probably isn't the finale episode, but anyone else thinking that (given how close it is to sweeps) the psychic may tell Sheldon something pretty significant about his future? Maybe it's something that scares him...something that feels a little too real or true. Could be about Amy or his career. IDK, but I've got a hunch that it's not just fluff/filler/"guest star" stuff.
  7. Not that "looking pretty" while kissing matters in the slightest (and I think Amy's surprised and "smushed" face was appropriate for the first kiss), but I'm so glad that Amy looks calm, sweet and prepared for Sheldon this time around, if a bit stiff. Only time will tell if her body language and lack of responsiveness has anything to do with her own issues with physical intimacy, etc. I do think, though, that the writers are using this little "casual" scene to make the point that Sheldon LIKES kissing Amy, and - RA amendment or not - isn't stopping at a simple, cursory peck, regardless of her reaction. He is clearly taking the lead and enjoying it. Hoo. I definitely believe that Amy's lack of reciprocation (or the fact that she isn't trying to escalate the kiss at all) is significant. Mayim has talked a lot about how her acting of Amy's emotions is very physical. Oh man, I can't wait to see what the writers do with these two. There are so many possibilities, but TPTB always manage to top every scenario I dream up. This is going to be a very exciting couple of months. :-D
  8. If there was any doubt about whether Sheldon genuinely enjoys kissing Amy (vs. being coerced and/or manipulated into it), the look on his face in that 1-second clip just obliterated it, IMO. His lips even part slightly, while Amy's stay tightly closed!!! That is a man in love if I've ever seen one. Oh my Cod. It was so beautiful, and way more romantic than I expected. How are TPTB going to keep topping themselves?! I'm going to die way before we even get to the first make-out sesh! Help! :-D
  9. Oh, those pictures. Just the delicious crumb I needed to (sort of) tide me over until next Thursday. I am riding a wave of feels....whew. Ok. Pulling myself together. Or not. Can't wait for the spoilers tonight! I know it's probably too much to hope that we will get anything Shamy-related after 7.20 and before the Shamy finale, but I will be happy with a knee touch on the couch. Those knee and foot touches....be still my Shamy-loving heart! ;-P
  10. So sorry for your loss, Dena! Take care!
  11. Wow! This makes me as (if not more) happy than gifs of the SIK! Such sweet moments. He certainly does love his Amy...quirks and all. Got major feels from this. :-D Thanks for posting it!
  12. Happy Birthday Soul Mate! I would make you a fancy GIF or something but I don't have access to a computer at the moment, so.... I've made you my emergency contact at work! Isn't that great?! But really, you crack me up and I hope you have a wonderful day full of carbs, fun, and all the things that make you happy...including our beloved Shamy. :-D
  13. The conversation between Sheldon and his mother was way more intense than I was expecting! I think there's all kinds of significance there that I'm currently too tired to analyze...but I'm sure others on this forum have already done the thinking for me (or will soon). Sheldon really has come such a long way! And that means great things for Shamy. :-)
  14. Thank you, Maria! I sure hope she's right about that...the way I see it, you can't have too much Shamy booty swatting:-)
  15. Maria, when did she say this??? That's a big deal! Can't believe I missed it!
  16. Ok, I thought I was recovering from my addiction to this forum after the SIK....I mean, I was doing really well, guys....and then...the "talking SIK" happened. And I've relapsed. Big time. Help. Or don't. This is too much fun. :-D I love this fandom!
  17. Just finished part two of a three-part exam (which wasn't fun) but now I'm rewarding myself by reading all of these wonderful posts! Is it sad that this makes me so insanely happy? I just can't....it's too much. I am so thrilled with this episode. Here's what I want to know about the kiss... 1. How long did they kiss? 2. Was Sheldon being intentionally flirtatious during the banter? 3. Did he seem like he enjoyed the kiss? 4. Was there any mouth movement (other than the talking), or was it completely chaste? 5. Was this kiss as sexy/more sexy than the first SIK? I know. I have problems. I guess we will learn the answers to all of the above soon enough ... I cannot wait! It's too AMAZING to be true! The writers are doing exactly what we've hoped for. Couldn't be more thrilled. *still fangirling and wearing a dopey grin* :-D
  18. I like that Molaro said explicitly that Sheldon and Amy had a good relationship going into the kiss. It may seem like he was stating the obvious, but the fact that he reinforced this was encouraging to me. The SIK wasn't just some band-aid applied to keep Amy from throwing in the towel. Though I sometimes feel like I'm on a roller-coaster ride shipping this couple, I think they truly do - on the whole - have a rich, complex (in a good way) relationship, and I feel confident that Molaro is rooting for Shamy. Are the writers doing a perfect job of developing these characters separately and as a couple? Maybe not...but there's trial-and-error involved in doing that and I think they may start to really get a feel for what's working with all the positive feedback they've received in the wake of the SIK.
  19. Molaro: "He clearly didn’t dislike it." Amy and Us: "Okay. Now try it without the double negative." Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  20. See, it's stuff like this that makes me want to stop myself from getting invested in the show. We have no control so it's pointless to hope and wait for desired events, character development, etc. that may or may not happen. I need to just try to enjoy the ride. Personally, the more I theorize and hypothesize about the future of this ship, the more I feel let down. Not crazy about the whole "Sheldon didn't dislike kissing" thing. Give me a break. Talk about silly semantics. You really can't say that he enjoyed it, Molaro? Because there wasn't a person who watched it who would say that he didn't. Silly, silly writers. :-P Oy vey.
  21. If the break-up scenario in 7.16 had actually played out, I honestly can't picture Sheldon going more than the bus ride home without "freaking out" again over his decision. Perhaps he was able to let go of her easily in that moment, but he would have regretted it big time...whether he immediately recognized it or not. And we thought the 25 cats were bad... I'm not going to worry about the implications of what happens in 7.16 just yet. IMO, the writers just wanted to show us that Sheldon wasn't going to go down the "change" path without a fight. Eta: sry, don't know what happened to the quote function, lol
  22. So just have to share another quick observation about the SIK after my millionth view, lol: When Sheldon pulls away from the kiss, his hand stays on her waist for at least 4-5 seconds. It's like he's slowly regaining composure...but he's not quite ready to let go of her. I swear, the beauty really is in the details. The sexual tension between them in that scene is palpable, and I don't know how anyone can deny any longer that the proverbial cat is alive. :-D Oh Shamy, what have you done to us?! ;-)
  23. Ok. I'm newly dead. The silent kiss is soooo much more intimate and intense!!! Wow. Just...wow. That was something.
  24. I know I've already said this, but I've been reading more comments about the kiss on YouTube, etc. and I CANNOT get over the overwhelming positive reaction! It actually makes me a little emotional! Macho guys are talking about crying and getting tingles.... I mean seriously, how incredible is that?! People who casually watch BBT are calling it an epic moment in TV history, and I feel like people outside our tight little circle of fans are finally starting to "get" the magic of the Shamy. I just hope the writers are seeing at least a sampling of the comments; it should affirm that they are headed in the right direction. On another note: the kiss scene has got to be Emmy-worthy. I am so blown away by both Jim and Mayim's subtle, honest performances. They should be very, very proud of this episode. Brilliantly acted. End of gushing... Oh yes. I almost forgot... My name is Amber. I'm a 28-year-old mom, educator, and grad student, and I currently watch the SIK at least 15 times per day. I am an SIK addict, and I need help. :-P
  25. I hope TPTB take into account the huge, VERY positive (on the whole) audience response to the kiss...and their audience's willingness to accept this change in Sheldon. People are ready for it. They would be fools to sweep the kiss under the rug. And I don't think they are fools. Most of the time, anyway. :-P
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