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  1. This is not a very happy place right now. There are still two episodes left, Ladies, and I don't think there's cause to be upset about lines in episodes we haven't even seen yet. Delivery is very important and can totally change the tone of lines that read "mean" or "nasty." Patience, my dahlings. Patience. I also think we need to remember that Sheldon is making what seem like unkind comments when he is either challenged in some way or pressured to change. It's extremely uncomfortable and difficult for him, and he's fighting it for all he's worth. This is his MO and it always has been. But TPTB are trying (emphasis on trying...not always succeding) to depict this struggle in a humorous way. Sometimes they succeed, and it's funny. Other times, especially for those of us who are very invested in the relationship, it is not. Minor mis-steps, perhaps. But I don't think they intend to stay this course (with Sheldon frustrated and stubborn) long-term. It is a phase he will grow out of. And I believe the relationship will be better for it. IMO, this is as much angst and tension as we'll get when it comes to Shamy (unless Amy breaks up with him temporarily). I can live with that. And if there's no good Shamy in the final two eps, as someone else said, we can stew all summer and read fan fiction to lift our spirits until the writers get a clue.
  2. Sounds pretty funny, LOL. I don't think the taping report said anything about him finishing other things before the dominoes; that's hilarious! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Monique. You are our hero!
  3. Thanks, Monique! What about his lines to Amy and the one he says after he closes the door?
  4. Thank you, Monique!!! Wonderful as always.
  5. Monique, did they show you the episode that was filmed last week? Can you tell us what you thought of the dominoes scene?
  6. Don't get me wrong, I love Raj, but I'm just not that invested in the Racy mini-arc. I'm selfish and I want lots of Shamy in the finale. :D
  7. Retroluv


    I don't mind the cool-hip-new-musical storyline, but based on tonight's episode and the preview for next week, I'm starting to feel like Bombshell is fading into the background. I don't like it.
  8. Monique will be at tonight's taping, BazingaFan. So we will get a report. Thanks, Monique!
  9. Wow, Lio! I can't believe it has taken me this long to discover your stories! I knew you were MarisolX's beta, but never thought to click on your name. Doh! I am such an amateur.
  10. I have always assumed that Sheldon views Amy's "attributes" -- from her brain to her physique -- as he does every person or thing associated with his life: greater than or equal to (emphasis on the "greater than") that of any other man. That's why he encourages her to "take [her] breasts out" and chastises Raj for implying that Amy has no sexually exploitable qualities -- he sees her as either comparable or superior to Penny vis-a-vis attractiveness. Whether it's pure ego or a genuine capacity to appreciate his girlfriend's unique beauty remains to be seen. But I do think that he views Amy as a "hotsy-totsy" because she appeals to him physically. The issue is that it's a tertiary (if that) concern to him at this point. My theory is that his admiration and love for her will eventually push him to express his affection in a physical way, and once he gets past his fear of touch/germs, physical attraction will spark desire for her. Sorry, that was wayyy more than you asked for. I was on a roll.
  11. Boy, I wish I knew all of you "in real life" so that we could get together for viewing parties, etc. Can you imagine how fun it would be to watch the finale as a group? Can you imagine the nail-biting we'd all be doing simultaneously if we weren't spoiled before it aired? We could all be nervous wrecks together, LOL. If y'all came to my house, I'd be sure to offer you a hot beverage. So when your guests are about to watch the season finale of a show they have spent countless hours analyzing, dissecting, laughing at, crying over, and generally obsessing about for the last 9 months, and that show is about to go on hiatus for 3 months, what beverage do you offer? Hot toddy, anyone?
  12. Welcome Lio! Looking forward to your insights; we've heard great things about you. :D Eta: Agree with your first post, btw. Let's hope all the build-up is indeed leading somewhere.
  13. Lol, no tbbt contacts as of yet, unfortunately. I think Krys (Shel_Ra_Ho_Le) works in the entertainment industry. Uh, Krys, if you're lurking, any chance you could sneak into the TBBT production offices and leave an anonymous letter on Chuck Lorre's desk? Scratch that...I think we have a better chance with Steve. What am I thinking...what we REALLY need is for someone to run into one of the writers at a Starbucks, do a little harmless flirting, get married in Vegas (without a prenup) because, let's face it, we're running out of time here, then calmly inform him that he needs to write the script we want or risk losing half his assets. Oh wait, the writers are all married. Aren't they? Never mind. This is what happens when I'm bored and eat a bunch of marshmallows late at night. Forgive me.
  14. So I've got a possible scenario for the finale: Sheldon has a mini-blowup at Amy over what he perceives as too much pressure/speed vis-a-vis their (physical?) relationship. He tells her they may need to consider terminating their RA. Ok, maybe that's too extreme...maybe he just says something vague about his discomfort and promptly leaves the room. Distraught, Amy runs to her bestie for advice. Penny comforts her, then spills the beans that Sheldon admitted a physical relationship was "a possibility." Penny reminds Amy that Sheldon is probably scared of his feelings and of the idea that the flood gates to all kinds of scary, intimate things will surely open as soon as they share their first real kiss. Amy assures Penny that she has no intention of rushing things, and that though she talks a big game, she's terrified too. Penny encourages her to share this with Sheldon, and to reassure him that they can go at his pace if that's what he needs, because she wants to be with him. Fast forward to S/A's final scene together: Amy does as Penny suggested, and Sheldon responds with relief and gratitude. He tells Amy sincerely that even though he is uncomfortable with change, he is more uncomfortable with the thought of ending their relationship. Impulsively, he hugs/kisses her completely of his own volition. The end. That's all I've got right now. Darn plot bunnies. A bit cliche/predictable perhaps, but I think something along these lines is plausible.
  15. You're probably right re a Shamy baby, Teneal. But I do think marriage is a possibility for Sheldon and Amy. In fact, I could see marriage happening before sex, given Sheldon's upbringing. As much as he resists and opposes his mother's religious views, he is a traditional southern gentleman at heart and has tremendous respect for her and for his mee-maw. He also said at Howard's bachelor party that he always thought Howard would be the last of the group to get married (I realize it was a joke, but maybe he truly believed that?)....so there's that. Shamy wedding for the series finale, anyone? Or maybe just one of the last episodes. We can't miss out on Shamy coitus!
  16. I get what you're saying, and realistically, I know that if Shamy became THAT couple, their manner of showing affection would be very different from that of most couples. It probably wouldn't include much, if any, PDA. Cute and quirky with a dash of just plain weird = the most likely depiction of "in love" Shamy. But I still have fun thinking (hoping?) that maybe they would surprise is and throw in some physical affection, too. I love the idea of Sheldon becoming addicted to cuddling.
  17. I think Howard and Bernadette will have a pregnancy at some point. Especially since we had an entire episode devoted to that issue. There's also a chance that Penny will get knocked up (remember her dream?) and this will push her and Leonard down the aisle. Test tube baby for Shamy, anyone? But it will only be one couple, IMO.
  18. Boy will we all be a mess the night of the finale taping (if someone gets tickets, that is)! Expectations and hopes will either be dashed or realized in a single taping report. Writers, listen up: We Shamy shippers need SOMETHING to get us through summer! We trust that you know this already. But no major cliffhangers, please. And nothing too sad or serious. We're just expecting...ya know...unique-romantic-sweet-emotional-but-still-funny-and-quirky Shamy perfection. No pressure. That's right, we know you're reading this.
  19. Random confession of the day: sometimes I daydream about Sheldon and Amy -- in the distant future...maybe Season 10 -- becoming the annoying, PDA-happy, lovey-dovey couple of the group. Like, Sheldon does a complete 180 when he finally accepts that he's in love with Amy. We all know that Amy would be fully amenable to that kind of openness if Sheldon were on board. I'm not talking making out in public - just hugging, little pecks here and there, smiling adoringly at each other, gratuitous flirting and complimenting, etc. I'd love to see the others grossed out by the shameless Shamy, LOL. I think it could be hilarious...and adorable. Probably going to get negative responses to this, as it may seem too "normal" or typical for Shamy, but I don't care. I would love to see it anyway. :D
  20. I never said the Season was ABOUT physical gestures, and I agree that the theme has been emotional growth. The scenario I described is something that I'd like to see play out in one of the final episodes of S6 (most likely the finale).
  21. I think we need to keep in mind, too, that Season 6 represents a new and different phase in their relationship. Last season everything was brand new and much less scary for Sheldon. There wasn't even a commitment until halfway through S5, and then he had the safety and security of the RA to keep things status quo. With the TLA hand-hold, things changed. Sheldon realized that he wasn't as in control as he'd like to be - not with regard to the relationship OR his own emotions - and he has been wrestling with letting go and coming to terms with change throughout Season 6. IMO, this is why we haven't seen as many tender moments. This is why Sheldon's had some "snappy" moments. He's absolutely terrified. And I think it's true to the character, frankly. He loves Amy, but sometimes when the pace of things gets to be too much for him, he lashes out in frustration. This is the "growing pains" phase a la Shamy, guys.
  22. I would love to see Sheldon make a small gesture of physical affection - say, a hug or an arm behind Amy's shoulders on the couch - where the audience gets to see his face change with emotion but Amy does not. So far, weve only seen him grimace at or tolerate her touch. What if we saw tenderness, confusion (over the fact that he's actually enjoying it), or happiness instead? Maybe he has his arm draped over the couch and we see signs of his internal debate over whether or not to move the arm to her shoulders? If WE could see that his feelings are growing, even if the writers aren't quite ready for Amy to know that - because once Amy knows, the relationship will HAVE to speed up - I think I would be very satisfied.
  23. Ok, now I'm really confused. So Cathi just totally misremembered the line? Or there were two versions, one pre-taped (the bad) and one taped live (the good/better)? Sorry if I seem dense...but Cathi even responded to all the outrage over the line. How could it be that it was never even uttered? Eta: to clarify, I'm still very grateful to Cathi for all that she did!!! If it was a case of misremembering or mishearing, it's totally understandable.
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