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  1. I can see this scenario happening...Sheldon realizing he can't live without her. I can certainly live with this. :-)
  2. Yes, I've read the taping report. I just don't know if that's going to be the end of Sheldon's freak-out. And even if Sheldon settles down and accepts that he's changed, he may still try to return to the status quo. I actually think it could be Amy who tries to end it if things don't change. Her declaration that she "deserves " romance could end up being significant beyond 7.15.
  3. It's been a long time since I've posted, but I want to get this off my chest, so here goes nothin.' Like all of you, I am still dying and unhealthily obsessing over what I think is the most romantic, perfect SIK we could have hoped for. :-P It was sheer perfection and a major high point for the show. TPTB MUST be aware of the unprecedented reaction this is eliciting among fans and even casual viewers. But I've got to admit...I'm starting to get nervous about how they're planning to slow the progress of Shamy to a manageable pace while simultaneously maintaining the drama and momentum of the storyline. So here's my fear: I definitely believe that Shamy is endgame. Zero doubt about that. But I am also very aware that when something this big happens, there is no way to avoid some equally big aftershocks. Some of you have predicted another kiss or an ILY or something equivalent happening during May sweeps. Is anyone (besides me) a little worried that we may end up facing a cliffhanger break-up or "break" brought on by the upheaval of the kiss? I feel like Amy has made it clear that she does need her boyfriend to start reciprocating in some way, and now Sheldon is going to have to come to terms with this enormous, irreversible change in their relationship...so is this the beginning of a big storm? Was the kiss just a band-aid? Of course, if a break-up does happen, it will be a catalyst for something really good. But I'm bracing myself. Anyone else? Only posting this because I know this is a safe, wonderful place and you all will have brilliant insights to offer. :-) I love everyone here!
  4. Wait a minute. You mean he comments on the kiss in the tag scene?!?
  5. Hey Gals! I took a break from Shamy and this forum for a while....thought I was rehabbing from my obsession quite well. Now I'm back and can't get enough of the latest Shamy spoilers. And I really...REALLY...can't wait to see this report. I've missed talking to you all, btw!
  6. OMG. I can't speak intelligently about this episode yet. For now, I'll just say....hoo! But really, it was so brilliant. That bedroom scene...I mean...the way it was edited was so different from the taping report, but it was AMAZING and sweet and emotional and sexy all at the same time. I need time to process this. Hoo.
  7. Shamy will be just fine. As this is a spoiler-free thread, I won't say anything more than that. The snarky remarks, btw, were in reaction to something that was very frustrating for Sheldon. And since when does he say anything that is even remotely "lover-like"? I thought the lines were delivered in a light and funny way. I was worried that they wouldn't be but was quite pleasantly surprised.
  8. Wow...oops. That's a pretty big mix-up. Thanks for setting us straight. The quotes you added (which I've seen before) are definitely not as exciting, but I'll take 'em. This doesn't make me any less excited to see 6.23.
  9. Warm up with some news: http://cartermatt.com/57134/the-big-bang-theory-season-6-spoilers-how-will-sheldon-and-amy-evolve/ "Luckily for Amy, it appears as though there is an event coming up that could cause the couple’s relationship to evolve rather rapidly." http://cartermatt.com/57369/the-big-bang-theory-season-6-spoilers-lets-talk-dungeons-dragons/ "Molaro promises that there will be a watershed moment for one of the characters during the episode that changes the way in which we perceive them forever" http://www.enstarz.com/articles/16577/20130419/big-bang-theory-season-6-spoilers-main-character-set-to-experience-life-changing-moment-details-video.htm "To top it off, the EP gave his word that there would be a groundbreaking moment for one of the cast members during the highly anticipated episode that he said will forever change the audience's perception, according to Carter Matt." ------------------------------------------------------------------ I feel like we kind of glossed over how incredibly HUGE the above is. Molaro's statements indicate that TPTB view this episode as tantamount to "proof" that Sheldon is not an asexual being, and perhaps also that a physical relationship is no longer merely a possibility...but actually on the horizon. NO TURNING BACK!!! 6.23 is even MORE significant given the writers' perception of the bedroom scene as "groundbreaking." They would not use such a strong word if they did not intend for what transpired between Sheldon and Amy to be viewed as serious and, maybe more importantly, permanent. Guys? It's happening. I mean it's really, really happening. I'll let that sink in while I do my happy dance.
  10. You really do need to wait and watch the episode. All will make sense in due time...:D
  11. OMG. The way Sheldon is looking straight at Amy in this pic.... I don't even care that they can fit an extra large pizza between them on that bed. This is the most intimate moment I've ever seen on TV. And it's a photo. This episode is going to kill me...in a good way. :D
  12. Koops, this is exactly what I was trying to say in the chat last night, but I don't think I was very clear. Thanks for making this point!
  13. If I remember correctly, she wrote the teleplay for 6.21. She contributed to the actual story/plot for the finale. How dare you rain on our happy Shamy parade!
  14. I don't think they can ignore what happened in 6.23. It will be the elephant in the room if the writers don't at least acknowledge that a shift in the dynamic of their relationship has taken place. IMO, the finale synopsis screams "we're going to be dealing with living arrangements and/or relationship issues that will affect everyone." I would be VERY surprised if we see no movement in either direction, or at least reinforcement of the change that's already taken place. Finales are not for keeping your most popular couple status quo. With that said, last year it appeared as though nothing would happen with Shamy in the finale until the last 10 seconds of the episode -- then we got the hand-hold. It was such a small moment, yet extremely significant. We may be in for something along those lines, which works for me. Of course I'd be extremely happy if we got more (...and then Sheldon kisses Amy...lol), but I won't be greedy.
  15. When Sheldon initiates the sexy RP session, he is reinforcing his statement to her- that he's sincerely open to the possibility of physical intimacy and is actively pursuing it in his own way. I saw it as his way of demonstrating to Amy that he meant what he said. And don't forget Amy's "talk dirty to me" immediately following his confession. She wouldn't have said that if she wasn't encouraged by it. I am actually glad that she played it slightly cool. If she had reacted the way we expected her too, who knows...we might not have gotten the D&D RP. I agree that this leaves Sheldon some breathing room and maybe even the opportunity to play the role of pursuer for once. Without pressure and with the desire he clearly has for her, he may really start to surprise Amy. :D
  16. Just tweeted Bill about the missing script cover. Come on, Biww! We need those spoiwews wike watew! Now wet's get it togethew; don't get swoppy!
  17. Anyone feeling chatty tonight??? Where are my girls?
  18. I was pleasantly surprised that Sheldon didn't react negatively to the suggestion that he might one day be married, have a family, etc. I think it was meaningful that his response was neutral. This scene could easily have been an opportunity for the writers to humiliate Amy with another Sheldon 2.0 zinger.
  19. Wow, Pom! You're a non-native speaker? You're extremely well-spoken for ANY English speaker, let alone a non-native one. I'm very impressed.
  20. Just curious: has anyone here ever tweeted Bill? Wish he knew how stirred up the fandom is right now and how badly we want -- no, NEED -- an amazing Shamy moment in the finale. I know it wouldn't make a difference, but...maybe someone can be the annoying little tumor that gets into the writers brains and won't go away until we get an SIK?
  21. Retroluv

    The 7 Season?

    I think Jim has a great deal of range and wide enough appeal to do just about whatever he wants during and/or after BBT. Don't see him being typecast as a Sheldon-y character at all, tbh. He may always play quirky character roles, since that's his strength, but he's really a brilliant actor all around. And I think he enjoys doing live theater/Broadway, so he can have a great career on stage if that's what he chooses after BBT.
  22. WELL SAID! I think you hit the nail on the head. Sorry, didn't mean to rhyme. Happy accident?
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