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  1. I think it was either Amy's or Bernadette's. Amy's seemed very realistic because his 18th birthday would've been right around graduation most likely. Plus, I could see them giving it to Amy because she could keep a straight face. Bernadette's didn't seem as realistic but she got so emotional when she said it that I had to wonder if it was her. But, giving it to his wife does seem a little obvious. I could also see it being Leonard's. I honestly don't know but it's fun to speculate about. My overall vote was for Amy's.
  2. Grade: A I loved it. There wasn't a part I didn't like honestly. The car ride to Disney was hilarious with Amy talking about how she got out of work and Bernadette yelling about wanting to be Cinderella. I thought Raj and Lucy's date was adorable and really realistic and it made me laugh a good bit. Especially the puns. I didn't laugh as much at the guys talking to the middle school girls but it was still really funny. I thought Leonard's whining and complaining was really cheesy and an uncalled for addition by the writers, but that was really my only complaint. I thought it was really sweet
  3. I really see her being only child to a single mother. She probably wouldn't have felt so alone as a child if she'd had more people around her. The artificial insemination thing really makes sense too. Her mom looks older so she may have never found anyone to marry, so she just had a baby on her own. I think Amy would've mentioned a dad at some point, unless there's some kind of hidden hurt she has about her father and she doesn't want to talk about it, but I can't really see that being the case.
  4. I've always thought that too, but who wouldn't be? I can imagine that being around him all the time would have that effect on someone.
  5. I don't live vicariously through the show (I don't feel the need to honestly. It's just a interest of mine.), I just don't think it's right for cheating to be portrayed in a funny light on television. That would irk me. I'm all for making Howard and Bernadette's relationship more interesting. I agree that it gets extra boring. I just think it can be done in a different way. That being said, I'm out. I try to stay out of threads like this for the most part.
  6. I don't think cheating is funny in any form personally. And even though Leonard is one of my favorite characters that wasn't right.
  7. This makes me so angry. Cheating is not funny. Joking about cheating is not funny. If it weren't for cheating my parents might still be together. Cheating is not funny. How it absolutely ruins lives isn't funny in any sense of the word. I personally think this thread should be deleted. Also, bashing Shamy in the Shamy Thread is different from someone who is a fan of that ship voicing an opinion in a thread that isn't labeled for a certain ship. I just have no words.
  8. Chocolate. Strawberry or Vanilla?
  9. We found out today that it's the transmission and the engine both and there's really no point in trying to fix it. That makes me sad, but oh well. And it's been fun! And I'll ask some.
  10. Idk, but it certainly isn't kissing a hot girl while her ex-boyfriend watches. That's asking to be killed. Plus, I don't roll that way.
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