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  1. Yeah, that makes very little sense. If she just found out about it, no harm no foul as long as she gets divorced. If she has known about it and hid it from him, that is a different story, and I think he has grounds for being upset/breaking up with her.
  2. Tomasina already confirmed on the other forum that people are on the right track with Penny. So it is almost certainly related to her drunkenly getting married to Zach. The details will be revealed when she finishes her report.
  3. The issue is not wearing the wifebeater as an undershirt. It became synonymous with lower class males in America, who would wear it as a normal shirt with nothing over it. It was/is not uncommon to see someone being led away in cuffs after a domestic dispute wearing just a wifebeater.
  4. And yet the OP has not posted again in the thread (which suggests it was just a drive-by troll attempt), so it can't be him complaining. As I said earlier, the only hurt fee-fees (to use your term) I see in this thread are the people responding to the OP's opinion (how dare he criticize their show). Amusing indeed...
  5. You know, you might get a better response if you asked generally what the episode was about instead of repeadtedly pestering them about shamy. Just food for thought...
  6. In baseball, the similar comment would be to take a hack at it. You could certainly say take a whack at it... it just has the other, more deviant connotation.
  7. Lots of hurt fee-fees in this thread, but it certainly isn't from the OP.
  8. No, no, no... you just don't understand Sheldon. Those were steps forward and positive things he said to Amy. Haven't you heard?
  9. I have plenty of of friends who seem completely coherent when drinking and have zero recollection the next day. On the flip-side, I have friends who get blackout drunk and remember every detail from the night before up until they passed out. Saying Raj took advantage of Penny is 100% speculation. And most people's opinions on the matter seem to be clouded by the fact that they like Penny and don't like Raj. I like both characters, but I have a feeling Penny knew exactly what she was doing. Just like she knew what she was doing what she hooked up with Leonard after the Zach date. Given ho
  10. What's more interesting to me is in that scene after she tells Leonard he doesn't have to say thank you every time they have sex, he says "you're going to get a letter in the mail, just throw it away." She in fact does the opposite and keeps it. Great continuity with a twist.
  11. Didn't they basically already create that rule a year and a half ago to stop Roxanne from attending since her taping reports were basically verbatim from the show given her Sheldonesque memory? It sounds like they are just broadening it since you guys stepped in with taping reports once she was prevented from attending every taping. I doubt it has anything to do with your friend's laugh and is more about trying to ratchet down on taping reports.
  12. The English phrase you are looking for is to "react instinctively." :-)
  13. It's something I have noticed about fans of both ships for a while now. Shamy fans focus solely on the positive aspects of interactions between the two characters and completely ignore the negatives. Lenny fans are almost the exact opposite, normally seeing the worst in every interaction (or trying to see the worst until they see it on screen and realize it was blown out of proportion). I don't know if it is because Lenny fans have been through so much with the couple that they have PTSD or what. If you had reversed the roles of the characters in this episode, the Lenny fans would be besid
  14. Oh, so he's a guy. Gotcha. Because, you know, every guy ever has done this.
  15. All this thread is making me think about is The Book of Mormon.
  16. How are people missing the play on words with the Vagisil comment? It revolves around the ambiguity of the word "it". When Sheldon says "think of me when you are applying it", he means when she is applying the coupon to her bill. The obvious alternative meaning being when she is applying the Vagisil. In Sheldon's mind, "it = coupon", in everyone else's mind, "it = Vagisil". Lol, that "someone else" is the person who gave us taping reports for 3 years before the studio asked her to stop last year. If she wrote it, you can be assured it happened.
  17. Take your white knight routine somewhere else. I'm sorry if my explanation of how most red-blooded males in the company of a bunch of other males would act somehow offended your delicate sensibilities.
  18. Because most actors can separate their private lives from their acting lives. What you do on the screen as part of your job is emotionless. What you do in the privacy of your bedroom is the exact opposite.
  19. Hah, no not Howard. But I think Leonard's actions are closer to what the average red-blooded male would do than people on this forum care to admit. Howard would have rented out a movie theater for a private viewing for everyone he has ever met in this scenario.
  20. If I was dating Kaley and she had done a topless role in a movie, I'd be showing it to every guy I know, closely followed by "yeah, I'm hitting that." It is not like Leonard was showing people a private sex tape they made together. It's a widely available video on the internet of his hot girlfriend in a movie.
  21. (a) Penny will most likely never meet the people on the ship and I doubt the movie ever gets mentioned again on the show. (b ) Penny is ridiculously hot and anyone who meets Leonard would probably consider her out of his league based on looks alone. A lot of guys in that situation would be more than happy to show off a video like that of their hot girlfriend to impress a bunch of other dudes. It's called making other people jealous. It's the reason a lot of women wear revealing clothes and their boyfriends/husbands love it.
  22. One of my favorite episodes. Zac and Kripke karaokeing Don't Go Breaking My Heart is greatness.
  23. I'll be interested to see if NCIS takes a viewership hit with Ziva leaving the show. The first two episodes will probably dominate with people wanting to see how she leaves. But they could experience a drop off after that if they don't get the right female lead to fill her role.
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