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  1. How did anyone make the jump to Sheldon and Penny hugging from those sides?
  2. Penny and Raj were both single, consenting adults at the end of season 4. Penny is in a relationship with Leonard now. She has never shown a remote inclination to cheat on Leonard. Acting like every scene with her and Raj alone is a chance for her to sleep with him is just melodramatic.
  3. I do believe there was a throwaway joke in one of the early seasons where she admitted to sleeping with a guy's brother while dating him. That probably counts as cheating. But as I said, it was a throwaway joke and from her wild days in Nebraska.
  4. We've seen the girls arguing over comic books, we've seen both Bernadette and Penny playing online video games (Penny at an obsessive level), and we are about to see them playing DND. While they don't circle back around to them still doing it, how much nerdier can they get?
  5. I thought I read somewhere that when they taped Monopolar, they didn't tape the scene right after Penny closed the door and said "it means I wish you weren't going" with the audience present. I didn't read spoilers back then, so I'm not positive though.
  6. Doubtful. The actors rarely know the storyline for an episode more than a week in advance.
  7. Read post #218. You were the first one to suggest that someone might have been arguing it was a deciding factor. No one was arguing that. You setup a straw-man.
  8. Where did anyone state it is the definitive deciding factor? They even said during the episode he should mostly be judged for the work he did. The debate was whether Penny attending with him would have a beneficial impact. I'm just laughing at anyone who thinks it wouldn't.
  9. LOL at the people who don't think having a gorgeous spouse/significant other does not impact other people's views of a person. When competing with others, little things like that can have a large impact. Right/wrong, subconscious/conscious, it happens.
  10. Most astronauts stay on the ISS for a minimum of 3 months, simply because they don't have transportation going up and down more frequently than that, especially with the space shuttle retired.
  11. As a Jew married to a Catholic, I can confirm your recollection. If you want to get married in a Catholic church, have the Church recognize the marriage, participate in Church activities, etc., you have to agree to raise the kids Catholic.
  12. I don't think there is that much negativity, at least in this thread. You just have one notorious Penny hater trashing a revealing dress... probably because she is bitter she wouldn't look as good as Penny is said dress.
  13. I agree that people are taking the "propose a lot" comment too literally. I believe he was only referring to the two on-screen proposals that we have seen. As far as romantic gestures, I think you can add the date to the shooting range to that list since that was romantic in penny's world... especially since he called her dad to figure it out.
  14. No, Sheldon is the most important person in Sheldon's life.
  15. Ironic coming from somebody who whines anytime there is a storyline centered around one particular character, who happens to be one of the three main characters in the show.
  16. It is called simple powers of observation and common sense. No need to count stats. But, I am sorry it got your panties in a twist. Another hilarious example. Sheldon's version of putting Amy's wants ahead of his is to send his lackey to do all of the work and then keeping the gift she brought back for him to give to Amy.
  17. Your examples make me laugh because in almost every situation there is a compromise, Amy comes about 90% of the way from her position and Sheldon is drug kicking and screaming 10% from his. Granted, he is like that with nearly all of his personal relationships. I'm sure those who see no wrong in Sheldon think Leonard's Day was a fair compromise in The Friendship Contraction. I feel bad for anyone who sees Shamy as a balanced relationship. Just because Sheldon is often oblivious to his ways (and I question how oblivious he really is) does not make it right,
  18. You're making an assumption there. She could have easily invited him off camera long before she invited Sheldon and Amy.
  19. Realize that most of the people claiming this episode is filler are a bunch of Shamy fans who think the show should be renamed Big Bang Shamy and revolve completely around those two characters. Never mind the fact that Raj and Penny are two of the five characters who have been in every single episode (not counting the original pilot).
  20. did he really need to say he won't wait forever? i think that can be assumed. when dealing with someone who has a fear of commitment, sometimes the best course of action is to put the decision in their hands. very often, they will make the decision quicker than they would have if the other person retained "control" of the decision making.
  21. if he is marrying the girl he either cheated on her with or broke up with her to be with, then it would definitely be difficult to WATCH IT HAPPEN, even if she doesn't still have feelings for him.
  22. then maybe you should be saying poor amy since penny shows a lot more interest in leonard than sheldon shows in amy.
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