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  1. http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/03/14/paleyfest-2013-big-bang-theory/ Hear that, ladies? Chuck said this year's season finale will be more "intimate." That can only be good!
  2. Well, no big surprise, but we do have confirmation that the finale will be relationship-centric. And that 6.21 will contain lots of Shamy. :D
  3. I loved how one of the producers - Molaro? - described Sheldon and Amy as late-blooming adults going through adolescence together, with Amy embracing the new experiences and emotions of looming adulthood and Sheldon generally disliking and/or hiding from them. It's so true, and hearing this from one of the show's creators renews my faith that TPTB know and understand these characters better than we give them credit for, and will ultimately do right by them. ETA: I believe Molaro provided this explanation in response to a question re whether or not the writers originally intended Amy to be "gay for Penny." He explained that the group had opened up a whole new world for Amy, catapulting her into a delayed adolescence, and that she was merely experiencing her first "girl crush".
  4. We'll know something about 6.21 just a week later than we'd hoped...come on, ladies, we can do this! I really wish they had fed us a few teasers re the remaining episodes of Season 6 tonight. Nearly 2 hours of audience questions and no eyebrow waggling or just-wait-and-see-what-we-have-planned-type answers? In the words of our favorite Neurobiologist, "Lame-o!!!"
  5. Meh, I could have done without the moderator's questions. She seemed nervous and scattered. She did, however, do a good job keeping the audience questions brief and shutting down the requests for autographs and hugs.
  6. Love it! This was after the question about Shamy consummating their relationship. I won't lie, I "squee'd" like a preteen fangirl. And I try so hard not to.
  7. Great job, Stardust! It's totally worth watching on Hulu just for the MaJim interactions. If I didn't know that Jim was gay and in a committed relationship, I would so be rooting for an off-screen fling and/or marriage, babies, etc., lol. They are just so lovely together. I agree that there is an emotional intimacy between them that no other pair in the cast seems to have. You're right, Stardust, that Jim used Mayim as his "security blanket." He gravitates towards her physically when he's uncomfortable. They were practically sharing arm and foot rests by the end of it!
  8. Very interesting to watch Jim in this environment. He stared down and to his right (almost into Mayim's lap) about 80% of the time. I wish he could get how much he's loved and admired by the fans; I think he'd be more confident. Such a lovely, classy person, though. Also of note: Mayim looked really beautiful tonight! Of course, so did the other girls. Melissa was hysterical and adorable. I was a bit disappointed in the questions that were asked, and I thought the moderator was a little...off. She seemed nervous and used a lot of her own questions (that either weren't very interesting or that were very similar to previous questions.) Too much talk about make-up, etc. I also thought that audience questions should have been screened. People asked for autographs, hugs...one girl even requested that the cast sign her, uh, "happy kitty" (thankfully, not as dirty as it sounds). Overall, it was a fun experience, but if I were the producers of Paleyfest I'd find a different (funnier) moderator and make sure the questions were varied and had nothing to do with autographs or hugs.
  9. Very interesting to watch Jim in this environment. He stared down and to his right (almost into Mayim's lap) about 80% of the time. I wish he could get how much he's loved and admired by the fans; I think he'd be more confident. Such a lovely, classy person, though. Also of note: Mayim looked really beautiful tonight! Of course, so did the other girls. Melissa was hysterical and adorable. I was a bit disappointed in the questions that were asked, and I thought the moderator was a little...off. She seemed nervous and asked a lot of the questions that didn't
  10. Omg so many great MaJim moments tonight! Loved it when, in his answer to the question about Amy and Sheldon consummating their relationship, Jim looked lovingly at Mayim, put his hand on her leg suggestively and said (among other things), "I can't wait to rehearse!" LOL. He obviously has a comfort level with her that makes it possible for him to be lighthearted in potentially uncomfortable situations. He leaned in towards her frequently, whispered comments to her (and she to him)...it was very apparent imo that they have a great off-screen friendship. Lots of limb and hand touching. Oh, and the spanking discussion? Don't even get me started! I loved hearing Jim talk about "smacking that a*s..." and Mayim joking about her red bottom. Definitely worth the 15 bucks. :D
  11. But really, how dramatic and/or significant could it possibly be just one week before the start of sweeps? *attempts to downplay while crying inside*
  12. But Monique is going to the taping the following week, correct? So she will see the Tara episode and can report back? I think I can wait 1 week....but I cannot wait until it airs!!! Sometimes I almost wish I didn't know these taping reports existed, LOL. Ignorance is bliss...
  13. I don't think they will reveal anything about the finale; I just meant that because we are nearing another round of Sweeps episodes, including the finale, I'm not expecting them to share very much at all re the remainder of Season 6. In other words, they will probably play coy regarding Shamy. But...you never know. We might be privvy to some exclusive teasers. Here's hoping. I am sooo excited! It's been a long time since I've gone out at night (I'm mom to a 16-month-old who still needs mommy to fall asleep) and this will be such a treat. Glad you're getting a much-deserved break from the daily academic grind, Teneal! And you, Stardust - enjoy that time with your Hubby.
  14. http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik/on-the-big-bang-theory-princess-scene-why-i-dont-like-princess-culture/ Just found this and thought it was interesting so I'm sharing it here. Reading Mayim's blog makes me want to be her friend; she is so insightful, but also real, self-deprecating and down-to-earth.
  15. I will be at my local theater as well, so I'd be happy to take notes and report back. Between all of us I'm sure we can cover all the juicy moments. :D Anyone know how the audience questions will work? I think I read that we can pose questions via Twitter? I have a feeling they're going to keep their cards pretty close to their chests this close to the finale, though. Anyone planning to ask a question?
  16. Um, is this thread silent because its contributors are all watching the season finale of The Bachelor? Come on, you know you love it...even though we are a group that obsesses over the most unconventional relationship on television and The Bachelor is basically a hit parade of romantic clichés. After all the frustration I've experienced waiting for one little Shamy kiss, a little manufactured-reality fluff is a welcome guilty pleasure. :D Just me? What do you ladies watch/do to unwind when you're not talking BBT?
  17. 3 weeks between new episodes? Oh, that is going to be tough... At least we have a taping report coming up on April 26 to break up the mini hiatus. Glad I will be busy, but still. May have to turn to fan fiction in my desperation.
  18. I would like to see Amy conduct another "experiment" in which she plays it extremely cool and aloof with Sheldon to elicit the opposite from him. If she suddenly became emotionally unavailable or was just "too busy" for him, would he crave her even more? I think so. Maybe it's too manipulative, and I wouldn't want Amy to be accused of that, but I think it might be a believable way to get Sheldon to make a move.
  19. “It still gets a ha-ha-ha when people saw that Sheldon made Amy the contact. (But) I think that’s about the most transformative thing our characters could do for each other,” — Mayim Bialik Just thought I'd share this with you Chickies. Found it on Tumblr. Mayim shares our brain cells!
  20. I thought Sheldon was very mature last night. I kept expecting him to say something that would undo that impression, but he never did! Loved it that he referred to Amy and Bernadette as brilliant and didn't even attempt to make it about himself. That is huge for Sheldon. I would definitely hope that the original V-Day scene included something more overtly romantic. If that's a the case, we know the writers were merely concerned with the pacing of the relationship's development and that something really good is coming. I loved what they ended up using, regardless. It was just perfect.
  21. I like that. Watching the scene again, I do get the "married couple" vibe.
  22. Oh, and I totally agree that I wouldn't want Sheldon to suddenly perk up at the sight of Amy all dolled up or - heaven forbid - react anything like the other two guys. And I certainly wouldn't want to see their first real kiss in a tag. Just for the record. I take back what I said. Can I do that? :D Ok, I'm done. Off to bed.
  23. Just read back over my comment and boy was I being dramatic, lol! Mean was the wrong word, Koops, and I agree that it's meant to be funny. It's just...frustrating! I really need to stop reading negative stuff late at night after consuming sugary snacks. Makes me a little loopy.
  24. After watching tonight's episode (which, don't get me wrong, I found hilarious), I feel like it's glaringly obvious that TPTB are saturating these post-6.14 eps with Sheldon's little anti-romantic one-liners to throw us off the proverbial scent (or at least that's what they're attempting to do). Mayim playing coy when asked about the future of Shamy's relationship has me even more convinced that they are keeping something big under wraps. Based on comments in other threads and on other sites, it seems like many viewers (including non-Shamy shippers and casual viewers) felt that Sheldon's reaction to Amy in the tag was inconsistent and just plain mean. I'm trying to be more light-hearted in my approach to these annoying little one-liners that are clearly meant to tease us, but there's still a part of me that finds them sad and unnecessary in the midst of all the progress Sheldon and Amy have made as a couple. Sorry that I'm a negative nelly this evening...lack of sleep makes me grumpy and pessimistic.
  25. I know I'm a little biased, but I honestly thought Mayim looked the best out of the three girls. She was also the most dramatic transformation. How could Sheldon not want to kiss those pouty red princess lips?! LOL
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