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  1. Thanks rachelshamyfan! You have gotta love youtube for a sheldon fix
  2. Does anyone have an approximate date for the UK premiere?
  3. I agree that Sheldon has become a bigger part of the show but I don't think that this is a bad thing! I vaguely remember that the show was originally meant to focus around Leonard, I do think that it would have become stale quite quickly. I think that it is coming more full circle as Leonard seemed to become quite angry in a couple series but now seems happier and it is nice to see his interaction with Sheldon they compliment each other!
  4. Hello guys! My name is Jo and I am a moohousive fan of BBT! I started watching it a year or two ago and became hooked when I discovered Sheldon was just like me - it also helps that Jim Parsons is incredibly cute and easy on the eye! Anyways just wanted to say hi Jo
  5. I really like how Leonard has developed though the series and his friendship with Sheldon. My only bug bear is that he doesn't seem so "positive" in the sixth series, I don't know of this is on purpose or what though?
  6. I kinda know the reason why she was bought in to the show but she really gets on my nerves. I hate her squeaky voice and the way that she has changed Howard from his true character. I also don't like how she has this really dark side, it feels like they are trying to make her more interesting but it just isn't working IMO
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