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  1. Whining. My theory is that Howard planned the Wine Train thing. Amy is giving Sheldon crap about planning a romantic V-Day. Sheldon overhears Howard talking about the Wine Train and imposes a double date on Howardette. It is win-win for Sheldon because Amy will think it is romantic and he gets to be on a train. He can also focus on the train and let Howardette entertain Amy (similar to what he did with Raj previously).
  2. Someone commented earlier about the number of wine glasses on the table. They serve you 5 or 6 different wines (one for each course of the meal) over the course of the train ride, so there were definitely times when we each had multiple wine glasses on the table.
  3. That picture from Mayim's Facebook in unquestionably a Wine Train. I have been on one through Napa Valley, and it looked exactly like that. I'm guessing it is indeed the V-Day episode, and they are probably filming it early because they are offset on one of the actual Wine Trains. The tables normally seat 4, so it is probably a double V-Day date.
  4. That was Margo's third or fourth appearance this season... though it's looking like she may not make it past a fifth.
  5. You're making as many assumptions without direct facts as you claim Tensor is. Your inferences are no more supported than his.
  6. You have the oddest takes on things that I have ever seen. I can always count on SRAM to take the negative point of view, but yours are just strange. She's proposing when she feels like she is losing everything good in her life and she doesn't want to lose one of the few remaining good things (her relationship with Leonard). Telling him he did the right thing is not even remotely the same thing as saying she never wanted to propose in the first place. The only way to interpret things the way you are is if you are trying to fit it into your preconceived notions.
  7. She has a Sheldonesque memory, so they are extremely detailed.
  8. A Roxanne taping report for the 150th episode is all the holiday gift one could ask for.
  9. I think he's referring to a quote from maybe last year where one of the big guys (Lorre, Prady, or Molaro) said Penny would never become a famous actress. I think that is why some people want her to find another career as opposed to being a struggling actress for the rest of her life (if you believe they will in fact never make her successful in acting).
  10. This is all most of us are suggesting in regards to Penny quitting TCF. There are just a few posters who are too myopic to comprehend it. I have not seen a single person suggest that Penny needed Leonard's permission to quit TCF. But, people who are in serious committed relationships get their significant other's thoughts before making big life choices.
  11. I hope you consult with your wife about your posting schedule. She asked him how to fix it in the car. This led to him downloading the forms. It was not because he thought she was too stupid to do it, he was fulfilling HER request. After downloading them he said they could take care of it tomorrow. She then proceeded to invite Zack over to someone else's house to take care of it right then and there. Again, she ignored what he suggested. You have to really stretch to pin Thanksgiving on Leonard.
  12. Leaving a job versus going to an extracurricular activity that in reality would have very little impact on the job situation are not even remotely comparable things. Furthermore, the guys made a gentleman's agreement to not get involved and let it come between their friendship, which certain people reneged on, and at which point Penny became involved. Based upon some of y'alls comments, I have to wonder what careers you are in.
  13. Strange, when I started thinking about leaving the law firm i was working at a few years ago to move in-house, one of the very first things I did was sit down with my girlfriend of three years at the time and discuss all the various impacts it would have on our life. That's how people who are committed to a relationship and not so focused on just themselves act.
  14. I'll add that I don't think Lenny is in a bad place. I just hate it when they miss opportunities for Penny to show she is more mature and committed to the relationship. Involving Leonard in the decision to quit TCF was a missed opportunity.
  15. A job is about more than a paycheck. But beyond that, I never said he wouldn't support her... of course he was going to support her. I said she should have shown him the same respect he showed her before making a major job decision. Maybe she made her decision rashly before having a chance to talk to him, but that lends even more credence to the fact that she should have talked to him first since rash decisions are often not the best ones.
  16. Uhh, I don't know what kind of relationships you've been in if you think one party leaving their job does not have an impact on the relationship... good, bad, or otherwise.
  17. Because he showed her enough respect to discuss the trip to the North Sea with her before making the decision even though he didn't have to. A little reciprocation would have been nice, even if she wasn't going to change her mind.
  18. To be fair, Raj did yell at Penny to tell Leonard she loved him before the ILY.
  19. The show likes parallels. After Penny finally told him no to his coitus proposal, his next question was "are we still together?" So it would make sense that he doesn't know if they are still together after this botched proposal when Sheldon asks him that same question.
  20. Besides being one of the most myopic posts I have ever read, your first statement is possibly one of the most ignorant things I have ever read on the entire forum. Good lord. While we're at it, let's have Penny sue Sheldon for sexual harassment when he "accidentally" grabbed her boob and later peaked at her naked.
  21. Perhaps a reversal of the resolution of his coitus proposal? After they talk this through, she points out that he never gave her an answer, and he says yes?
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