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  1. Who the hell are you to question how long it took my wife and me to make a "real" commitment... as if that requires marriage. That is possibly one of the most ignorant things I have ever read on the internet. Marriage is a legal formality. Particularly for people who don't care to have kids. And I have news for you... five years is much closer to the norm these days for couples who actually have careers. I'm sure among the more blue-collared portion of society, married with three kids might be the norm by 25. Idiocracy coming to fruition...
  2. It's called being in a long-term relationship. My wife and I dated for 5 years before we got married and we were a lot less touchy and lovey-dovey in year 5 than we were in year 1 or 2. We are also both very sarcastic people so the snarkiness went up as well once we realized it was not going to actually piss the other person off. Just the natural progression of things.
  3. That's because you have selective memory. She has referred to herself as both lazy and a bad waitress at different points in the show.
  4. Penny really is an angel when you excuse away every single poor decision she has made. Penny and Leonard are both flawed characters. It doesn't make them any less lovable or deserving of each other. Most people can see that. There are a few who insist on holding one of them up on a pedestal and running down the other every chance they get. Quite sad really.
  5. Oh, you mean repetitive like Leonard's mother treating him (really everyone except Sheldon) like dog shit every time she is on the show? The character is more obnoxious and grating than Sheldon. Yes, that is her purpose. Yes, it gets old.
  6. You assume that buying a car has the same impact on Leonard's finances as Penny quitting her job without anything else lined up has on hers.
  7. At least he wasn't sleeping with her sister at the same time he was sleeping with her...
  8. Clearly you missed the post in the spoiler thread from Shamyfan that "we" won't even care about the real proposal anymore because of all the joke proposals.
  9. Man, can you imagine the angst if someone shipped Al and Peg Bundy? I agree with your premise. We are not in the era of Leave it to Beaver. Modern sitcom couples give each other shit on a regular basis.
  10. If you're gonna keep doing this posting on the Internet thing, I suggest developing thicker skin. I can't speak for Martin, but I was definitely playing around when I called you out for trying to shut down Chrismo for posting spoilers in a spoiler thread.
  11. Did these posts get moved from somewhere else, or are you drunk?
  12. As per the norm, the episode wasn't nearly as bad as the freaking out after the taping report. I felt pretty at ease when Roxanne reported back after seeing the episode at the next taping that it was just their normal banter.
  13. Yes, I believe it was Molaro who made a comment about the proposal score being 2 to 1 in an interview a week or two ago.
  14. I actually agree with Vasu for once. Using Penny's proposal as a sign of commitment is not a strong argument. It was a spur of the moment reaction to Leonard's retort when she said she had nothing to show for her life in California. I'm not saying I think she doesn't want to be with him. But I don't think she wants to be married to him at this time either. When she told him the next day that he did the right thing in hesitating, I think she meant it was the right thing to do because she doesn't think that they are ready for marriage yet, not just because she was drunk when she said it and he would be taking advantage of her.
  15. I'm shocked anyone fell for the freak outs since they were patently fake. That being said, I'd be a little concerned if my typical reactions are so irrational that people actually fell for my clearly over-the-top freak out.
  16. Yeah, your reading comprehension skills need serious work (along with DaisyJane's). Claiming people only care about Leonard and just see Penny as an object to make him happy is one of the mottoes of the Shenny crowd. I never said it made you a Shenny. If you don't like being lumped in with them, maybe you shouldn't sound like them. Particularly when virtually no one is doing what you claimed in this thread. Maybe vasu did in some posts that were deleted. But trying to crucify everyone in this thread for what he posted, particularly when most everyone here disagrees with him on a daily basis, shows how ridiculous your post was.
  17. There is literally not a single person in this thread who hopes Penny will fail. Stop making stuff up to fit your point of view. There are a lot of people in this thread who think the only logical conclusion of her quitting her job is financial dependence since the writers have explicitly stated Penny will not be a successful actress. Until the writers change their mind on that, all the hope in the world for Penny's success as an actress won't amount to jack squat.
  18. This is just pure delusion at its finest and straight out of the Shenny playbook. I'm hoping English is your second language, otherwise your reading comprehension skills need serious work.
  19. Roxanne is going tonight, so you can expect an extremely detailed taping report on her blog. If they show the V-Day episode to the audience before tonight's taping (they may not since it will actually air after the episode taping tonight), I'm sure Roxanne will give her perspective on the Lenny scenes since she is a big Lenny shipper.
  20. sECUREij should have been banned a few pages ago when he/she claimed Leonard raped Penny. Just my opinion of course.
  21. You mean for a certain subset of the fanbase. I am much more excited about the Star Wars episode... the general watching populous may be too.
  22. I should have added to my original post on the subject that when we went, we actually had 3 couples. The trains normally seat 4 on one side of the aisle and 2 on the other. The aisle is really narrow, so our third couple was practically at our table, even though they were across the aisle. It could definitely be a triple date V-Day.
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