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  1. Just wanted to add: it really is amazing that the writers thought "I wish you were dead" would have the same effect or mean the same thing as "you are a sucker." The second option could be quite funny. I just can't imagine a studio audience, test group, etc. reacting positively to the first. It's bizarre, confusing and unfunny, IMO.

    Just had to get that off my chest. Ahhh....much better.

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  2. Whew! Really happy to hear the news about the infamous line. And I love what Sheldon says to Amy!!! I think that deep down he means what he said (a la the Spiderman speech). Hoping that the "sucker" punchline refers to Amy falling victim to her own experiment, not to the veracity of Sheldon's sweet words. Sounds like the former, but we'll see. Still much better than a wish for his gf's death. ;)

    Forgive me if the answer is obvious, but can anyone tell me why the "wish you were dead" line was pre-recorded? And why would they show it if they didn't plan to use it? To compare audience reactions? I guess I was confused about why the poster said "it was never uttered." Is there still a chance they would use the much-hated version?

    So glad to see that the Sharmy is in good spirits once again! No more freaking out over taping reports. *wags finger* It's not necessary and not worth it.

    Welcome Keie! Enjoyed your analysis. :)

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  3. There's a difference. Penny had plenty of 'experience' before she met Leonard, and still chose him for his intangible qualities. Amy has only gone out with Sheldon, and may find someone she likes better. In fact if she's looking for some with similar interests she could go to university mixers or mensa meetings.

    Whoa there, my trigger-happy friend. Don't think we should be playing matchmaker just yet. ;)

    I'll play along just this once. If Shamy did break up, I'd like to see Amy go to a Mensa speed-dating session. Maybe Penny could tag along for moral support. They meet "bizarro-world" Sheldon and Leonard (Seinfeld, anyone?). I think I might pay to see that.

  4. Madame the following is my opinion...

    I believe if Shamy breaks up, it will be forever. They aren't that sort of couple that can go off and on and still keep the audience loving them. So I don't think they will go quite there. I think they are just trying to create some level of drama for Shamy, and maybe not in the best way but that's what I feel they are doing. They want to not let fans get too comfortable with the idea of them being together in the end, and they want to leave mystery there I believe of will they or won't they? I believe they will keep Shamy together until the end and reward us for this later down the line for waiting. Right now is just the Shamy angst period.

    A little Shamy angst might end up being just what the doctor ordered -- a catalyst for better things to come. I enjoy angsty Shamy fanfiction from time to time, so I should be able to handle these speed bumps on the show itself. Sometimes it's difficult, because we can't see the forest through the trees, but I can't think of a plausible scenario that won't -- after some patient waiting on our part -- make us all happy in the end. I permanent breakup won't happen, IMO, unless Mayim decides to move on from the show.
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  5. Yeah, well, you guys can all judge for yourselves when it airs (how it makes you feel).

    I for one am not worried. I'm enjoying the ride. ;) This fandom and forum are a fun, lighthearted distraction and I intend to keep it that way. The episode sounds really funny, and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    Whether or not every line, look, and nuance of the epidode serves to further the ideal Shamy romance, I will have faith and stick to my mantra, "all's well that ends well." :D

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  6. Remember, not everything will be written in the reports. If I don't remember it well, I don't write it at all. She raises her voice at him a little like, "heyyyy!" when he said something....just don't remember what it was he said exactly...most likely it was when he was trying to pimp out her body. LOL.

    I'm sure it wasn't a big deal, lol. Just found it kind of ironic that a photo like this is following the recent avalanche of posts about Shamy growing apart, Sheldon being a jerk, etc. We've now seen a couple of promo photos from consecutive episodes (last week's and this one) in which Amy looks...unhappy? Peeved? I don't really think it means anything. Just an observation.

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  7. I don't think it has to be a full blown break up(or whatever it would be in the Shamy world). Let Sheldon do something to get Amy pissed enough to not talk, skype, call, etc. him for six or so episodes into the seventh season to get him to recognize her need for companionship and some physical intimacy (I'm not saying full on sex or even heavy kissing here). Enough of a separation to let him know that if he wants her in his life (and we know he does), he needs to at least take the small step of at giving her the hand holding, hugging, and the occasional kiss. Relationships are about compromises. Sheldon hasn't learned that yet and I don't think he will until Amy does something to get him to understand he has to give, if he wants her around (and again, we know he does).

    Now, that said, the writers have the problem of having sheldon not moving too fast. They can do that but they seem to have been wildly inconsistent this year in his movement this year. I am not a Shamy shipper by any means, but I do think they're relationship is cute and one of the more original on TV. I would hate that it would completely fall apart and I think that writers have done a wonderful job with Lenny this year. I'm not that worried about them messing up Shamy, even if there are some rough spots ahead for them.

    6 or 7 episodes without Shamy? Uh, no. Not going to happen. 2 or 3 at most. I still think it's unlikely. Sheldon would have to adopt the entire feline population of the Pasadena SPCA to cope with that.

    Plus, I would be a wreck, so....yeah....it just can't happen. ;)

    Eta: fine, they can work out their issues in Season 7, but not starting a third of the way into the season. Still don't want a breakup, but it's gotta be done right if the writers go that route.

  8. Do you remember the ending of the second season, where the guys went to the Magnetic North poll for the summer and Penny was miserable because she couldn't admit she was going to miss Leonard. Or the fourth season, where it looked like Penny and Raj had slept together? Not exactly a laugh fest.

    True, but even though Penny didn't admit her feelings to Leonard in that episode, we were still privvy to that poignant moment after she shuts the door - a strong indicator that something would happen between them eventually. If Shamy broke up but it was clear that Sheldon had finally woken up and seen the proverbial light as a result, I would be ok with it and would anxiously anticipate the start of the next season. TPTB know what they are doing and they know how to leave us wanting more, even in the wake of a serious, potentially sad event. A breakup might be used as a plot device to propel the relationship forward in a dramatic (yet comedic) way, but I don't see how it would do any good aside from that.

    Eta: Penny and Raj sleeping together wasn't really very funny, I'll give you that. The Lenny's must have had a fun summer waiting for that to be resolved. Ugh.

  9. Majim Moment from tonight's Sardi's:


    Also, here is the "boob" scene from the episode coming up this week...LOL:


    Wow. It looks like Amy is really letting Sheldon have it in this pic. I don't remember her yelling at him in the taping report.

    Oh, Shamy, we miss the golden days of your relationship when eye-coitus was frequent and intense and you wore adorable matching smirks at book readings. So many GIF-worthy moments back then. Now you have us holding our breaths until the season finale and cringing during moments like these. :(

    I'm keeping my chin up, but I tell ya, that dang finale had better be GOOD. Real good. *pounds fist into palm in threatening manner*

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  10. Because that same 'deeply invested audience' will tune in to watch every moment waiting and hoping for them to get back together.

    I just really don't see them ending the season on such a decidedly sour note. I suppose it's possible that it could be done cliffhanger-style -- Amy breaks it off, then Sheldon says or does something that implies he is going to do whatever it takes to win her back, etc. First and foremost, TBBT is a comedy. A sad, seemingly beyond repair breakup is not funny.

  11. There is no way they would break up Shamy for any reason other than to demonstrate how desperately Sheldon needs Amy and how truly miserable he would be without her. And I REALLY don't think they would do it in the season finale. The writers LIKE this relationship

    and I think they are very well aware that a large part of their audience is deeply invested in it. Why would they risk alienating or even losing those viewers?


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  12. I don't think the fact that she didn't mention touching in the teaser means it didn't happen. I doubt that it's anything major - a kiss, for example - but keep in mind that we (or at least I) would flip over an affectionate pat on the knee, and Cathi wouldn't necessarily see it as a particularly noteworthy event. I could be totally off, of course. Maybe she's just holding back because she's planning to surprise us in the morning.

    Either way, I'm excited!!! Some good Shamy stuff = a very happy me. :D

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  13. Oh wow. I'm dying. Trying not to get too excited over the Mayim quote. But seriously?!!! If they are touching in this ep, and she feels it is significant enough to serve as an example of religious immodesty, you can bet your bottom dollar it ain't a handshake, ladies! I'm surprised that she didn't reference the spanking scene.

    Ok, I need to calm down now.

  14. Oh! Oh! A lady has posted on TBBT's Facebook page, saying she'll be in the audience at the taping tomorrow night! Her name is Cathi Schubert Kurvink. Should we send her a request, kindly asking her to create a taping report?

    Why not? It's worth a shot! What's the worst that could happen? She either ignores our request or accuses us of being bat crap crazy?

    I can live with that.

    Does anyone concur?

    eta: I agree, TMP. Any info would be fine; a taping report is a lot to ask.

  15. Monique has a friend who is going to tomorrow's taping. She said she'd text him to see if anything big happens with Shamy or get a gist of the show.

    OMG you just made my day with that news! Even if all we get is a general idea of what the episode is about (and maybe descriptions of any noteworthy Shamy moments), I will be very happy. Big thanks to Monique and her friend for arranging this!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday, ShamyLove! Sounds like it was a great day. :D

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  16. In a recent interview, Jim characterized it as that Sheldon is now "intrigued" by the physical aspects, which makes a lot of sense. I'm not sure if Sheldon is exactly lusting after Amy at this point, but it sounds like he's curious.

    Thank you, TMP! I didn't totally understand what Jim meant by "he's intrigued on the level you would hope to feel"-- it's a bit awkward grammatically -- but I think you are right, given the context (the reporter was asking about Shamy sex). I definitely find it encouraging.

    Curiosity/interest must come first, then desire and instinct will eventually take over; but I think the mere fact that he is now thinking about doing things that were, up until recently, "unthinkable", is pretty terrifying to him.

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  17. That infamous line, while obnoxious, really was pretty IC for Sheldon. And I agree that he was using it to negate Amy's statement, which clearly irked him.

    But I also agree with everyone who thinks the writers were being a bit careless with the Shamy in this episode. I'm sure it was meant to be a funny, typical-Sheldon moment, but it came across more abrasive than that. I get that their focus was on Howard and that Sheldon, for the most part, served as the comic relief. I just wish they could have found another way to accomplish this.

    I'm still looking forward to what's coming next, but I'm going in with low expectations. That way, if all we get is a hug or even an affectionate pat on the knee, I will still be able to muster up some excitement. :)

    Oh, and welcome SundayLibrarian! We're happy that you've decided to officially join the Sharmy. This is a fun group comprised of many smart, articulate, witty ladies (at least, that's my opinion of everyone here). ;)

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  18. But, TO ME, the Amy that was meant to be with him woud be in that closet tidying it up with him.

    I agree. It would have been cute and still IC. I wouldn't like it if they turned Shamy into a creepy mother/child couple where Amy is the grown-up in every situation. I love it when they're weird and quirky together. :)

  19. Wow, it's gotten pretty gloomy in here. :(

    I just think we need to be patient and go with the flow at this point or we're going to go crazy. Jim's comment was hyperbolic and I felt like he was really reacting to the question re making it to the bedroom; he used the "kiss on the couch" scenario to make his point. But he also stated quite emphatically that Sheldon and Amy are becoming increasingly attached to each other. Bottom line is that this ship is going to move slowly (pun intended), which we already knew. Of course, I can understand not liking the give-and-take theme of the relationship, but if TPTB are going that route indefinitely, I for one would rather enjoy the cute, sincere moments and sporadic growth spurts as much as possible and just roll my eyes at the rest. That's really all we can do.

    Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the need to vent. ;) I just don't think it's time to throw out the baby with the bath water just yet. I believe with all my Shamy-loving little heart that there's more great stuff to come for this couple. The writers, producers and actors are all rooting for their continued growth; that's half the battle.

    ETA: I didn't get the impression that Molaro wasnt on board with the others re Sheldon and Amy growing together. He was addressing the issue of how they have each dealt with the onset of "delayed adolescence" in different ways: Amy is taking the growing pains in stride, while Sheldon is struggling to accept real change for the first time in his life. It's ok for them to be different in this way. I don't think Sheldon will wake up one day and suddenly be capable of embracing everything that has terrified him for so long. It's going to be a struggle that Amy will help him through (notice I didn't say "push him through" ;)).

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  20. I was surprised and initially taken aback by Sheldon's hand-holding comment, but now that I've had some time to think about it, I don't think we should fret about this transparent attempt by the writers to preserve the "original" character. This is what they do, and we have to just accept it. Every time Sheldon makes a little progress, it's followed by a period of regression, then they surprise us with something profoundly sweet and unique. Yes, Sheldon is "working on" his issues with physical touch, but he's still at his core a germaphobe with the emotional maturity of an adolescent boy....so he's still going to gripe about holding hands even if deep down - maybe - he's starting to dislike it less and less. I'm not worried and I believe Sheldon and Amy are solid. All of the couples bicker; if they didn't, it wouldn't be funny.

    All that said, I agree with others who have said that we need to try not to be devastated if there's no SIK this season. If there isn't, we can at least expect something that strengthens Shamy as a couple, peels back Sheldon's layers a bit more, reveals how he's feeling to a greater extent, etc.

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