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  1. Ugh!!!! The season finale had better be gooooood. If it's not a kiss then whatever Sheldon says/does for Amy had better give me a major toothache. TPTB really are such evil teases.
  2. My thoughts exactly, Phanta! They're taking questions from the live audience and from theater audiences via Twitter, so maybe if we all ask this, one of us will get through?
  3. Come on Dude, I'm exhausted, and Tyra Banks says the most important item in your makeup bag is a good night's sleep - The Roommate Transmorgification Lol, okay, I'm off to bed. Got a toddler who will be greeting me bright and early.
  4. I just want to be part of the conversation - The Codpiece Topology
  5. Hmm...I think #2 might be the easiest to start with.
  6. "If you don't mind, I'd like to stop listening to you and start talking."
  7. I agree with you, Kiru, about enjoying the view from above and not getting bogged down with minute details which may or may not be significant. Let's try to enjoy the journey. That said, I hope Phanta's analysis is correct. When Sheldon is mean or insensitive to Amy, I just want to smack him upside his smart little head, lol.
  8. Lol, Pomita you read my mind re us over-thinking things but posted before me. GMTA!
  9. Why do the writers bother with these mean "throwaway" lines? This one about date night with Amy being tedious, in particular, seems so inconsistent with the way they've characterized the Shamy relationship. Sheldon is supposed to genuinely enjoy her company and find her intellectually stimulating. Perhaps he is beginning to fear date night because it is a recurring event in their relationship that opens up the door to testing physical boundaries and increased emotional intimacy? Or is this another lame attempt at the whole one step forward, two steps back formula? Or are we over-thinking this? Nah...
  10. Koops, I have the same question and can't seem to come up with an answer that satisfies or pleases me. Anyone care to weigh in? This bothers me a great deal more than the coitus comment.
  11. After reading the report again, I feel like Sheldon's comment about coitus is very random...does he say it because he is worried that Amy might think he truly did something sexual with Raj's mother? I mean, it's silly, but this is clueless Sheldon (who doesn't get sarcasm) after all.
  12. Jusy because Sheldon stated that "it's a possibility" doesn't mean he has to be looking forward to it yet! Plenty of time for him to go from the point of willingness to the point of eagerness. I think TPTB are kind of saying, "hold your horses, we're not there just yet," lol. But we DO know now that Sheldon believes Amy has "sexual exploitative qualities!" That's another point scored for Amy, IMO.
  13. Love your clever counterfactual questions, girls! I'm too much of a coward and too tired to attempt an answer, lol.
  14. Hmm...if Kripke's in it, maybe Sheldon's new "reputation" will come up at some point?
  15. Sooo...anyone up for a game of counterfactuals? Staying up just a little longer in case they throw us a spoiler crumb before bed...
  16. I agree, our Shelly loves his girl just the way she is. I also think Lorre meant what he said when he described Sheldon's sexuality as "other": he is, above all else, attracted to intelligence and a very rare personality type that parallels and/or complements his own. Physical attraction surely follows this for the "other-oriented" (and I think it already has to some extent), but I think the writers want to make it very clear that Sheldon is still a unique character, and that he's not going to be swept off his feet by something anything he deems superficial. I, too, am waiting for the moment that he acknowledges physical attraction...even if that attraction is not conventional in any way. I think the revelation, itself, will be very Sheldon-esque (and possibly preceded by a lengthy rational explanation), but in its own way still romantic. Bottom line is that he loves her, and as long as he eventually gets to a place where that love inspires a desire for a physical connection to enhance the intellectual/emotional one that already solidly exists, then the Shamy will be one of the greatest love stories in TV history...IMO. :D To sum up: intellectual connection, then emotional connection, then love, then attraction, then physical desire...or marriage...or both! Here's hoping. Btw, I wasn't really writing any of this in response to any certain post...just kind of thinking "out loud."
  17. Ok, so this is a bit random, but I just wanted to share a happy Shamy-related thought: Because of Sheldon's admission that "it's a possibility," I no longer have to feel sympathy or a sense of foreboding when Amy talks dreamily about her future with Sheldon. I have to admit, even though I am a devoted Shamy shipper, I had a hard time believing that the physical intimacy Amy longs for would or could ever be a real possibility. I hoped for it, but I just didn't see any clear signs that they were headed in this direction. Now, that's all changed. In this post 6.14-context, her statements re the inevitability of marriage and "making love" are no longer sad. Amy has had such courageous faith in this relationship, and it thrills me that it is going to pay off for her. I can't imagine TPTB backing away from this "possibility" now that they've made the bold (albeit unexpected) step in that direction.
  18. So quiet tonight. Oh well...approximately 48 hours until we we can talk about "The Tenure Turbulance!" :D
  19. In their attempts to keep Sheldon "Sheldon", I can totally see TPTB making him the last of the characters to recognize and/or acknowledge the impact of the separation. We will see through his transparent actions and the reactions of his friends how deeply it affects him. Then, perhaps, he will begrudgingly reveal his feelings to Amy, and she will realize how much he truly cares for her. Then she initiates something physical - a kiss? - and he wholeheartedly returns it. As much as it would make my heart turn to jelly, I don't see Sheldon racing through the airport and kissing her to a crescendo of audience "woooo!"'s before the credits roll. But then again, I tend to be cautious with my expectations of this show.
  20. I like the way you think, Catlina. In my daydreams this is exactly what would happen. Sheldon needs something big - like distance/time apart - to propel him forward. I honestly believe there's a very good chance that the writers will go this route.
  21. LOVE your story! It's got everything I love - angst, romance, fluff, spice (well...I assume that's coming, lol). Keep up the great work! Sorry to hear that you've had a rough week. Migraines are the worst. Hope this lifts your spirits a bit!
  22. I missed him on Letterman?! Aww, man!! He will be on Jimmy Kimmel this week as well. Only thing that irks me about these late-night talk shows is that the hosts rarely, if ever, ask questions about the show. They stick to "personal" topics (cleared by the guest's publicist, of course) and/or the actor's other projects. I want to hear Jim talk about Shamy and I want some hints re future eps, gosh darn it! Or behind-the-scenes stuff...that's always fun.
  23. How did he grab her, Monique? By the waist, arms? Thanks for answering our questions! :D
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