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  1. A multi-week arc with a resolution during sweeps is a strong possibility.
  2. My theory (hinted at by someone else above): After the big flop on the NCIS gig, Penny decides that she will never become an actress and that it is time to give up on the whole actress career. She wants to move (either back to Nebraska or somewhere else in the country) and asks Leonard to come with her. Leonard obviously hesitates since his job and life are all well established in Pasadena.
  3. I think the person who gave the spoiler tidbits from the taping was massively trolling everyone. He/she gave general plot points, but mixed up the characters to screw with everyone. This is a 22ish minute show. Unless it is supposed to span 2 episodes, I don't imagine we would be able to see all of the AU versions in the spoiler pictures in addition to the ones that person described.
  4. As a Jew, I can say that probably has almost nothing to do with it. Chanukah is not a big holiday for us. It's not like Christmas or Easter for Christians. I don't know any fellow Jews who take off work for Chanukah. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are our big holidays.
  5. You mean other than describing Howard as the type of guy she would like to date in 7 x 1?
  6. Except it wasn't a communication issue as hammerman laid out above. It was a Penny issue. But you have made it patently clear that as between Penny and Leonard, Penny can do no wrong and Leonard can do no right.
  7. In the first episode of the season, Amy was unknowingly describing Howard as someone she would like to date. This idea that Howard is inferior to Amy intellectually is ridiculous. He has a Masters from MIT. He could easily have a PHD but it is pointless in his field of work. We learned they share a common love in music. Amy and Howard are highly compatible despite what a lot of Shamy fans want to admit. Does that mean there is any chance they will end up together for real... of course not. Howard is happily married.
  8. Actually, he said the papers were downloaded and they could print them out tomorrow at home to finish it (after she asked him how to fix it in the car). It was done for the day as far as Leonard was concerned. She is the one who kept it going by inviting Zack over.
  9. Who the f are you to tell SRAM what he/she should or should not do?
  10. Having the right to be angry is not dependent on being a victim. I don't know why you seem to think that.
  11. Except he said he downloaded them so they could take care of it tomorrow (after she asked him in the car how she could fix it). He was pretty much done with it at that point. She continued it by inviting Zack over to fix it that day, which is not what Leonard was asking.
  12. I'm always amused how far to the extreme you go when there is a bump in the road. It is a comedy show... they are not going to have an episode about an abortion. It would air right after the episode where we find out Howard is beating Bernie at home and she files a restraining order against him.
  13. Penny's comment had nothing to do with Leonard. For it to be about Leonard, he would have to not be that into her, which everyone knows is false. I agree that it probably describes a lot of her previous relationships. She was really into a guy, and he was not as into her, so that makes her even more into him because she wants to convince him to like her more. It goes to the whole culture of girls liking guys who are assholes to them or not into them. Sheldon just didn't understand it and assumed she was making fun of Leonard somehow. Just like the "I'm the guy - You're so not the guy"
  14. The stars don't generally run to the tabloids. The tabloids run after the popular stars. The implication otherwise is humorous. Jim is just not a very interesting topic to anyone outside of TBBT audience. It doesn't make him any more or less talented. Kaley is just more interesting to a much wider audience and that is why she gets more press. That also doesn't make her any more or less talented. But it does make her more popular in a broad sense. Among TBBT audience, Jim is almost certainly the most recognizable character. Among the general public, Kaley is.
  15. Ignorance does not excuse a stupid action. Whether she knew it was a real wedding and did it anyway, or didn't possess the requisite knowledge to understand she was actually getting married, the result is still a stupid action (being married to someone she didn't want to be married to).
  16. Haha, missed the reference. But you also reminded me how long it's been since I have watched that movie. I know what I'm doing with my evening once the remainder of the taping report gets posted.
  17. I would wager almost anything that Penny does not leave with Zack.
  18. Given that she invited Zach over to sign the papers in the latest scene, I do feel fairly confident that will be the decoupling, not Leonard and Penny.
  19. I don't disagree. I'm just tired of the extra-stupid Penny bit they like to go to sometimes. It is reminiscent of the Prof. Proton episode and plugging his pacemaker into the potato comment.
  20. Next chapter posted by Tomasina. We were close... but instead of not remembering the wedding, she thought it was fake. Looks like they are going back to the overused "stupid Penny card."
  21. If she did not know she had gotten married, she would never have legally changed her name to Johnson (hell even if she knew and was hiding the marriage, she still wouldn't have changed her name legally). So her mail would have her true last name, which of course all of her friends know, even if they don't reveal it to the audience. If you don't interpret Tomasina's comment literally, it just means her last name the last few years was technically Johnson, just not legally.
  22. Again, this is assuming that Penny knew about it and took some action to hide it.
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